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Your early betting lines post

Via, here are a few lines of note:

  • Georgia, -11.5 against Notre Dame
  • Georgia, -4 against Florida
  • Georgia, -9 against Auburn
  • Georgia, -13.5 against Texas A&M

Yeah, some of those lines are a little bigger than expected, but I’m still surprised Florida is getting that much traction after losing two straight games against the Dawgs by the widest margins in the series since the 1940s.

Some non-Dawg SEC lines of interest:

  • Florida, -14.5 against Tennessee
  • LSU, -2.5 against Florida
  • LSU, -7.5 against Auburn
  • Alabama, -17 against LSU
  • Alabama, -14 against Auburn

Again, the Florida respect is surprising.

Finally, some national games involving SEC teams spreads:

  • Florida, -7.5 against Miami
  • Auburn, -3 against Oregon
  • LSU, -3 against Texas
  • Clemson, -16 against Texas A&M

Don’t know about that Auburn line and I have a feeling LSU might cover that Texas spread easily.

Oh, and one bonus note:  Michigan is a 4.5 favorite over Ohio State.  I can’t believe the Corch magic is gone.

What do you guys think?



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Take the over?

Bruce Feldman’s ($$) liking what he’s seeing for Georgia’s chances this season.

Georgia over is 10.5. This is a loaded team led by a very experienced QB in Jake Fromm. The offensive line should be terrific, and the Dawgs have a terrific kicker. The schedule isn’t daunting, either. Aside from the home game against the Irish, the only team that I think will be close to the top 10 is Florida, and the Gators have to replace four starting offensive linemen. The Auburn game is on the road, but the Tigers are breaking in a new QB. I could see Georgia possibly stumbling once in the regular season, but not twice.

I can’t believe Bruce isn’t buying the Malzahn new quarterback magic (where’s that sarcasm emoji when you need it?), but the point about Florida’s o-line is a good one (not to mention there are question marks about the Gators’ d-line, too).

It’s really interesting to see the varied opinion about the quality of Georgia’s schedule this season.


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One or two?

Pete Fiutak takes a stab at predicting where Vegas winds up with its projected regular season win totals for the 2019 season and comes with 10.5 for Georgia.  That’s on the same level as Clemson and Oklahoma and just a step behind Alabama.

Here’s the schedule again.  How many Georgia losses do you see on it?


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Thursday morning buffet

A nibble here, a nibble there…


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Today, in tell your stats to shut up

If Georgia’s gonna win Saturday, they’ll definitely be doing it swimming upstream against the historical flow.


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Against all odds

I’m not sure there’s any better evidence of how disruptive a force Tua Tagovailoa has been this season than that it took Vegas weeks to figure out how to set a line for Alabama games without losing money on it.


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Mike Griffith is surprised that Georgia has come out as a 17-point favorite at home against Georgia Tech Saturday.  I’m not really sure why, other than a generic concern that borders on trolling.

The stat guys sure aren’t surprised by the spread.  Seventeen points is right in line with what Sagarin’s numbers call forESPN’s FPI makes Georgia’s chances to win at a tick over 90%.  Bill Connelly’s got a projected margin of 24+ points.

Yeah, Tech is currently on a four-game winning streak.  That’s been compiled on the backs of teams with a composite record of 19-23.  Not exactly the stuff legends are made from.

None of which isn’t to say the Jackets can’t pull an upset Saturday.  Hell, they’re on a two-game winning streak in Athens.  But to pretend that they don’t deserve to be a sizeable underdog is a stretch.


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