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“I was one of only two head coaches ever to go to American Samoa.”

Is it just me, or does anyone find an interview with Urban Meyer that treats him like a normal person instead of someone with a borderline sociopathic personality ($$) a little unnatural?


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Gonna need a new acronym

What’s the opposite of the GPOOE™?

During a recent episode of “All Things Covered” hosted by Bryant McFadden and Patrick Peterson, former Florida and Ohio State coach Urban Meyer said he believes Bennett is the most underrated player ever to play college football:

“Stetson Bennett is the most underrated player, I think, that has ever played the game,” Meyer said. “I can’t believe how small that guy was. But he’s a monster, his leadership, his toughness, incredible.”

MUPOAT?  Not sure it has the same ring to it.



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Tell us you’re not being pursued…

without saying you’re not being pursued.

Current Fox Sports college football analyst Urban Meyer did not have the NFL stint that many expected, being fired in his first season with the Jacksonville Jaguars. Meyer made it clear on Tuesday that he doesn’t plan on coaching again at either the collegiate or NFL level after his disastrous tenure in Jacksonville.

Meyer discussed a number of topics on the All Things Covered podcast with Patrick Peterson and Bryant McFadden, saying that while he regrets some things about his time in Jacksonville, he has no plans of returning to coaching.

“No desire,” Meyer said on All Things Covered. “Of course, I would’ve done some things differently.”

Funny.  I bet the Jags’ owner said that, too.


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Ohio State’s secret weapon?

Too funny.

I can’t help but wonder if Ryan Day told his staff to humor Coach Corch if anyone got stuck on the phone with him offering help.


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“They don’t play the ball real well downfield.”



Corch appears to be confused.


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Today, in you’ll be shocked, shocked to learn…

… that Corch thinks Ohio State has Georgia right where they want ’em.

Add in the sting of the Michigan game, and the Buckeyes might be the last team Georgia wants to play.

“For a month, they’re going to hear they’re not good enough,” Urban Meyer told me by phone. “That’s powerful.”

I called up the former Ohio State coach, because no one thrived more in this exact situation.

Before Meyer came to Columbus in 2012, Ohio State was 11-15 as an underdog over its past 12 seasons. In his seven years, the Buckeyes were ‘dogs seven times: against Michigan State and Wisconsin in 2012; Michigan State, Wisconsin, Alabama, and Oregon in 2014; and Michigan in 2018. They won every time.

And that’s not counting his motivational masterwork, when his 2006 Florida team stunned the top-rated Buckeyes in the national title game.

“The media and everybody said it should have been an Ohio State rematch against the Wolverines,” recalled Meyer, a psychology major at the University of Cincinnati. “We even made up news articles. Everywhere the players went up until a few days before the game, that’s all they read, that they didn’t belong and they weren’t good enough.

“It depends on the team. You don’t want the team to start believing they’re not good enough. But I could tell at Florida it was working. At practice, I would sting the players a little bit and see how they’d respond, and boy did they. We went wild on that [underdog] stuff, because our team was really working hard to prove to everybody that we belonged.

“And I imagine it’s going to be the same thing here with [Ohio State]. … To me, there’s no greater motivator than using the disrespect card. Certain teams I had, you hit that button right, that team works like they’ve never worked before. I loved that, we embraced that, and I think this is a great place to be for Ohio State. I still think the two most talented teams in the country are going to play here.”

Cool, man.  Now do 2021 Jacksonville.

Dawgs by fiddy.


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Must see TV?

This could go in several different directions.

But I think we can all agree on which particular one would be the most entertaining, right?


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It’s not that some people never learn. Some people never **want** to learn.

This is your college football administrator’s brain on drugs.

Urban Meyer has been contacted by Nebraska as the team continues its process of determining candidates for its head coaching vacancy, sources told CBS Sports on Saturday. It was not made clear whether Meyer was asked about his interest in holding the job.

Nebraska athletic director Trev Alberts went out of his way this week to caution that names mentioned in connection with the opening may not necessarily be candidates for the position. As such, Meyer may have been contacted as an outside source to vet other potential candidates for the position.

I exaggerate, of course.  I’ve never heard that Alberts is a drug addict.

Seriously, why would anyone in their right mind consider Corch for a head coaching job after the bang up work he did in Jacksonville?  For that matter, given that his last reference led to Addazio getting hired by Colorado State, why would anyone seek out his hiring advice?

Eh, don’t answer that.  Purely rhetorical questions.  Besides, part of me wants to see Nebraska do it, just so I can enjoy the flame out in three years.  Like day follows night.





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“If you don’t want Meyer there, you can vote with your remote.”

Wow — and I do mean wow.  This Richard Deitch takedown of Corch’s return to Fox ($$) is just brutal, and I’m here for every punctuation mark of it.

Look for his on-set colleagues to pay homage to his college success. Normally, I would say that Meyer will try to win the audience by being self-deprecating about his tenure in Jacksonville, but my college football colleagues at The Athletic tell me he is incapable of that

Perhaps Meyer will be a different person upon return. Perhaps sports networks in the future will stop making hires that insult your intelligence. Anything is possible. Maybe I’ll dunk over Giannis Antetokounmpo next month or travel back in time to stop Mark Zuckerberg at Harvard. Amazing things are always possible.

Read the whole thing, preferably before the next “Big Noon Kickoff” pregame show.  It’s a doozy.


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Return to greatness

With the news that Urban Meyer is returning to the broadcast crew for Fox’ college football game day show comes one question:  what exactly is the demographic for people who say, “I ain’t watchin’ BIG NOON KICKOFF unless Corch is there”?  Seriously?


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