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Ha ha, you fool! You fell victim to one of the classic blunders!

The most famous of which is “never get involved in a land war in Asia,” but only slightly less well-known is this:

Never go in against Les Miles when game winning special teams are on the line!”


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“There is still a lot of football left to play this season …”

Les Miles, rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic.

Three weeks after Kansas scored 48 points in a historic road win against Boston College, offensive coordinator Les Koenning has been fired.

First-year coach Les Miles on Sunday announced Koenning’s dismissal, a day after the Jayhawks’ 45-20 home loss to Oklahoma. Brent Dearmon, who had served as a senior offensive analyst for KU, has been promoted to offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach.

Best part of this story is the least surprising part:  “Kansas owes Koenning a total of $1 million for the remainder of this season and next season.”

It’s not so much firing now that makes me chuckle — the idea that a mid-season firing of an offensive coordinator is going to light a fire under Kansas is ludicrous, of course — as it is the decision to hire a guy you’re willing to jettison after six games in the first place.  Then again, I’m not the management genius that Jeff Long obviously is.


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When it just means more… at Kansas?

What do you get when you import an SEC head coach and an SEC athletic director?  Why, this:

Kansas standout running back Pooka Williams has been reinstated following a seven-month suspension but will sit out the 2019 season opener, the team announced Monday.

Williams, arrested and charged with domestic battery in December, reached a domestic violence diversion agreement with the Douglas County district attorney’s office in March…

Williams was charged in December after an 18-year-old Kansas student he was dating told police that he punched her in the stomach and grabbed her throat. An affidavit obtained by The Kansas City Star showed that the woman had text messages from Williams admitting to punching her. A police officer found bruises on the woman, according to the affidavit….

“Pooka has taken responsibility for his actions and we are happy he is back with the team,” Miles said in a statement. “This young man has learned much throughout this process and we will support him as he continues working through the required educational and accountability steps.”

Folks, there’s a new Second Chance U in town.


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TFW your team is going 2-10 this season

I’m just gonna leave these out there for you.

The latter was posted by one of his kids, so at least The Hat’s got that going for him.


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Les is more.

So, Jeff Long gets named athletic director at Kansas and fires the head football coach.  You may remember the heavy lifting that man had to do because of Charlie Weis’ spectacularly inept job of roster management ($$).

In the recruiting classes of 2012 and 2013, Weis and his staff brought in a combined 27 junior college transfers. Only two were academic qualifiers coming out of high school. Fourteen did not graduate, and 10 — including touted signees Marquel Combs, Chris Martin and Kevin Short — never saw the field. And then, by the end of 2014, they were all gone. So was Weis. Going into 2015, only 12 of Weis’ first 56 signees were still on the roster.

Jeff proceeds to bring in Les Miles as the new man.  And guess what?

… Miles ended up signing 11 players during the early signing period. Kansas went from having the fewest commitments of any FBS team to tied for the fourth fewest with Maryland and UMass.

Junior college prospects were a big part of Miles’ plan and class. He added ESPN JC 50 defensive end Malcolm Lee, juco defensive tackle Caleb Sampson, juco wide receivers Andrew Parchment and Ezra Naylor, junior college safety Justin Ford and juno quarterback Thomas MacVittie, who originally signed with Pitt in the 2016 class.

Miles inherited an uphill battle to say the least, so being able to sign 11 prospects in a little over four weeks after being out of coaching completely has to be commended. But if Miles wants to turn this program around quickly, 11 commitments is not going to give him enough help.

Having a weak first recruiting class isn’t an impossible obstacle to overcome, but the small class could put a big dent in the roster a few years down the road. The staff will have a chance to fix that in the 2020 class, but as of right now, Kansas does not have any 2020 commitments.

Over half his first signing class comes from the juco ranks.  What’s that old definition of insanity again?


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Thursday morning buffet

The chafing dishes are set out and ready to go.

  • Here’s a lawsuit I’ve been waiting to see drop.  Adding the NCAA is a nice touch.
  • The AFCA wants the targeting rules changed to allow for two levels of penalties.  On its face, it sounds sensible, but you can just see that next can of worms waiting to be opened.
  • Malzahn’s “right hand man” jumps off the Gus Bus for… Georgia Tech.
  • Les Miles asks for a change to the recruiting rules after he sees the Kansas roster he inherited.
  • This really seems like the least they could do.
  • And this continues to be the name I hear most frequently as the candidate to be Mel Tucker’s successor, although it has to be said that Kirby seems to be in no hurry on that front.
  • Now they tell us.
  • “If a shoe company wanted to pay one of University of Washington’s running backs $50,000 to appear in a television commercial, House Bill 1084 would permit that.”


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Not the greatest start, Les.

Things you didn’t expect to see going into the early signing period…

Even Tech’s doing better than that.


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