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  1. Will


    Check the props Mark Richt gets from Ivan Maisel (#1 under the 3-point stance) for his strategy in the GSU game.


  2. Teresa

    GA Bulldog response to the Go Gators Commercial (not for kids)

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  3. Scott Perkins

    Usc sucks, pac ten suck ten sucks.

    you are all that they have though.

    every real poll has them moon walking, now #7 and thats being nice.

    but Usc knows they can lose every game this season, and the Las Vegas joke poll will keep them #1.

    something tells me the creater of this joke poll is a Usc fan, don’t you think…Ha,Ha if Usc is #1 than oakland will win the superbowl.


  4. BP

    Check out UGA’s future quarterback. This kid is only in 7th grade.


  5. Tiffany

    What are your thoughts on Georgia hiring a new coordinator for just special teams? A lot of people are giving Martinez a hard time, but no one is really talking about Fabris (I think he’s in charge of ST) and his work with the special teams. I read your blog almost everyday, so I’d like to know your opinion…


  6. The first big question is, if you’re going to hire a new ST coach, which existing assistant coach are you going to let go to open up a slot? Georgia already has the maximum allotment of assistants.

    Besides, MR has already said that he’s not replacing any staff.

    I think the best we can hope for is that he takes a hard look at this year’s shortcomings and reassigns responsibilities amongst the assistants for the special teams. Almost anything would be an improvement over the status quo.


  7. keith

    Senator,you will find below an excerpt from one of your recent post. I find it absurd that you have to lobby for a chance to be #1, which is exactly what a coach has to do. Also, you do realize that there are coaches out there that do not like each other and would refuse to vote for their team #1 regardless. And just how many games to you think a coach has watched to determine who has the best team?
    This system is hysterical. Can’t wait for the first time there is 4 undefeateds from the power conferences and lets sit back and watch the uproar.

    Your quote below.

    I feel for Mack Brown, to some extent: a play away from being undefeated and a screwy conference decision about which school plays in the conference championship game are the things keeping his team from a shot at the title.

    It will be interesting to see if he tries to lobby any of his fellow coaches to vote with him in the event Oklahoma beats Florida. If the Gators win resoundingly, though, I expect this whole thing to quietly fade away


    • The point I was making, Keith, is that Brown’s team can’t be #1 in the coaches’ poll. Any lobbying would be a futile gesture.

      As for your argument that there are inherent flaws in the coaches’ poll, you’re spot on. That’s why I started the Mumme Poll experiment this season.


  8. keith

    On your Mumme Poll, how many games do you watch to make your determination? Do you watch games involving the top teams every week? I am sure you must be missing a couple of good games while Georgia is playing or do you Tivo them? You of course know where I am coming from. Voting is subjective(and biased and political) and playing on the field is not.

    And spare me the diminished regular season argument.


    • Between DVR and weeknight games, I watch anywhere from 6-8 games per week. I also try to catch some snippets on Sports Center and I also review the NCAA and SEC stats weekly.

      What helps with the Mumme Poll is that I’m not trying to decide which team is 23rd best and which team is 24th best. That’s clearly a ludicrous exercise.


  9. keith

    Well, voting is still subjective and political and biased. You watch the games, but I can assure you the coaches only have time to watch film, but yet thats how they decide who plays for the MNC. Oh and we also have a couple of computers that don’t take head to head into consideration. Man that makes a ton of sense.


  10. SCDawg

    Here comes Congress to the rescue on the BCS!!

    “In the House, Rep. Joe Barton of Texas, the top Republican on the Energy and Commerce Committee, has sponsored legislation that would prevent the NCAA from calling a football game a ‘national championship’ unless the game culminates from a playoff system.”

    I thought the NCAA didn’t do that? They are the BCS national champions, right?


  11. Frank M. Davis, Jr.

    One post today and you take the damn day off! Must be nice. First, you take time to sleep during the season! And now this.


  12. Frank M. Davis, Jr.

    I just realize that post was YESTERDAY! Nothing today. Nothing. Nada. You are required to have NO LIFE FOR THE NEXT 4 AND A HALF MONTHS! Now give me 24 pushups, then 10 for good measure.


