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Mistakes were made. But not by Corch.

If you’re Urban Meyer, you’re stung by the accusation of a recruit who claims to have been “treated like crap” by you on a recruiting visit and you feel the need to respond, how do you proceed?

This is how you do it.

But when asked about Young’s comments Tuesday, Meyer seemed displeased with how his staff handled the 6-foot-7, 270-pound’s recruitment rather than the player himself.

“Sure I can (comment), they’re signed,” Meyer said. “I did read it. We had a lot of respect for him as a player. A lot. I was very disappointed in our staff that we didn’t offer him earlier.

“About treating him bad, we don’t do that on purpose. If that’s his feelings. I went back and talked to our staff about it, because I don’t want that to be out there.

“But when you have one out of 650 that say someone is treated bad, you know? We didn’t offer him earlier, but we did want to offer him. Afterward, he really grew on me. He’s a great player and I think we missed on him early on, and I was very upset with our coaching staff, the recruiter and that area and the position coach.

Notice the word “me” missing there?  Just to refresh

I went up and said, ‘Coach (Meyer), what was the reason that you all of a sudden offered me?’ He said, ‘We looked at your tape, and it was pretty good and I saw interest in that.’ I said, ‘Well coach, back when I was just committing to Kentucky and keeping my options open, I came up to a camp and sent you my film and everything, and you didn’t even reply. It seemed like y’all just deleted it.’

He said, ‘Well, if you look back at that time, you were how big?’ I said, ‘6-7, 270, just like I am now.’ He said, ‘Well, you were an insubstantial tackle, an insubstantial player,’ so he was saying I (didn’t) even amount to being able to be recruited by Ohio State as a four-star tackle. He said, ‘Now what offers did you have?’ I said, ‘I had my one from Kentucky,’ and he said, ‘Well, you were an insubstantial player with insubstantial offers from an insubstantial school.’  [Emphasis added.]

The best thing about this is the local media giving Meyer a pass here because he didn’t criticize the kid.  Gotta love that.



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‘Well, you were an insubstantial player with insubstantial offers from an insubstantial school.’

If you love unflattering stories about Urban Meyer, then you’ll enjoy this one.


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Coming soon, to a Gwinnett County high school near you

Maybe Kirby Smart can chime in with a “We’ll handle it. And it’s going to be a big deal.” about this.

If that doesn’t work, they can always try going back to the General Assembly again.  Gotta keep that playing field level, boys.


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Big Ten’s shit gettin’ real, man.

Boy, this is guaranteed to send Greg Sankey over the edge.

Although it would be worth the price of admission to find out if Corch still has a grudge against certain members of the Florida media.  And vice versa.  Seat 37F rides again, baby!



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Thursday brunch buffet

A mid-day munch for you…


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“We feel very strongly about strong regulation and keeping the recruiting calendar as is.”

You know, I’d be inclined to give Corch a pass on his latest bullshit

“The early signing period,” Meyer said. “Why would you do that?

“I’m not a fan of that. You’re moving it just forward and forward, what if a kid wants to change his mind? (If) he wants to change his mind because of coaching changes or other circumstances, the player should be allowed to change his mind.”

… if he meant that kids could change their minds about signing in the wake of college football’s great tradition of coaching changes after signing day.

But we know it’s really about the current arrangement favoring the powerhouses.  So I’ll stick with calling bullshit.


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From the GPOOE to “the best I’ve ever coached”

What a dazzling life Corch leads.

“I’ve been lucky to coach Alex Smith, who was the No 1 pick, [Tim] Tebow, Zeke [Ezekiel Elliott] … the Pounceys, all these great players,” Meyer said. “It’s hard for me not to say Joey is not the best I’ve ever coached or been around.”

Or he could just be suffering from a case of hyperbolic verbal diarrhea.


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