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Stop making sense

Really, this is college football in two sentences:

What a time to be a fan!



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The Corch abides.

Holy crap, the asshole is still fixated on The Celebration.

Meyer, who was the Gators’ coach at the time, infamously called two timeouts in the final minute to make sure then-UGA coach Mark Richt got a good long look at the 49-10 scoreboard.

“We had two (timeouts); I wish I had three, but we had two,” Meyer told The Buddy Martin Show this week.

“The one thing I want to add is that we came down in the pre-game meal. I’ll never forget. Usually I come in and I speak to the team before we get on the bus and go.  I came down, and as I walk into the room, all the players stand up and start going (wild). You could tell that team was on fire to play that game.

“And (the game) started, if you could remember, from the first snap (when two Florida defensive players) hit (UGA running back Knowshon Moreno), that this was going to be a long day for them (Georgia).”

Why did Meyer want to get payback at Mark Richt? Because the year before, Richt allowed his entire team to run on the field after UGA’s first score to celebrate together in the end zone in what was dubbed “The Gator Stomp.” The No. 20-ranked Bulldogs upset No. 9 Florida by the score of 42-30.

Meyer said he’s never discussed that end-zone celebration directly with Richt. But the former Florida coach admitted he obsessed about it for a long time:

“My biggest fear was that when your manhood gets challenged like that, are you going to do something to retaliate? The biggest thing was … I talked to our players non-stop about ‘Do not get involved.’ Every reporter was asking our players ‘What was going to be the payback?’

If only he’d spent a tenth as much of the time worrying about Zach Smith’s behavior…


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Wednesday morning buffet

Grab a plate and settle in.

  • Kearis Jackson is Kirby Smart’s kind of player:  He fights his butt off. He took a tough injury (broken hand at Vanderbilt) and came back, and he’s more excited about his block than catching the ball and doing anything with it.”
  • Dan Mullen says his team is getting healthy in time for the Cocktail Party.
  • Florida’s AD is tweeting for P5 opponents to scheduleMike Bianchi answers.
  • The NCAA placed South Carolina’s football program on probation for one year after reaching a negotiated resolution agreement to close an investigation into impermissible off-campus contact between a Gamecocks assistant coach and a recruit in 2018.
  • I can’t figure out if this header is more of a reflection on Gus or on Auburn.
  • Tyson Campbell was back in practice yesterday, a hopeful sign.  Cager is described as “week-to-week”, which is not so hopeful.
  • Seth Emerson on Georgia’s passing game scheming ($$)“The indications in the days since the [Kentucky] game is that Georgia did plan to try more things but when the weather became a factor they decided to abandon that.”
  • FSU’s AD denies the school would target Corch to replace Willie Taggart.


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TFW you want to gloat, but you’re being paid not to

Speaking of Michigan, Corch is trying so hard to keep a rein on his emotions here:

He could always point.



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Urban comin’

So… you may remember this tidbit from the spring.

Reggie Bush is not allowed at USC games or practices because of NCAA sanctions but said that won’t prevent him from trying to help his alma mater. Bush — who will be on a new college football pregame show this fall with former USC teammate Matt Leinart, former Notre Dame quarterback Brady Quinn and coaching great Urban Meyer — said he and Leinart would recruit Meyer to come out of retirement and take the USC job if Clay Helton struggles again this season.

“We’ll definitely be recruiting him,” Bush said. “What makes you think we won’t be recruiters? Nothing is off the table.”

Bush later claimed he was joking about that, but still, here we are today.

What a coincidence, eh?


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The Greatest BSer of Our Era

Corch, trying to play it coy:

I told Meyer he won’t have to chase jobs. We talked before USC athletic director Lynn Swann quit this week, but USC was already the school most speculated about for Meyer. Now a new AD may want to make a splash with a big hire. Whether it’s the Trojans or another school, the jobs will come to him for 2020 if he wants them. I think he will pass … for now.

“I’m not there at the moment,” Meyer said of a possible return. “Like you said, next year can I say that? We’ll talk again next year and we’ll see.”

Uh hunh, riiiight.

I don’t know about you, but I’m certainly on pins and needles about his decision.



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The Great Urnge Hope

LOL.  Tennessee fans have given up their Gruden fetish and turned their focus to an old familiar face.

This is being taken as a sign that somebody is auditioning for a job in Knoxville:

Me?  I take that as a sign that somebody thinks things are really snafued in Knoxville.  But you do you, Vol fans.  It’s got to beat believing the current staff is going to turn things around in 2019.


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