  13. Hogbody Spradlin

    Dr. Saturday compared Josh Nesbit to Reggie Ball Friday. Might be good fodder for a post later.


  14. Russman

    I just read your comment on The Dawgvent about our guys being hurt and tired. I think you are spot on- this so called spreading awareness of the brand can back fire big time on us. While other teams are “tuning up” – we are having to play! It may work out- We have been poised and battle tested while others are just beginning a real schedule. The physicality could hurt badly long into the season. We may be mentally tougher than all of the others but not able to compete as well as expected. I think you have the best incite and blog site preiod. Great Work! RWM


  15. Sid Burden

    Dogs 3, cowboys 1, and ref’s 1, we would have seen better results from school officials. I think maybe we should let the officials take a bow before the game and get it out of the way.


  16. norcalvol

    I love your blog. It’s different, funny, and most importantly readable.
    I have you on my non-Vol blog roll, and your’s is the best of the dawg blogs.
    Mine is a fledgling Vol blog but is a labor of love.
    Give it a try.
    I’ll be reading you this week with a lot of interest.
    Big game for both squads. But, when isn’t it?


    Vols in the Fall


  17. SilverDawgFrank

    Thank you for your Carl Bernsteinesque posting of nasal phlegm at the college level.

    We are, as one, edified yet again by your style and grace in print.

    Can a BO posting be far behind? Go ahead. Call Rich Brooks for a quote.

    Dare ya’.


  18. Benjamin

    anyone know what is going on with Caleb King? Richt will know tomorrow if he is to play???


  19. J.Y.



  20. David

    Senator, with all of the top rated teams going down this past week where is all of the talk from ESPiN about not being able to play in the championship game unless you win your conference title? Granted, the season is not over and anything can happen to change the rankings……………. and yes, this is related to the 2007 Dawg team.


  21. Joe Brock


    Do you have any insight to the rumor about Crowell showing out at practice this week?



  22. americusdawg

    Do you have any plans to or have you thought about creating a smart phone app for your blog? I know it’s not free or maybe not even cheap to do so, but I’d love to me able to easier follow your blog on my iPhone.
    BTW … T-minus two weeks and counting for the opening game in Death Valley!


  23. Joey

    Further proof it’s Florida’s year – “jorts” is added to the dictionary.


  24. Apparently Montana (remember the Montana project) knows who Aaron Murray is:


  25. This fellow used to teach at UGA, thought you would find it interesting


  26. stuckinred

    Zook on the internet.


  27. Erskine

    Senator, do not know if you saw a report indicating Jadaveon Clowney and Kelsey Quarles (juniors @ Sakerlina) will be recognized with the senior class during Senior Appreciation Day @ usc this Saturday.

    If true, this will cement the fact they lack ANY tradition (other than being a joke of course) bless their heart.


  28. Steve Anthony

    Love ya senator. you been scrambling for ideas. Loved your post about Peggy’s…my family’s from Rome & South Ga & my daddy served in the Army after Georgia & no matter where he went around the world, everyone knew about Peggy’s. I sent him the Peggy link today & he sent it to one of his buddies who’s on the athletic board & he said Peggy’s put an ad in the Marist annual back in the early 60’s when he was in HS.

    Idea for blog; watch the Georgia AD fail to mount a competent “gurley for heisman” campaign. Mark my word; just like 11, it will be woeful.

    Just a thought. Love & appreciate so much what you do for the bulldog nation!

    Thanks-Ole Dokes


  29. Granthams replacement

    Tomorrow is the annual “Pass the cup” day for the football players. Wonder how many will be positive for the left handed brownies?


  30. Has any credible site done any numbers on the effect of early matriculators? It seems that schools like Bama which take advantage of each little bend in the rules to get players under their roof, (in Saban’s program) for the longest time possible, will cumulatively end up w/more mature players over the course of 5 yrs. It seemed that UGA had maybe 10 early signee’s who began school early for the “Dream Team” making them a bit more mature than the group that adds only 3 early matriculators. If I had a chance to trade going through spring practice at the major college level with going to the JR/SR Prom, I know which decision I would make as a prospective player!


