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Thursday morning buffet

A nibble here, a nibble there…



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The end of another era

Remember all those denials just a few weeks ago about Corch’s future at Ohio State?  Yeah, well…

To say the man leaves a complicated legacy is an understatement… not to mention it’s only 50/50 that it’s time to even consider his legacy.

By the way, one of Meyer’s daughters played volleyball at Georgia Tech.  Just sayin’.


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Love and kisses, the Selection Committee

Logically, this makes no sense.  Georgia should either be ahead of both one-loss conference champs, or behind both.

But as an “FU” to Corch?  Totally.

Well played, people.


UPDATE:  The man is shameless.

I guess every coaching staff should have a sexual abuser on it.


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Corch is so, so precious.

You’ll be shocked, shocked to learn that horseshit is flowing from the mouth of Urban Meyer.

The Buckeyes looked dominant in dispatching Michigan on Saturday, but Meyer didn’t bite when asked whether his team deserves to be in the conversation for a national championship.

“I don’t think we are yet,” he said, noting that there are areas of the game where his team  national caliber and “certain areas we are not.”

So, if Ohio State squeezes by Northwestern to win the Big Ten title, does that mean he’s going to suggest to the selection committee that it not place the Buckeyes in the top four?


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Redemption song

There are, of course, obvious reasons I want Georgia to win the SECCG, but a very underrated one is that I really, really wish for both Alabama and Georgia to make the CFP semi-finals so I can watch Corch sputter with rage when Ohio State — which is going to beat Northwestern to claim the Big Ten championship — gets excluded.


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Paranoia strikes deep.

Corch is one weird dude, ‘ya know?

During Dan Mullen’s Monday press conference, a reporter shared that former Florida DB Ahmad Black told her that Meyer refused to eat the food in Tallahassee because he worried it might be poisoned. Mullen, who was Meyer’s offensive coordinator at Florida from 2005-08, confirmed that to be true.

I don’t understand how somebody like that gets any pleasure out of coaching, but I’m obviously wired in a very different way from Urban Meyer.  Fortunately for me, I think.


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Today, in empty threats

If you didn’t hear, Brett McMurphy returned to the Ohio State beat, this time with a messy story that, at its heart, is about Zach Smith being Zach Smith, i.e., an asshole.  In response, you could hear the howling from Columbus half a continent away.

But the topper was this:

Talk about your “go ahead and make my day, punk” moment there.  I’m sure there’s nothing McMurphy would like more than to have Urban Meyer undergo discovery, where he’d have to answer questions about Zach Smith (among other things) under oath.  Yeah, like that’s ever gonna happen.

I imagine this will be a topic Corch will try to ignore at his next presser.  Meanwhile, Zach Smith is the gift that keeps giving.


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