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Big Ten’s shit gettin’ real, man.

Boy, this is guaranteed to send Greg Sankey over the edge.

Although it would be worth the price of admission to find out if Corch still has a grudge against certain members of the Florida media.  And vice versa.  Seat 37F rides again, baby!



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Thursday brunch buffet

A mid-day munch for you…


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“We feel very strongly about strong regulation and keeping the recruiting calendar as is.”

You know, I’d be inclined to give Corch a pass on his latest bullshit

“The early signing period,” Meyer said. “Why would you do that?

“I’m not a fan of that. You’re moving it just forward and forward, what if a kid wants to change his mind? (If) he wants to change his mind because of coaching changes or other circumstances, the player should be allowed to change his mind.”

… if he meant that kids could change their minds about signing in the wake of college football’s great tradition of coaching changes after signing day.

But we know it’s really about the current arrangement favoring the powerhouses.  So I’ll stick with calling bullshit.


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From the GPOOE to “the best I’ve ever coached”

What a dazzling life Corch leads.

“I’ve been lucky to coach Alex Smith, who was the No 1 pick, [Tim] Tebow, Zeke [Ezekiel Elliott] … the Pounceys, all these great players,” Meyer said. “It’s hard for me not to say Joey is not the best I’ve ever coached or been around.”

Or he could just be suffering from a case of hyperbolic verbal diarrhea.


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“And it will forever be in the mind of Urban Meyer and in the mind of our football team. … So we’ll handle it. And it’s going to be a big deal.”

Man, if you can’t enjoy the Ohio State meltdown after the loss to Michigan State…

Contrast that to the Buckeyes, who pointed fingers after the game.

Tailback Ezekiel Elliott saw his Heisman Trophy hopes get washed away on a 12-carry, 33-yard night. He did not mince words, saying: “The coaching staff didn’t put us in position to win. … I’m disappointed in the play-calling. … I deserve more than (12) carries, I really do.”

He topped it off by saying there’s “no chance” he will return for his final year of eligibility. Quarterback Cardale Jones tweeted the same message, saying this had been his final home game.

Earlier, when quizzed by reporters, Buckeyes coach Urban Meyer called it a “very poor performance”…

… there is something wrong with you.


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Corch gonna Corch.

I’d tell Urban Meyer to act like he’s been there, but I’m afraid this is how he acts like he’s been there.


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“Nobody on the team felt we were thugs.”

Shit, no wonder Corch bailed out at Gainesville.

And this is just precious:

Fortunately for many players, Gainesville lawyer Huntley Johnson helped them successfully navigate the legal system. They knew to go to Johnson. One player remembers walking into Johnson’s office for counsel and seeing a teammate who was already there.

Talk about your bonding exercise.  (See what I did there?)

We may need to let up on Agent Muschamp a little.


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