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That’s the over/under on Georgia’s 2016 win total, per the Golden Nugget’s sports book.

Check out Tennessee at 10.  That’s the top win total in the conference.


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Lines are forming.

Some more early betting  lines are starting to trickle out of Vegas.  (Week 1, which I’ve mentioned before, you can find here.)

If the lines are to be believed, the SEC East looks like it’ll be tight:  Tennessee-Georgia is a pick ’em and the Dawgs are a one-point favorite against the Gators.

Some other interesting spreads:

  • Oklahoma is a whopping nine-point favorite at home against Ohio State.
  • Alabama is a three-point underdog in Baton Rouge.
  • And Vegas is definitely not impressed with Auburn, which is listed as a big ‘dog against Clemson, Ole Miss and Alabama.


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May the points be with you.

Georgia is an early favorite in the opener.

Evidently the betting public isn’t as worried about the quarterback situation as we are.

Oh, yeah – looking good, Gus.


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Ignore Nick Chubb at your own risk.

Vegas now has Chubb at 20-1 to win the Heisman Trophy this season.  As Seth Emerson puts it, “That may not sound like much, but consider that a) there’s still no timetable for Chubb’s return, and b) there are only nine players with better odds for the Heisman.”

I keep saying the most amazing thing about Chubb is the level of certainty out there that he’ll be a significant contributor this season.


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Sometimes, Vegas works in mysterious ways.

Bovada’s updated its odds on college football’s 2017 national championship in the wake of signing day and the results in the SEC are all over the place:  huge jumps for Auburn and Tennessee, a small one for Ole Miss and unchanged odds for Alabama, Georgia and LSU, the latter four all recognized as signing no worse than equal and in most places better than (hell, in Alabama’s case, much better than) the Tigers and Vols.

I get that this really isn’t that mysterious, that it’s simply a reflection of how the money’s flowed in over the past few days, much I would assume from fan bases that are excited over new blood.  (If so, how jaded are Tide fans these days?)  I can see why Tennessee’s odds moved, given the likely state of the East, but Auburn’s improved fortunes are a little harder to understand.

In any event, let’s see how Booch’s team deals with the pressure of heightened expectations.


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I’m shocked, shocked to find that gambling is going on in here!

I know this is about the NFL, but if you don’t think there’s a college conference commissioner out there who’s heard about its new live game data arrangement with an outfit called Sportradar and isn’t stoking his chin while deep in thought about “a lucrative new deal”, you are kidding yourself.  Besides, aren’t we always being told how much the college game could improve by emulating the pro product?

If that doesn’t offend you, then you might enjoy a couple of pieces from the Las Vegas Sun:


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Tuesday morning buffet

A rich menu at today’s buffet bar…

  • Georgia not looking back at last year’s loss to Florida“?  I call bullshit on that.  In fact, they’d better be looking back, to make sure they don’t make the same mistakes twice.
  • Man, Texas is undoing the rebranding.
  • Iowa State’s Paul Rhoades announced the firing of his offensive coordinator to the media before telling his team, because “I wanted to get to this point in the day and address you folks, then see them and look them in the eye at 1:30 when I get that opportunity…”  Yes, that makes no fucking sense.
  • Somebody in Vegas still likes Georgia“Georgia has been the favorite in this game for the entire year until now,” Kornegay said in an e-mail on Monday. “There are three reasons why the line has moved; Florida has been playing good football all year, Georgia lost their top running back, and the public has warmed up to the Gators. In our eyes, Georgia is still a better team and should be a short favorite. It wouldn’t surprise us to see the Bulldogs the favorite once again on game day.”
  • There’s the second chance at Auburn, and then there’s the second chance in Athens.
  • Before you get too upset at Jeremy Pruitt for whatever faults you find in this year’s defense, at least Georgia’s never looked this bad on a play.
  • Yeah, that’s been a problem.
  • Don’t forget that Georgia will be without Dominick Sanders for the first half against Florida.


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