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“They have to beat Georgia.”

At the 1:45 mark, Corch goes all in on the Gators for 2020.


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Urban Liar

Color me shocked, shocked by this:

During a conference call this week previewing the Playoff final, Herbstreit said generating a false sense of an elite team being undersold is nothing new, in fact, former coach and three-time national champion Urban Meyer used to do it all the time, he says.

“Every coach in the country looks for an angle,” Herbstreit said. “We’ve been doing this a long time and Chris (Fowler) and I used to laugh — Urban Meyer in ’06 used to make stuff up. Just throw it out on their hotel meeting rooms and somebody would say something and he’d say ‘Just put it on Herbstreit or ESPN or whatever.’ But it would be a fake quote just to get his team mad.”

It would have been a lot more impressive if Herbie had called Corch out on his bullshit.  Shockingly so, even.


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A tradition unlike any other

Remember this?

Update to last night.

I guess it’s the Columbus version of the loser getting beanie weenies.

I hope they saved a piece for Corch.


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One hand washes the other.

Urban Meyer recommends Steve Addazio to replace Mike Bobo at Colorado State.  CSU hires Addazio.  What happens next shouldn’t surprise anyone.

Colorado State: Sources tell FootballScoop that Steve Addazio is expected to bring Bowling Green tight ends coach (and his son) and former Ohio State graduate assistant Louie Addazio and Ohio State senior quality control analyst Corey Dennis (the son-in-law of Urban Meyer) to the staff. We understand Louie will likely coach the offensive line, and Dennis will likely work with the quarterbacks.

No word yet on if the new motto at CSU will be one happy family.


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Consider the source

You know, in a way, it’s a shame Urban Meyer is such a flawed human being.

Because he’s a really sharp football guy.  Not that that should be enough to salvage the flawed part, though.


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Two’s a crowd

The other possibility is that nobody wants to ride on an elevator with Corch.


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Stop making sense

Really, this is college football in two sentences:

What a time to be a fan!


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