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The art of Corching

I posted something a few days ago about how Urban Meyer has mastered keeping his team in the playoff picture.  Here’s another example of how he works it, courtesy of Phil Steele.

You can go a long way pounding the crap out of most teams.  Even the lousy to mediocre ones.





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Why they pay Corch the big bucks

There may not be a universal consensus, but I think most observers would share the opinion that college football’s top two head coaches are Nick Saban and Urban Meyer.   Where as Saban’s particular genius may lie in knowing how to structure a program to take advantage of the resource advantage he has over almost every other D-1 school in the sport, Meyer’s shown an aptitude for gaming the system with regard to the CFP.

Ohio State is currently 9-2, with lopsided losses to Oklahoma at home and 6-5 Iowa.  In comparison with the rest of the playoff field, it doesn’t own a lot of quality wins, either.

And yet, the Buckeyes are right in the middle of the CFP chatter and show strongly in several advanced stats rankings.  Meyer’s team is second in ESPN’s FPI and first in Bill Connelly’s S&P+ RkSagarin has them sixth, ahead of Oklahoma.

Again, that’s with two bad losses on the résumé.  What’s Urban Meyer’s secret sauce?  Basically, it’s beating the crap out of every team from which it scores a win.  In those nine games, the average score is 50.414.7.  Advanced stats eat that stuff up, for the most part, and that in turn feeds into the national narrative peddled by… well, you know.

Maybe that’s why I find myself a fan of Brian Fremeau’s FEI ratings this year.

All I know is that if Ohio State beats Wisconsin to win the Big Ten championship, it’s going to make for a final week debate that will range from somewhere between interesting and obnoxious, depending upon your point of view, especially if Miami and Alabama lose a game.


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This may be a bigger deal for Corch than the Celebration.

Shade thrown… by the Ohio State women’s water polo team.

The Ohio State women’s water polo club team tweeted following a win vs. Wisconsin that “at least one Ohio State team knows how to win.” And they mentioned Ohio State coach Urban Meyer on Twitter.

Man, that’s cold.


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It will be in the mind of Urban Meyer for a few hours, and it’s going to be a small deal …

Sounds like Corch took yesterday’s ass kicking in stride.


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Shelley Meyer is pointed to and stared at.

You had to know letting yourself get painted into a corner equating Colin Kaepernick and Aaron Hernandez wouldn’t be a good look.

Bless your heart.  Maybe the next time your hubby warns about the perils of social media, you ought to listen.  In the meantime, I’m sure a lot of his players appreciate your thoughtful sentiment.


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The next chapter of Corch’s book writes itself.

Oklahoma whips Ohio State’s ass and this ensues afterwards.

One can only imagine the steam coming out of Urban Meyer’s ears.  Which is what probably led to this.

Damn, Baker, fun means never having to say you’re sorry.  Although this is a subtle touch.

Eh, kid, Corch could teach you a thing or two about what constitutes a big deal.

As always, though, gallows humor is the best humor.


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“[Blaming players] drives me insane.”

In fact, blaming players makes Corch so insane, he blames Boom for something Boom never said.

Meyer also said Muschamp “blamed us for Florida,” referring to a perceived lack of talent left for Muschamp when Meyer departed before the 2011 season…

It’s not clear if Muschamp ever directly suggested the cupboard was bare when he took over for Meyer. However, at the time of his Florida firing in 2014, Muschamp told CBS Sports, “[We] changed the culture of the program that was labeled by the previous head coach [Meyer] as ‘broken.’ He said it. I didn’t.”

We all know what “culture” references to Meyer’s stint at Florida mean and they’ve got nothing to do with talent, other than that the talent was the excuse for the culture.  Which means someone’s full of shit here, and it ain’t Boom.

How big a jerk do you have to be to get me to defend Will Muschamp?


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