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Room with a view

Nick Saban has time for this shit:

Across the street from the Alabama practice fields are several apartment complexes, the upper units with porches high enough to provide a good view of the practice fields. Alabama has an agreement with one of the complexes that they will write into people’s leases that they not stand outside and watch football practice.

That would be a fun eviction hearing to watch.




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No hard feelings, Maurice.

Tide Nation reacts to Smith’s departure.


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Crimson Butt-hurt

With the Maurice Smith news coming out last night, I was curious what the reaction of the Alabama fan base might be in response.

Andy Staples’ Twitter feed from last night is full of ‘Bama folks who nobly profess to be worried about Pandora’s Box being opened on the graduate transfer front (many of whom lay out some version of a “I’m not saying this as an Alabama fan” qualification).  That might carry more weight if they’d have taken the same tack when Chris Brown Black transferred… or when Saban took a graduate transfer from Ole Miss earlier this year.

The whole opening the flood gates thing rings a little false when you consider that the SEC rule doesn’t ban all of them, just inter-conference intra-conference ones.  From that standpoint, even Bert’s “don’t allow ’em, because secret info” justification makes more sense.

Meanwhile, the tone of this thread at the SEC Rant message board seems to be mainly about Tide fans complaining about Saban’s manhood.  Weird.

I point this out not in an attempt to gloat — let’s remember that Smith was competing to be the starting nickle back in Saban’s defense this season, hardly the stuff that first-team All-Americans are made of — but simply because I’m rather amazed that people who support a program that’s had a run of success that’s the envy of every other program in college football can find a topic like this to be heated about.  I guess you could say I’m a little jealous of their attitude.


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Alabama kills another tradition. Sad!

Damn it, ‘Bama.

How could you walk away from this?

Okay, it may not have been pretty, but it was so ‘Bama.


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Accident? I think not.

It’s a damned conspiracy, PAWWWLLL.


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Michigan ain’t played Alabama high schools, PAWWWLLL.

Scratch one satellite camp appearance off the list.

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Sweet home Alabama

Yeah, I get the glass house admonition, but this AP article is too good to pass up.

Alabama politics are at a low point even by Alabama standards: In a state that trails the nation in many areas, three top elected officials are embroiled in scandal or facing removal from office while a former governor serves time in federal prison on a corruption conviction…

“I never recall when the top leaders of all three branches of government were simultaneously accused of improper behavior,” Bill Stewart, a retired political scientist from the University of Alabama, said Saturday…

Among the nation’s poorest states, Alabama is troubled by problem areas including physical and mental health; comparatively low high school graduation rates; and too many occupational deaths, according to a report by the United Health Foundation. It consistently ranks high in college football – the University of Alabama is the reigning national champion – while struggling in so many other ways.

What percentage of the local population do you figure is okay with that trade off?


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