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7th place? That’s it?

I am so disappointed to learn that Nick Saban wasn’t the difference in the Alabama US Senate election.

Where’s your school spirit, Alabamians?


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If there’s one thing you don’t mess with in Alabama…

it’s Roll Tide.

Maybe somebody knew what they were doing with this write-in instruction video.

The Moore-Jones Senate race has been entertaining, to say the least.  The perfect capper would be if a Nick Saban write-in vote swung the election.


UPDATE:  Per the New York Times,

And a number of votes will almost certainly go to someone widely considered the most important man in the state, the University of Alabama football coach Nick Saban.


UPDATE #2:  What a country.


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Today, in ‘Murica

I swear, every time I read a story like this, I think of my favorite line from Nobody’s Fool.

At least no trees were harmed.


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“Those refs — they’s got it in for us, PAWWWLLL.”

I bet Tahde Nation jumps all over this if ‘Bama ever comes up short in a game.

Alabama is 130th out of 130 FBS teams in a statistic called opponent penalties, which means officials are calling the fewest number of penalties against Alabama’s opponents compared to other teams in college football. If you need a trend: Alabama was last in college football in this category in 2016, 102nd in 2015, 123rd in 2014.

It’s gotta be some sort of conspiracy.


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Scott Cochran’s got time on his hands.

When your team’s beaten its last two opponents by 122 points — There are 51 FBS teams that still haven’t scored that many in 2017.” — the strength coach looks for things to do on the sideline, ’cause he’s getting bored.


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Roll, Bravos!

Well, this is a beaut.


The truly great thing about this is that he didn’t even manage to use the right font for the “A”.

That’s the Braves’ font.  Bless his heart, as we like to say in these parts.


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Have they got a tailgating deal for you.

I mentioned the tailgating deal that Alabama recently entered into.  There’s a follow up on some of the specific contract terms at worth sharing.  Even McGarity might find some of them of interest:

— Perhaps the most interesting one was No. 16. The university wants no part in turning the Quad into a battle ground or a nonpartisan zone. It reads: “There are to be no opposing team logo’s (sic) displayed.” The second part of the listing seems like it would be harder to enforce. “No opposing team boisterous chanting or cheering will be allowed.”

— The uniform look of the tents in the middle of the quad isn’t a coincidence. The school “requires tents to be ALL WHITE.” (It’s in all caps in the contract). They can be no larger than 20×20. The company offer packages with tents of 10×10 and 20×20.

— “There shall be no alcohol exposed within the tailgate area,” reads the entirety of No. 14 of the list of contract specifications. Reading between the lines, it’s the red cup rule.

— The contract also states that the company can arrange for catering for delivery. And in bold lettering, it states “Bama Dining is the University’s caterer of choice.” (Bama Dining is the official food service provider on Alabama’s campus)

— No loudspeakers or any kind of amplified sound is not allowed. As with similar rules, the company is responsible for enforcing the rules set by the school by supervising the area its tents cover.

Sounds to me like if Georgia were interested in adapting something similar, it could both maintain most of the Michael Adams-imposed restrictions that currently exist and turn a few extra bucks.  Add in a contract provision requiring the service provider to assume responsibility for keeping the designated tailgating area clean and you’d have a real win-win on your hands.  At a price, of course, but what’s new about that?


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