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Stability pays.

You may have heard that in the most recent (2013-4) financial report filed with the NCAA, Alabama claimed a $33 million surplus in its athletics operations while Auburn posted a deficit of $13.7 million for the same.

Setting aside the usual black magic, book-cooking disclaimer for any numbers a school generates about its athletics department, if you take it for granted that Alabama had a better financial go of it than did its neighbor on the Plains, there are some interesting takeaways from the linked article.

Start with this:

Both schools have won a football national championship in the last five years, but Auburn has gone through a coaching change and Alabama hasn’t. Same thing goes for basketball where Auburn made a change last year, while Anthony Grant has been in Tuscaloosa since 2009.

Auburn is on the hook for buyouts for former football coach Gene Chizik and basketball coach Tony Barbee, among others — adding an additional $4,846,662 in severance payments. Alabama, meanwhile, only paid $272,140 in severance payments in 2013-14.

The stability of Alabama’s two revenue sports has helped it avoid costly buyouts and build up its financial coffers.

Because Alabama hasn’t been on the roller coaster ride that Auburn football has enjoyed over the past five seasons, it hasn’t taken the hit financially.  And that just doesn’t extend to head coaches, either, when you consider what Auburn is on the hook for replacing defensive staff this offseason.  Assistants leave Alabama, but they do so of their own volition, which is a no-cost situation for the school.

The point is that while there is more than one way to skin the cat when it comes to chasing excellence, as a general rule, this suggests over the long haul that landing on the right guy and sticking with him through changing market conditions (i.e., paying your head coach $7 million/year) is going to be better for the bottom line than going the flavor of the month route.  And for those who suggest otherwise, it’s worth pointing out one last note.

Auburn collected $4.384 million in student fees, while Alabama collected nothing. Essentially, Auburn students are directly subsidizing the athletic department.

Of course, those students go to Auburn, so maybe they don’t care, but all other things being equal, I bet they’d prefer not to stroke the check if they don’t have to.


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The bride wore crimson.

Even in the Bible Belt some things transcend all else.  One scene from the first day it was legal for same-sex couples to marry in Alabama:

In Montgomery, paramedics Melissa and Kimberly Martin finished their night shifts and decided to get married on the spot after seeing that the judge was issuing licenses. They got married in their “Roll Tide” University of Alabama football T-shirts and planned a fancier ceremony later.

I guess they’re saving the houndstooth look for the second wedding.  It’s more formal.


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But don’t ever take sides with anyone against the Family again.

Alabama state Rep. Jack Williams, time will tell whether you’re brave or foolish.


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“I would be foolish if I weren’t concerned.”

As closing the barn door after the horse is seen in the next county-type decisions go, this one’s first-rate:

Facing intense scrutiny from his faculty, University of Alabama at Birmingham president Ray Watts announced Friday an independent reexamination of financial figures from a study used to justify the elimination of the football, bowling and rifling programs. found several discrepancies in the full report produced by consultant Bill Carr. Watts, who would not discuss specifics about the report, said at a news conference he still believes the initial study’s data is as accurate as when he eliminated football last month.

So he’s going to study a study that he still thinks is right.  And in the end, what difference will it make if the same people on UAB’s Board of Trustees still have to be mollified?

Bill Clark was selected as UAB’s coach and led the Blazers to bowl eligibility for the first time in 10 years. Mackin said on the recordings that he initially favored hiring South Alabama coach Joey Jones, a former Crimson Tide player, in part because of his relationship with Bryant.

“So Paul Jr. is probably a fan of his,” Mackin said on the recording. “But Paul Jr. does nothing for me. We’ve just got to tolerate him. No coach is going to make him change his position on UAB football.”

He’s UAB’s Mr. Potter.  And Bryant’s not the only one.

After a local business owner pledged money last spring to pay for the installation of artificial turf on one of UAB’s football practice fields, UA System trustee Finis St. John shot down the plan, according to two UAB boosters.

The money was part of a $1 million pledge.

I’d call it a mess, except guys like Bryant and St. John are getting exactly what they want.  That sounds more like a plan to me.  Tough luck for UAB supporters.  Maybe they’ll be interested in buying Alabama season tickets now.


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Friday morning buffet

Outside, it’s cold.  Inside, the buffet is warm.


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Monday morning buffet



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Amari Cooper’s nose

Dude, don’t take this the wrong way, but if you don’t like New Orleans because “It doesn’t smell good”, you ain’t doing New Orleans right.


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