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Monday morning buffet

With my Internet access at work down for almost a week, I had a bunch of stuff parked that I couldn’t post, so it’s time to sweep out the ashes.



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The Hat is back?

Les Miles to Kansas?  Hokay, if you’re a blogger, I guess.  And good for him, if it’s really what he wants (or, more likely, all he can get now).  But a 65-year old guy taking over a program with a severe roster problem doesn’t strike me as a recipe for success.

Top that off with the reality that Jeff Long’s track record for hiring coaches at Arkansas wasn’t exactly stunningly successful.  Petrino was given too much space, crashed (literally) and burned, John L. Smith was a joke of a replacement and Bielema was one of those hires that looked much better on paper than in reality.

Still, the bar is so low at Kansas, it won’t take much for everyone to start patting Long and Miles on the back.  Just follow Mr. Conventional Wisdom’s tweets.


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Les Miles, roving reporter


If we ever revisit The Montana Project in some form or fashion, I know whom I’m going to ask to conduct interviews.


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The least interesting advertising campaign in the world

Between this and this…

… it appears Dos Equis is going all in on using former college football coaches to hawk its wares.  Bold strategy, Cotton.


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Hell hath no fury like a Hat scorned.

Shorter Les Miles:  At least when my teams stopped winning the West, I kept my dignity.


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Another beginning of a bee-you-tee-full friendship

Purely from a blogging perspective, 2018 is already showing promise.

One such landing place would be at Arizona, which just canned Rich Rod over a sexual harassment claim.

You really can’t make this shit up.


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Revenge is a dish best served on the Internet.

Les Miles has a podcast now.  Judging by this, I may need to give it a listen.

Evidently there’s nothing in his buyout provisions preventing him from throwing a little shade in LSU’s direction.


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