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Today, in all in

Penn State:  watch us go to great lengths to cover for and honor a head coach who turned a blind eye to criminal behavior by his assistant coach over a period of time.

Ohio State:  hold my beer.

I’d say these people are assholes, except I’m afraid that might be insulting to assholes.



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Er, wut?

… A person close to the program told The Athletic that senior university officials have begun discussions about a “coach-in-waiting” arrangement, meaning he would be Meyer’s eventual successor as Buckeyes coach. The person spoke on the condition of anonymity because the discussions are in progress. Day doesn’t have any head-coaching experience but did have a three-game trial run as Ohio State’s interim coach.

Urban Meyer is 54.  Unless he’s headed for another bout of “Elizabeth, I’m coming to meet you” heart issues, he’s not going anywhere for a while, especially considering he knows he’s at a place that will turn a blind eye to his… um, personality quirks.

So who’s this supposed to fool?


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Ah, jeez… just shut up, man.

The closest thing to an actual admission in there is his “And it caused them to question my honesty.  For that, I’m truly sorry.” line.  Except he misspelled “irritated” at the end.


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“At the time I thought I was doing the right thing.”

The Urban Meyer Self-Rehabilitation Tour commences.  Don’t forget to hold your nose.


UPDATE:  Don’t forget the barf bag, either.


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That’s not funny, man.

Adam Rittenberg, ESPN Staff Writer:

Gary Patterson says facing an Ohio State team without Urban Meyer on the sideline won’t be an advantage for TCU. He said if he was in Meyer’s position, he would communicate with the staff in the game. When I told him Meyer couldn’t, according to his suspension, Patterson joked that he would do it anyway.

You just think he’s joking, dude.


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Corch’s long national nightmare is (almost) over.

Remember, you can’t rehabilitate yourself if you don’t coach.



I don’t know about you, but I feel better already.


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Ohio State doesn’t recognize the First Rule of Holes.

Shorter Corch:  I’m pure of heart, because the investigative committee the school hired to justify keeping me in my head coaching position said so.

Jesus, can’t anybody in Columbus keep quiet?


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