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Cutting the cord PSA

This… isn’t great.

Screenshot_2020-06-30 YouTube TV on Twitter To keep bringing you the best service possible, we are updating our membership [...]

That’s quite a jump in a relatively short period of time.  For that, you get a few Viacom channels that you probably won’t watch (I know I want).

In short, this is turning into a streaming version of cable.

Sooooo… who’s got suggestions on a more reasonably priced streaming service that has DVR capability?  And access to college football, of course.


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Musical palate cleanser, boom, baby edition

Get your Monday morning shakin’ with The Gap Band.

The camo really makes the video, no?


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Musical palate cleanser, see you in court, buddy edition

In honor of the potential for The Rolling Stones v. Trump, I have to post this:

Were I the judge, I could have a lot of fun writing that opinion.


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Musical palate cleanser, all you need edition

Willie Nelson and Bob Dylan singing Townes Van Zandt’s “Pancho and Lefty”… yeah, that’s it.  That’s the clip.


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Musical palate cleanser, tasty treat edition

In last week’s comments section for the post about the newly named Mayo Bowl, someone mentioned a uniquely Southern duo.  There’s actually a song about it, and it’s pretty damned catchy.

Everything’s gonna be alright.


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Musical palate cleanser, obscure edition

This, one of the lesser known jewels from Tattoo You, popped up on my player and I thought I should share:

Its origins lie in the Goat’s Head Soup sessions, and that’s an uncredited Mick Taylor on gee-tar.


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A Memorial Day evergreen thought

I wrote this five years ago and the sentiment still stands.

Today, more than any other day, it’s worth reminding ourselves not to rely on the nobility of the sacrifices made by those serving in the armed forces to excuse the lack of wisdom of our elected officials who often put them in harm’s way for questionable purposes.  And when it comes to downplaying the honor of our troops because of questionable politics, vice versa.

To the former, I say thanks, sincerely.


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Musical palate cleanser, Texas troubadour edition

Tell me you couldn’t use a little Townes Van Zandt and Nancy Griffith in your morning.


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Musical palate cleanser, last dance edition

From October, 2002, here is Warren Zevon’s last appearance before an audience.  He would be dead a year later.


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Musical palate cleanser, return of the Glimmer Twins edition

New music from the Rolling Stones!

A song the Rolling Stones had worked on last year, “Living in a Ghost Town” turned out to be unexpectedly timely. It’s a muscular, minor-key reggae-rocker that harks back to “Miss You” (along with the Specials’ 1981 “Ghost Town” and a brief nod to Jimi Hendrix’s “Crosstown Traffic”). The video has studio shots of the Stones together pre-pandemic, but the lyrics were revised in isolation, and Mick Jagger yowls them with commitment. “Life was so beautiful — then we all got locked down,” he sings, and concludes, annoyed and rueful, “If I wanna party, it’s a party of one.”

“To summarize, we recorded the song a year ago in Los Angeles for our new album, a project we are still working on. Then the shit splashed on all of us and Mick and I decided that the song should be released now and here it is: Living in Ghost Town. Stay safe! “

I have to say that if there’s one person on the planet engineered to survive the coronavirus, it’s Keef.


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