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How the rich stay richer

Is it wrong to think that if Nick Saban and Urban Meyer are against something, I should probably be in favor of it?

Two marquee coaches who have remained steadfast in their opposition to adding an early signing day are Alabama’s Nick Saban and Ohio State’s Urban Meyer.

Saban’s objections are that an early signing period reduces the amount of time coaches have to evaluate prospects athletically, academically and socially. Also, he said a player signing early may not play as motivated his senior high school season and added there might not be any available scholarships for late-blooming prospects.

“We would probably make some academic, character and maybe evaluation mistakes, because you aren’t even seeing a guy play during his senior season,” Saban said several months ago. “The other thing from a high school coaches’ standpoint, I mean what is really the guy’s motivation to play, and really work hard to get better to play for his team in his senior year?

“Ultimately, every player should have the opportunity to make official visits, to develop relationships.”

Meyer has been even more outspoken opposing an early NSD.

“I hear the reasoning is because there’s so many decommitments,” Meyer said. “What the hell does that mean? So because 18-year-olds – excuse me, 17-year-olds – are decommitting, let’s give them a legal document so they can’t decommit? That’s not very smart. Young people have a right to choose where they want to go to school. Period. Let them decommit a hundred times. That’s why they’re called 17-year-olds.

“So I don’t understand, whether it’s lazy, whether it’s, you know, I don’t understand why this big push. Now they want to move junior, like have official visits in their junior year. There’s some kids that don’t even have ACT scores. They’re bodies are gaining 18 pounds. Why not move it back to their sophomore year? It’s bizarre. You’re going to see more transfers and more mistakes made in recruiting than ever if they keep pushing this thing up.”

Chaos, I tells ‘ya!  And that can’t be good for Alabama and Ohio State.

By the way, Nick’s doing great in the character evaluation department.  He just needs more time.



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The sweetest salty tears you’ll ever taste.

Damn, this just breaks my widdle heart.

“Ohio State is not used to this. I’m not used to this, and we will not get used to this,” Meyer said after the game.

Corch ought to be a real blast at his next few pressers.  I’m looking forward to it.

I’m also betting there are a couple of assistant coaching positions on suddenly shaky ground this morning.

From 2012-14, Ohio State’s three seasons with coordinator Tom Herman, the Buckeyes averaged under five yards per play in just three of 41 games. Since Herman left, they have done it six times in 26 games.

Yeah, that’s not a good look.


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The Book of Corch

Dabo’s trying to find any edge he can for this week’s semi-final game against Ohio State.

Dabo Swinney is looking for a little extra insight into his opponent and friend in the College Football Playoff. The Clemson Tigers coach is hoping to find it hidden in Urban Meyer’s book.

No, not that book.


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Damn, it’s early.

This is how we motivate fans in an era when TV calls the shots.

Believe it or not, those were back-to-back in my Twitter feed this morning.

I think I’m gonna roll over and go back to sleep now.


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Corch be thinking.

Urban Meyer’s reaction upon learning that Alabama’s been bringing in former players to practice on the scout team, and that it’s a perfectly legitimate thing to do under NCAA rules…

… basically boils down to “why didn’t I think of that first?”.


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The greatest penalty of our era

If you need cheering up tonight, this ought to do it.



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Got 1% milk?

Jim Harbaugh, you’re trying too hard, fella.

Corch will tell you it’s not that big a deal.


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