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Another SEC West “if you ain’t cheatin'” story

This one sounds like it’s gonna leave a mark.

Bo Davis is expected to leave his position as assistant football coach at the University of Alabama over an inquiry into possible recruiting violations, The Tuscaloosa News has learned. Davis is expected to resign or be fired from his job.

UA has been conducting an internal investigation and the NCAA has also made inquiries into the matter.

If you’re Alabama, it’s the ripple effect you really have to be concerned about… who else knew, when did it happen, for how long, etc.

Finebaum should be epic tomorrow.


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The door’s open, but the ride it ain’t free.

One thing about an expanded postseason:  more playoff games means more playoff trips and more playoff trips means more playoff expenses.

The national champion Crimson Tide totaled $7.3 million in costs for two CFP trips, while runner-up Clemson spent $5.4 million, according to NCAA postseason expense reports for all four playoff teams obtained from the universities by CBS Sports…

Alabama spent the most on a single playoff game this past season, totaling $4.8 million in costs for the CFP National Championship in Glendale, Arizona. That equates to $5,555 per person who made the trip, easily the highest per-game average in the two-year history of the CFP.

To put Alabama’s 2016 title game costs in perspective, the school spent $4.3 million for the 2010 BCS Championship Game in Pasadena, California. Back then, the NCAA required schools to count bonuses for coaches and administrators in bowl expense reports. That’s no longer the case. Alabama spent $6.7 million on the 2016 CFP National Championship game itself when counting bonuses.

If you got it, flaunt it, baby.  Besides, all that support staff isn’t showing up for free.

The Crimson Tide sent a traveling party of 904 people to Arlington, Texas, for the Cotton Bowl and 857 to Arizona. Alabama brought 908 people to the semifinal at the Sugar Bowl in 2015, 881 to Miami for the 2013 BCS Championship Game and 778 to New Orleans for the 2012 BCS Championship Game.


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Race to the bottom

Nathan Deal is all in on Senate Bill 323.

Our AJC colleague Dan Chapman asked him Wednesday why he signed Senate Bill 323, which allows the athletic departments at UGA, Georgia Tech and other state colleges to wait 90 days before responding to Open Records Act requests. Athletic associations, like all state agencies, previously had three days to acknowledge the requests.

“The members of the General Assembly felt that that was necessary and I’m sure Greg and you have already tried to figure out how long it takes for the University of Alabama to respond to similar inquiries already being made of the University of Georgia as well,” he told Chapman. “We’ll see how long it takes you to get a response from them.”

I never thought I’d see the day when the overriding goal of my state government would be for this state to become more like Alabama.  Or that most people would think that was swell.  Maybe we ought to scour their books for a few more ideas.


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“It is what it is, but it’s over now, thank goodness.”

It sounds like Kirby Smart’s Month of Two Schools wasn’t quite the smooth ride we were assured it was at the time.  At least the part in Tuscaloosa wasn’t.

… Smart will take these anxious moments over the taxing time he had juggling being Georgia’s new head coach and Alabama’s defensive coordinator during the College Football Playoff. Smart said times got “tough” and were even “horrible,” as game planning, recruiting and maintenance at two schools mixed.

Smart was all Bama for X’s and O’s and all Georgia in recruiting. What made things even tougher was the fact that the same prospects Smart called might talk to the Alabama assistant sitting right next to him in meetings moments later. Paranoia on both sides sunk in, as Smart and his peers watched each other slide behind closed doors to recruit in between dissecting Michigan State and later Clemson…

“That part was not fun,” Smart said of his jumbled schedule after accepting the Georgia job. “But since that game and the fact we won it at least justified what I did.”

Breaking up is hard to do.


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The logic of Preseason Homerism

According to this observer at Roll Bama Roll, Jeremy Pruitt is “just a more approachable, relatable guy” than Kirby Smart.  Given that he appears to base his conclusion on the usual preseason happy talk you hear from players dealing with a new coach, my only question is this:  if Georgia players say this spring that Mel Tucker is an improvement over Jeremy Pruitt in certain regards, does that mean we should take that as gospel, too?


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The inbreeding jokes write themselves, folks.

No word on whether when you register at, a website for Alabama fans who wish to find true love, you have to disclose whether you’ll accept a connection from a relative.


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Tear down this wall, Coach Saban!

It’s been tough getting top talent out of Alabama since the Gus Bus drove in.

Whatever the reason, it’s made it nearly impossible for outside teams to poach recruits. Since Malzahn took over at Auburn in December 2012, there have been 28 recruits from Alabama ranked in the ESPN 300. Of those 28, only seven left the state. In that same span, there have been eight prospects ranked in the top 50, and all eight went on to sign with Alabama or Auburn.

The question is, are we on the brink of a change?  If you’re a Georgia fan, you sure hope so.

But that run could be coming to an end soon. Maybe as soon as next Wednesday when ESPN 300 linebackers Ben Davis and Mack Wilson announce their decisions and sign their letters of intent.

Both Davis and Wilson have Alabama in their top two. That shouldn’t come as a huge surprise. They’re homegrown. But the other school in their top two isn’t Auburn, the other in-state power. It’s Georgia. And with former Crimson Tide defensive coordinator Kirby Smart now the head coach in Athens, the Bulldogs have become a real threat to land both players.

“I felt the move coming because [Smart] had been there so long under Coach Saban,” Wilson said. “I felt like he had enough experience to go along and win him some national championships also. It was a great move for him and also his family.”

Davis admits he was a little more surprised when Smart left Alabama for Georgia, but the move has had a profound impact on his recruitment.

“That’s why [Georgia] boosted up on my list,” Davis said. “I had a great visit while Coach [Mark] Richt was there. It felt like home to me. But with [Smart] going there and Coach [Mel] Tucker — the secondary coach at Alabama — going there, it really boosted them on my list.”

That being said, I’ll be shocked if Smart signs either kid.  The question for Georgia is whether will it be worth devoting serious resources to chasing other top Alabama recruits in the future.


UPDATE:  More here from the folks at


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