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24 1/2

Vegas is saying Vanderbilt ain’t no thang for Georgia’s opener.



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Friday morning buffet

Have a little nosh on me.

  • You can get odds on Nick Saban’s retirement now.
  • When Isaiah Wilson says, “I want to physically beat you,” I believe him.
  • The Pac-12 has “multiple bids of at least $750 million in hand from companies looking to become equity investors in the conference.” If one of the conditions for purchase is that Larry Scott steps down, that might be a fair trade off.
  • Maryland:  nobody could do a worse job than we did with Jordan McNair’s death.  Garden City Community College:  hold my beer.
  • The majority of SEC coaches don’t sound that enamored with the Oklahoma drill.
  • From sagging attendance and hefty debt service payments for their upgraded facilities to beer sales, a tale for our times.  Concerning a member of the conference generating the most revenue, to boot.
  • More revenue woes:  when Mizzou is bleeding money, it’s the cheerleading coaches who must pay.
  • Not a good look when three safeties, including both starters, enter the transfer portal on back-to-back days, West Virginia.
  • A sign that you’re getting old:  Mack Brown has knee replacement surgery performed by a former player.


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Moar 2019 betting lines

Seven Georgia games on that list:

  • -9.5 against Notre Dame
  • -18 against Tennessee
  • -20 against South Carolina
  • -3.5 against Florida
  • -7.5 against Auburn
  • -12.5 against Texas A&M
  • -20.5 against Georgia Tech

I thought that Florida line was a little slim yesterday, but Tech’s less than a three-touchdown underdog?  Hmmmm…

I had to look.  Here’s the margin of victory at BDS since Mark Richt became the head coach:

  • 2001:  14
  • 2003:  17
  • 2005:  7
  • 2007:  14
  • 2009:  6
  • 2011:  14
  • 2013:  7
  • 2015:  6
  • 2017:  31

So, that spread definitely falls outside the average from that period, but how many of those Tech squads were worse than what we’re likely to see this season?


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Lay your money down.

Check out the UGA-UF line.

Considering the Gators have lost the last two games to UGA by 35 and 19 points respectively, either Vegas is seeing a remarkable improvement out of Mullen’s crew, or sensing that a lot of Florida fans are very confident in their team’s chances.


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Wednesday morning buffet

Grab you some news:


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Vegas warms to the Dawgs.

For what it’s worth, at 7/1, Georgia now sits with the third-best odds of winning the national title this season.



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Your early betting lines post

Via, here are a few lines of note:

  • Georgia, -11.5 against Notre Dame
  • Georgia, -4 against Florida
  • Georgia, -9 against Auburn
  • Georgia, -13.5 against Texas A&M

Yeah, some of those lines are a little bigger than expected, but I’m still surprised Florida is getting that much traction after losing two straight games against the Dawgs by the widest margins in the series since the 1940s.

Some non-Dawg SEC lines of interest:

  • Florida, -14.5 against Tennessee
  • LSU, -2.5 against Florida
  • LSU, -7.5 against Auburn
  • Alabama, -17 against LSU
  • Alabama, -14 against Auburn

Again, the Florida respect is surprising.

Finally, some national games involving SEC teams spreads:

  • Florida, -7.5 against Miami
  • Auburn, -3 against Oregon
  • LSU, -3 against Texas
  • Clemson, -16 against Texas A&M

Don’t know about that Auburn line and I have a feeling LSU might cover that Texas spread easily.

Oh, and one bonus note:  Michigan is a 4.5 favorite over Ohio State.  I can’t believe the Corch magic is gone.

What do you guys think?


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