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Mark Richt has lost control over Les Miles’ contract.

National championships aren’t worth what they used to be, at least not if you’re coaching in Nick Saban’s neighborhood.

There’s only one reason to fire a coach in September, and that’s to beat the competition to the HOT NAME.

It’s always a good time to be Jimmy Sexton.


UPDATE:  If this doesn’t describe college football circa 2016, I don’t know what does.

Yeah, wouldn’t it be terrible if somehow LSU came back to win the West this season? Think of the children!



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There’s coachspeak…

… and then there’s whatever language Les Miles is fluent in.

LSU coach Les Miles says that he hasn’t named a starting QB for Saturday’s game against Mississippi State but then says he expects Danny Etling, who replaced former starter Brandon Harris against Jacksonville State last week, to take the first snaps. “I can’t imagine that Danny Etling won’t take the first snaps.” So Etling IS the starter?

He’s the first snappee.


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For the crime of not being Nick Saban…

Les Miles is on the hot seat.  Crazy stuff, man.


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In it to win it.

If LSU wins the national championship, Les Miles gets a $2.7 million bump.  Not a bonus – a raise of his base salary to $7 million.


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“We want to serve this state.”

Walk softly and carry a big hat.

LSU coach Les Miles said his program will participate in several satellite camps this summer and host its own camps where it’ll invite other Louisiana programs to attend — with one exception.

Miles, appearing on “Culotta and the Prince” on 104.5 FM ESPN in Baton Rouge on Friday morning, said every camp LSU hosts will be open to other in-state schools, such as UL-Monroe and UL-Lafayette, unless a school already has plans to partner with out-of-state schools for camps.

On Thursday, first-year Tulane coach Willie Fritz announced the Green Wave will host camps “featuring Texas A&M coaches” this summer.

“There’ll be that school that would not attend if they partner with an outside state school,” Miles said, though not specifically mentioning the Wave. “Then we’re certainly not going to allow them to attend.”

I bet that catches on, too, especially in states where one school dominates local recruiting.  Like, hmmmm….


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Only Les Miles…

… would make a hype video about unlimited texting to recruits.

It’s good to see someone who enjoys his work.  Have I mentioned that the man is a national treasure?


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Les Miles and a pig

No, really.

You almost get the sense that’s not the first time he’s said that.

Dude is a national treasure.


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