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Corch: “No.”

Really, they could have shut down this article after the sixth word in the header without changing the message.


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Your Daily Gator ♥ Fox.

Check out the totally unbiased take from Corch:


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Well, that was awkward.

I have no idea what was going on here.

But I sure would love to find out.


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Corch, as drama queen

Screenshot_2020-08-05 billlandis25 on Twitter Urban Meyer on BTN asked about Ohio State and Michigan playing in October It'[...]

Heartbreaking?  Urbs, I do not think that word means what you think it means.

Although I suppose I should be grateful he didn’t say they’ll handle it, and it’s going to be a big deal.


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Practice what you preach.

Yes, if there’s one thing we associate with Urban Meyer’s Florida teams, it’s their humility.

The man is a living testament to the concept that if you win big, people will swallow your bullshit endlessly.


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TFW you celebrate sociopathy

This may be the most revealing thing Urban Meyer has ever said:

… When I was in the SEC, the attitude was how to dominate. When you talk about college football, it’s about recruiting and that’s all they talked about in the SEC. It’s about players, it’s about national championships, it’s about getting to the show. They didn’t care about anything else other than themselves. You kind of admire that… [Emphasis added.]

“You kind of admire that”?  Shit, that was the credo he lived by in Gainesville.


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Friendly advice for the Portal Master™

This is some quote:

But Meyer also acknowledged that his former assistant needs to get a win in the World’s Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party.

“He’s gotta beat Georgia,” Meyer said. “I’ve been in that game. Steve Spurrier, who’s a dear friend of mine, he made that game miserable for Gators because he never lost to them. And I’d sit in that Sawgrass Hotel in my hotel room and I’d be damn near just sick getting ready for that game. … You had to win that game.”

Sounds like you had real fun, Corch.


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Corch is a man with no regrets.


Oh, what might have been.

So, it’s inevitable that the guy who chose a kid to be his starting quarterback instead of another who wound up winning the national championship and a Heisman Trophy along the way — at some place other than Ohio State — would be asked if he made the right call.

“The guy” being Urban Meyer, what would you expect him to say in response?  This, of course:

Meyer told NFL Media that Haskins was the clear choice to be the starter at Ohio State in 2018, when Burrow transferred out.

“Dwayne Haskins is probably the best quarterback ever to play at Ohio State,” Meyer said.

Still, Meyer thinks highly of Burrow, saying that he did a good job of catching up and improving despite not being at Haskins’ level when the two were both in Columbus.

“Joe was a little behind. You know why? Joe was also Mr. Ohio in basketball and they had a great team in the state championships, and he’s just one of those all-purpose tough guy leaders,” Meyer said. “Joe Burrow is a no brainer. Absolute no brainer. Can he throw as accurately as Dwayne? He’s improved, but he wasn’t that way. But his leadership skills, his toughness, competitive — you talk about a competitive maniac, that’s who Joe Burrow is.”

It’s nice that Corch thinks highly of Burrow.  It’s just that he thinks more highly of himself.



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Your Daily Gator believes Corch.

If you weren’t already feverishly hoping for the Dawgs to whip some Gator ass in Jacksonville, this ought to do the trick.

The producers of Fox’s Big Noon Show, where Urban currently employed, asked each co-host to pick their “breakthrough team” in 2020. Urban’s’ choice was easy: The Florida Gators

“I think they should be in the playoff,” Urban said of the 2020 Gators. “I think it’s time. Dan’s built a good program. But I spent six years at Florida. Georgia is a BIG game. Until you beat Georgia you can’t say a thing. And I think this is the year.”

Which adds even more fuel to the fire for the Oct. 31 WLOCP in Jacksonville in what promises to be one of the most-discussed SEC games of the year starting with spring football.

As for the Bulldogs, Meyer says: “Georgia has a good squad but it’s a transition year at quarterback (Jamie Newman) and with the offensive coordinator (Todd Monken). If Dan can keep that team healthy I think they’ll be there right at the end.”

I agree about Georgia, given that its entire focus is going to be on Kirby Smart’s ability to create the new chemistry around the coaching staff and a new quarterback in time to compete at the highest level for the Bulldogs’ big game in Tuscaloosa Sept. 19.

Like Urban said, “you gotta beat Georgia.” Keep in mind that Newman has never taken a snap in the SEC.

You know the Celebration still eats at whatever’s left of his soul.  Good.



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The 1% of the 1%

Just another one of Corch’s proteges heading to the big house…

Wonder if he’s gonna do his next podcast from jail.


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