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Friday morning buffet

The Idaho Famous Potato Bowl mascot is here to welcome you to today’s buffet.

  • Bowl season kicks off with five games tomorrow.
  • Pay that man his money.”  Somebody will.
  • Wins cost more in the SEC.
  • Georgia still has about 2,600 tickets remaining from its allotment of 8,500 that it received from the Belk Bowl.  Feel the excitement!
  • Tennessee discipline, same as it ever was (and ever different from Georgia’s).
  • Hal Mumme reflects on another branch of his coaching tree being named the new OC at Kentucky… which somehow leads to a Beavis and Butthead reference.  And why not?
  • Andy Staples speaks the troof about those abominable weekly CFP selection committee shows:  “Since ESPN pays about half a billion dollars a year to televise all aspects of the playoff, it expects a return on its enormous investment. The weekly rankings offer a better return, which is why they likely will stay unless the group of commissioners has significant objections.”  No objection is significant enough to outweigh those checks being cashed.
  • ‘Bama fan base, don’t ever change.
  • Non-football, but if you haven’t seen The Colbert Report finale, do yourself a favor and do so right now.


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There’s a reason Georgia can never be like Alabama.

And, no, this isn’t about Mark Richt versus Nick Saban.

But for something like this to happen to, say, Georgia Southern, GSU’s board of trustees would have to be populated by the likes of one of Vince Dooley’s sons and Don Leeburn.  And that’s not something you’re likely to see anywhere else.

That should tell you how much things are politically rigged in favor of ‘Bama and its football program.


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My, those nachos look tasty.

As I noted last night, that was one weird Iron Bowl.  Auburn was en fuego in the second quarter and to start the third and looked like it might run Alabama out of its own stadium.  Things seemed to be at their worst for the Tide faithful when Sims threw his third interception of the night.

Except for this guy, who was caught on national TV in a zen-like state of bliss over his food.

No worries, mon.  Them belly full.

Turned out Nacho Man was right to keep his cool.  Alabama righted the ship and took control of the game shortly afterwards.

The post game eats were probably delicious, too.


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Give the people what they want.

For the first time I can remember, I’m going to prefer to listen to a Musburger-Palmer broadcast than the alternative.

You’ll be looking live at Paul Finebaum during the Iron Bowl — at least, you will if you tune into the SEC Network on Saturday night.

In addition to ESPN broadcasting Alabama-Auburn this Saturday night at 7:45 p.m. ET — the first Iron Bowl matchup on ESPN since 2007 — Finebaum will do a version of his popular radio show on the SEC Network during the same window. The special is titled Finebaum Film Room: Iron Bowl Live, with Finebaum hosting a call-in show throughout the game. The call-in show will start after the conclusion of SEC Network’s airing of Vanderbilt-Tennessee, and SEC Network viewers will see both Finebaum’s set and the live game concurrently on their screens. Finebaum, an SEC Network analyst, will be joined by some SEC Network regulars (such as Marcus Spears and Greg McElroy) during the broadcast.

ESPN actually refers to this as “authentically SEC”.  Thanks for insulting millions of us, Mickey.

I told you CBS choosing to broadcast the Alabama-Florida game was a bad idea.


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Roll ‘em, Tide.

In Athens, eating a marijuana brownie is grounds for suspension.

In Tuscaloosa, having more than 100 grams of marijuana and almost $5,000 in cash in your room doesn’t even merit an arrest.

Jimmy Williamson is speechless.


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PAWWWLLL, that’s not even enough to pay for the pinestraw!

Harvey Updyke has paid a whopping $99 of the $796,731.98 he owes in restitution to Auburn.

Maybe Finebaum could sponsor a fundraiser.


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Proof that football, classical art and Alabama don’t mix

Lo and behold.

Yee haw.

“The Birth of Offense” drawing will stay up on Druid City Brewing Company’s wall until further notice, or “until we lose a game or do horribly on offense,” Hick joked.

“I’m kidding,” he said. “We’re going to let it ride. We really believe in having fun here at Druid City Brewing.”

At least until Junior leaves T-town.


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