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Mr. Congeniality

It’s the smile that makes the first part of this clip so great.

It’s like Corch is trying to pretend he’s not quite sure whether Fowler’s pulling his leg or not.  Not working, Urbs.

(h/t Lost Lettermen)


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Sunday morning buffet

We’re getting close and you need to eat.


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Regrets, he’s had a few.

Tell us something we didn’t already know, Corch.

I guess that means he was settling for the top 2% of the top 1%.


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In Montana, they like Mark Richt’s style.

Poor Corch.  That’s seems to be the theme of Stewart Mandel’s sensitive look at why Urban Meyer is taking so much crap from the media these days.

The scrutiny is expected. There’s no avoiding it when you’ve won two national titles. But it sure seems he’s being held to a harsher standard than some of his peers.

“Some of his peers” turn out to be two:  Les Miles and Mark Richt.  Of course.  Although Mandel manages to pull his punches when it comes to Georgia’s coach.

Georgia coach Mark Richt’s program has had rashes of offseason arrests and suspensions, though less so this year. He and the Bulldogs have taken heat for it. But Richt, widely regarded as one of the classiest coaches in the profession, is largely praised — rightfully so — for his firm disciplinary stances (some of it mandated by a rigid school drug-testing policy).

So what exactly is his point?  Beats me – if Richt’s getting credit that Meyer isn’t because Richt is perceived as doing a better job of holding his players accountable when they misbehave, isn’t that how things should work?


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Why I like Will Muschamp a little more today.

I don’t think I need that sarcasm meter for this.

Boom, Corch!  Boom, indeed.

BTW, who’s down with a Florida-Ohio State bowl game match up?


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No Seat 37F for this guy!

This piece is the journalistic – using the term in its loosest sense – equivalent of Leave Britney Alone.  (NSFW, in case you’ve never heard it.)

Think I’m kidding?  Check out this overwrought passage:

No, Meyer’s “crime” in this saga isn’t this pretense by the media that he was too lenient with Hernandez and other players at Florida. His crime is that he is now the head football coach at Ohio State, and it looks for all the world like Meyer has the Buckeyes poised for a lengthy period of dominance not just in the Big Ten, but nationally.

And that, as we have learned since January of 2001 when Tressel was hired at Ohio State, is completely unacceptable in the eyes of the media.

So now, we are to believe that Urban Meyer is to Hernandez what Dr. Frankenstein was to his monster, that Meyer is solely responsible for creating a soulless being, then knowingly and callously foisting this creature onto an unsuspecting public.

And now it is Meyer who is facing the angry torch-bearing mobs of the media, demanding justice for alleged crimes against humanity perpetrated by someone else.

This is all so predictable: The media is going to see who got away with what under Meyer at Florida, then see who is getting away with what under Meyer at Ohio State.

Not that the media actually cares about finding criminals on campuses — they could do this at every school in the country — they just don’t like the marriage of Urban Meyer and Ohio State. That’s a monster that needs to be eradicated from the face of college football.

I’d love for somebody to get him to read this embarrassing POS out loud.  I bet his voice quivers.


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Not letting up

If you go to Mike Bianchi’s website, you’ll be greeted by this poll:

How many questions about Corch do you expect to hear at next week’s SEC Media Days?



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Everything is relative.

Love this quote from the Urban Meyer Innocence Tour:

Q: What do you recall of Hernandez’s brushes with the law during his time at Florida?

A: Relatively speaking, he had very minor stuff. He was questioned about being a witness (to a shooting), and he had an argument in a restaurant (in which Hernandez allegedly struck an employee in an argument over an unpaid bill), and he was suspended one game (reportedly for a failed marijuana test). Other than that, he was three years a good player. That was it.

“Relatively speaking”?  Relative to what – other Gator players?


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Looks like we’re gonna need a bigger Seat 37F.

I’m not sure why Corch decided he had to go there – anybody think Saban would have wasted his time on this shit? – but go there he did.  Texting with old media buddies

“I just received an email from a friend where there is an accusation of multiple failed drug tests covered up by the Univ. of Florida or the coaching staff,” Meyer wrote in a text to The Sun. “This is absolutely not true. Hernandez was held to the same drug testing policy as every other player.

“He was an athlete at Florida 4-to-7 years ago and there are some comments being made that are not correct. Our staff, myself and our families worked very hard to mentor and guide him. Prayers and thoughts are with the family and friends of the victim. Relating or blaming these serious charges to Univ. of Florida, myself or our staff is wrong and irresponsible.”

and new.

Two things there.  First, nice weasel words about UF’s drug policy.  Unlike a certain institution which shall remain nameless, at Florida, a student-athlete doesn’t go down for his first drug offense.  Last time I check, “multiple” means more than one.  And since we do know that Hernandez was suspended at one point for failing a drug test, all we’re left with is parsing whatever “covered up” is supposed to mean there.

Second, about that mentoring… well, Corch is entering “when did you stop beating your wife?” territory with that “worked very hard” stuff.  Why was it necessary to do so?  And did he realize it wasn’t taking?

Of course, if you want more distance, the next step is the one Meyer’s family is taking – it’s nobody’s fault but Hernandez’.  Certainly, there’s a basic level where that’s the case. But let’s not lose sight of Urban the Pious. Corch, like almost every one of his peers, has no problem proclaiming his sacred duty to mentor the kids he looks to sign as he travels the recruiting trail.  And afterwards, for that matter.  So which is it?

Honestly, he’d have been smart to keep his mouth shut.  This is just more grist for the mill.


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Billy Clyde Puckett would call that a semi-denial.

My, these are some carefully chosen words.

Employee Michael Taphorn suffered a burst ear drum when punched by Hernandez, and initially told police he wanted to pursue charges. But he later had second thoughts, according to the supplemental report.

Taphorn stated he had been contacted by legal staff and Florida coaches about a possible agreement in the case. A Florida spokesperson told’s Andy Katz Tuesday night that “No one from the university’s general counsel’s office was involved in this matter.”

Well, that eliminates half the usual suspects.  It’ll be interesting to hear if Corch, who’s already getting his back covered by the local media (the power of Seat 37F?), issues a denial for the other half.


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