He Hate Me

Asked if Georgia had become a personal speed bump, Ball said: “Come on, dog. It’s a game. Georgia’s Georgia. They’re a good team, but they’re no speed bump.”

20 responses to “He Hate Me

  1. I am obviously ignorant – I’ve seen this “He hate me” thing several times lately – on other sites…. can you clue me in to it’s significance, Senator?


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  3. The Dogfather

    Man where can I snag a photo of vince and the godfather ? I have some of both but never together.


    • angelo podes

      i have to have a copy of your photo on your website. aside from the heavy influence of both of the gentleman in the picture, the shirt that vince has on is a classic!!! e-mail bother and let me know!!!!


  4. fishookdawg

    Since the PAC-10 has twelve teams now, why not call them the 12-PACk?

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  5. Chris “time to die bitch” Rainey is his younger brother? WoW!! That’s one weird family…


  6. John

    Small reference to Rod Smart


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  13. Rex

    ‘How do you throw it away on fourth down!?!’

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