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Musical palate cleanser, be still, my heart edition

I’m bustin’, Jerry, bustin‘.

The Replacements have announced a new live album, For Sale: Live at Maxwell’s 1986. The two-disc set features their legendary performance at the Hoboken, N.J. venue. It’s due out September 29 via Rhino and includes new liner notes from Bob Mehr, author of Trouble Boys: The True Story of the Replacements, as well as never-before-seen photos from writer and photographer Caryn Rose. Mehr writes in the liner notes, “More than 30 years after the original concert, Replacements for Sale finally offers high-fidelity proof of the peculiar alchemy and unadulterated majesty of one of rock and roll’s greatest bands.” Check out the full tracklist below, and listen to the For Sale rendition of “Can’t Hardly Wait.”

I sure as hell can’t wait.



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Musical palate cleanser, power pop edition

Saw a few calls for Matthew Sweet in the comments to the last MPC, so here’s a kick ass live version of “Girlfriend”.  (You’ll have to skip past the first forty seconds of an irritating Dennis Miller, but it’s worth it.)

The lead guitarist, in case you’re wondering, is Robert Quine.  Robert Quine is very good at what he does.


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Musical palate cleanser, rise and chime edition

The La’s “There She Goes” is one of my favorite one-hit wonders.  That opening guitar riff is swoonerific.

I used to have that as my morning alarm set on my smart phone.  Great way to wake up.

I’m not sure if the song is an outright ode to heroin, or just a love song wrapped in a drug use metaphor, but either way, it’s highly amusing to think about the royalty checks it generated promoting a feminine hygiene product.  Commerce, for the win!


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Musical palate cleanser, another passing edition

Sadly, Steely Dan’s Walter Becker’s death was announced over the weekend.  He’s got one helluva obituary, I must say.  How many people have this written about themselves?

Mr. Becker moved to Maui, where he detoxed and became an avocado farmer.

Here’s one of my favorite Dan cuts, from Katy Lied, “Black Friday”.


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Musical palate cleanser, blues is pain edition

I had the pleasure of seeing 81-year old Buddy Guy in concert Friday night.  It’s easy to toss the word legendary out there, but listening to him talk about the blues greats he played with, it’s a legitimate description for him.  He’s still got his guitar chops, too.

Although he didn’t play this, it’s my favorite song of his.  From his A Man and the Blues album, it’s an awesome cover of Mercy Dee Walton’s “One Room Country Shack”.

And, as a bonus, here’s a live version from the late ’70s.


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“We will rebuild.”

I know some of you get a trifle miffed when I venture off topic, but I can’t help but mention the major fire that took place yesterday morning at Franklin’s Barbecue, an Austin mecca I finally was able to visit last year.

This is my favorite part of the aftermath.

Once the fire was out, Franklin offered briskets to the firefighters. There were 110 finished ones sitting in the warmers unharmed, but without any utilities in the building, Franklin couldn’t exactly serve them. The firefighters said they weren’t allowed to accept them, but I wouldn’t blame any of Austin’s finest if they were having brisket for dinner.

In fact, if they didn’t, they’s crazy.


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Musical palate cleanser, the Boss’ advice edition

Hey, listen to the man.


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