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Sunday morning buffet

Dig in, folks.

  • Bruce Feldman talks to Jim Donnan about the state of the SEC East.  No particularly earth-shattering disclosures, but I was amused to hear Donnan slip and use the word “we” once, when speaking about Georgia.
  • Michigan cooks the books to keep that home attendance streak going.
  • On the other hand, this is an impressive turnout.
  • Granted, this is about the NFL, but it’s still a great contrarian question to ask as college defenses continue gearing up to handle the spread.
  • And another question – is football going to start seeing smaller nose tackles?
  • Field Street Forum asks if Jacob Eason is the next Matthew Stafford.  Their answer may amuse you.
  • A senior football advisor with the Patriots when they drafted Aaron Hernandez had this to say about the organization’s misgivings about his character coming out of Florida:  “We knew he had some issues prior,” Reese said. “[Former Florida coach] Urban Meyer and Bill [Belichick] were very, very close, and I think Urban convinced Bill that, you know, that these things weren’t going to be an issue…”  Oopsie.


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“It’s a case of monkey see, monkey do.”

When it comes to satellite camps, Urban Meyer isn’t going to let the other monkeys have all the fun.

Even if he thinks they shouldn’t.

“If our staff, who has much more information than I do because they’re in the trenches, if it helps us, we’ll do it,” Meyer said. “I think we might try one this year. You’ll certainly hear about it if we do.

“There’s a lot of conversation in our recruiting meetings every Wednesday about making a move and trying one. I hope the NCAA (puts an end to those). I think that should be outlawed. We shouldn’t be allowed to do that.

“I think you just recruit on campus, do a good job.”

Nothing stopping the Big Ten from putting the kibosh on that, Corch.  The SEC already does that on its own.

You get the feeling this is about to go all Wild West. How many Ohio State satellite camps in Alabama could it take to blow the whole thing up?


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“You can’t treat people this way.”

We’re getting used to these stories – Urban Meyer does a little roster management with a four-star recruit with a knee injury and the kid’s high school coach vows he won’t forget the treatment.

But honestly, Corch may want to think a little more carefully about what comes out of his mouth the next time he pontificates on the subject of Ohio State’s roster numbers.

“How aware am I of the roster? About as well as you can be,” coach Urban Meyer said on National Signing Day in February. “There’s a couple guys that you’re just not sure can continue playing. You have to just to be aware.

“But there’s also the truth that you don’t know for the next couple weeks, couple months, with these injuries what happens. So you have to prepare.

“But you also can’t do the unthinkable and that’s be stuck with 87 scholarship players come June or July.”

On the other hand, I guess the high school coach can’t say he wasn’t warned.


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“People offer scholarships now like Pop Tarts.”

Urban Meyer would like for the recruiting process to stop and smell the roses.

Not gonna happen, Corch.


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“We did make mistakes.”

This baby will make you roll your eyes.

Urban Meyer admitted that he made mistakes as coach at Florida in an interview with Andrea Kremer for HBO’s Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel…

“If I look back now, the biggest mistake I probably gave second chances to some people that maybe shouldn’t. But this is someone’s son. I know in my soul we’re doing it right, doing the best we can. Did we make mistakes? We make mistakes (raises hand).”

Oh, brother.

This is what passes for soul searching when you can’t credibly ignore the Aaron Hernandez story any longer.  Not that the people cutting his paychecks really give a shit, anyway.


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Wednesday morning buffet

Let me light the chafing dishes… ah, there.


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Return to Seat 37F

Media members, you’ve been warned:   if Corch catches you hanging around his student-athletes, the consequences won’t be pretty.

But Urban Meyer says he has had to deal with people getting in the ears of players about the possibility of transferring. Miller would be eligible to transfer and play immediately at another school next season. The fifth-year transfer has risen in the past decade, and Meyer says he’s even heard about some media possibly talking to kids.

“I’m going to research that a little bit,” Meyer said on Bruce Feldman’s podcast. “There’s people in the media that work in high-power positions that, I guess, are having conversations with our players about transferring. I spent a year at ESPN, and I can’t imagine that’s acceptable. If that is going on, and I haven’t had time to research — obviously, we’ve been playing — if anybody in the media is having any conversations with one of your players about transferring, that person doesn’t belong to work in the media anymore. They certainly won’t have access to your program. Those are things you have to be very leery of.”

What a dick.

Although there’s a part of me that hopes it’s somebody at ESPN that’s pissed Meyer off.  The resulting spat would be fun to watch, that’s for sure.


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