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Mark Bradley is puzzled.

And I am amused.  Troll be trolled, man.


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Musical palate cleanser: “Okay, let’s get Bob back in the band.”

You may not be familiar with the name Bobby Keys.  But if you’re someone like me who thinks ’70s era rock is the shiznit – yes, I’m old – then you ought to have some appreciation for how big a deal a guy who could make an argument to being the best rock saxophone player ever was.  He contributed on so many seminal tracks, like this one from the “Mad Dogs and Englishmen” Tour, with Joe Cocker and Leon Russell:

But his biggest claim to fame will always be his work with the Rolling Stones.  (Dunno about you, but reading Keith Richards eulogizing over someone who died from the long-term effects of overindulgence is sad, weird and ironic all at the same time.  But I digress.)  Keys played on so many Stones songs that he might as well have been considered as much of an unofficial member of the band as Ian Stewart was.  Think I’m exaggerating?  Well, Keys was someone who contributed enough that a post like this isn’t a stretch in any conceivable sense.

That list has “Can’t You Hear Me Knocking” in the top slot, but I’ll take another song from Sticky Fingers as my favorite Keys bit.  (Keef calls it “the most perfect rock & roll solo.”)

The final word:  As Bob said, “It’s time for the last roundup.”  R.I.P., my man.  You had a helluva run.


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Musical palate cleanser, damn it, not another one edition

Ian McLagan, R.I.P.

This shit is getting old.  Mortality sucks.

Most folks’ familiarity with McLagan stems from his work in the ’70s with Faces and Rod Stewart, but today’s clip comes from the Small Faces, when Steve Marriott fronted the band.  It’s my favorite song of theirs, “Tin Soldier”.

I swoon every time I hear that electric piano intro.

As a bonus, here’s the tune again in 2011, during the Faces reunion tour.  McLagan still has the touch.


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Musical palate cleanser, another passing edition

Damn it.  Now it’s Jimmy Ruffin’s time.

There can only be one song for that.  And it’s a great, great one.

It sure does suck getting old.


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An obvious musical palate cleanser

I wonder how many times I’ll be saying the first three words of this song to myself tonight.


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Musical palate cleanser, silver horses ride down moonbeams edition

Damn, I’m getting tired of this kind of news.


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Musical palate cleanser, the swinging sounds of Brian Wilson edition

I’m generally not a fan of the “hey, let’s trot out the stars”/We Are The World stuff, but I have to admit this is quite enjoyable, probably because of the excellent choice of material.

Three words sung by Chrissie Hynde and Steve Wonder’s harmonica are enough to make me swoon, to be honest.

(If you’re interested, here’s who’s in the video.)


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