  31. Gdawg

    The kids played hard. I had wished the preparation had been better with an off week though.


  32. jessiemartinovic

    I have placed a link to your blog on my recent post here, let me know if this is undesirable and I will remove


  33. AW

    Thursday on The Dan Patrick Show, guest Joe Montana said that if he didn’t go to Notre Dame his second choice was……..UGA. Guess who ended up starting instead. And, imagine all of the angst that could have been avoided 20 years later.


  34. Just want to say I love your blog


  35. Fetch Who doesn’t take a knee up by 45 with 30 seconds left? Bobo that’s who.


  36. DreiDDog

    Senator, what’s the deal on Georgia’s kickers?

    Morgan, Barber, and Beless are all seniors. In the past, CMR always heavily recruited kickers plying them with scholarship offers.

    I recall a lot of public hoopla about Morgan and Barber as Georgia recruited them. Even before Richt’s departure from the program, there was no (none that I heard anyway) fanfare regarding Georgia’s kicker targets. That seems quite a departure from the past.

    Do we have the kicker talent of the level we’ve been accustomed to on the roster already? Or are we high-and-dry for kickers for 2016?

    PS: Thanks for all you do! Get The Picture is pretty much my first stop online every day. Much appreciate it!


  37. scott

    I just wanted to drop a note to thank you for writing a great blog. You post early in the morning so I read it most days to catch up with what’s going on the SEC and such,

    BTW……I’m a Florida grad who grew up in Jacksonville and watched Hershel run all over us in person as a kid, so I hate UGA on the football field, as is appropriate. But being a football fan would be pointless without strong rivals so “hate” is really a relative term…. Georgia is easy to respect as in institution and on the field and it has certainly produced some capable writers.
    Keep up the good work!


  38. Appreciate the kind thoughts, Scott. And I know exactly what you mean by “hate”. 😉


  39. Jack Burton

    Have I been banned? What did I do?


  40. Bob Bagwell

    Do you have the replay of Ga. Fl? I was in Italy during the game. Fortunately, my Bulldog children gave me the score. Thank you.



    Just bought tickets to coaches luncheon on Friday. Just wanted to pass along if anyone is interested.


  42. Debby Balcer

    Have you seen this news about Mohamed Massaquoi?


  43. Willie

    Please tell me you say this….

    And please tell me this will get blown up….


  44. Willie

    It might be time for another name that caption……


  45. Willie

    Please please please post this tomorrow….


  46. Adrian

    In the spirit of the dead zone that is now until fall practice begins. I was discussing with my buddy the upcoming ND game and we were trying to figure out who would get the broadcast rights and thus what time the game would be. Would it be CBS since it’s a bulldogs (SEC) home game. Would they even accept it and put it on their 3:30 spot ahead of the gators-vols game or the auburn – A&M game which are decent SEC matchups? Or would it bump over to ABC/ESPN and be a 7 or 8 pm slotted game. Or would it go to NBC since it’s ND? Any thoughts Blutarsky? I feel like this should be reasonably easy to figure out, but there was a dearth of info on the inter webs and a lack of recent precedent type games since the recent sec network contract.


  47. KS

    Hi – I made a comment and included my name in a field I did not know would be published. It was in response to the les miles Elvis post and the said “they all look alike to me” which I stand by in terms of dark humor but hoping u can erase my name even if it includes erasing the post. Thanks! Love the blog


  48. ZeroPOINTzero

    As I’ve said before- love the blog.
    This is a funny TX story from a ways back. It’s a humble TX fan. You’ve read it before I’m sure. Classic though. Maybe we’ll avenge that ugly bowl loss from a few years ago.


  49. ciddawg

    Senator- Here’s the Adam Wainwright pre game interview Kirby mentioned in his Presser… but I am certain you otm..
    Go Dawgs and Thank you !!!


  50. Jami VanSant Shingler

    i know the season is long over now but are you doing an observations post from NCG? want to keep riding that high. ha.


  51. Bulldawg Bill

    Breathing check…. long time, no post!! You OK????

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