What follows are terms and expressions which appear in the posts and comments at Get The Picture and are of particular interest to the Georgia fan base.   Some are of my invention; others have been provided by a group of folks who outdid themselves in the comments to this post.  The list is subject to change and expansion; feel free to add your suggestions in the comments.


  • Arena (n.) – a special place where people who are critical of a football program have never been.


  • Banished from Valdosta (n.) – something bad that happens that really has virtually no effect on the aggrieved party. (h/t David Hale)
  • Beer (n.) – a form of liquid refreshment that “drink pretty good”.
  • Best Shot (n.)the superhuman effort Georgia faces from every team on its schedule it should beat on paper.
  • Beyond Crompton (adj.) – 1. the measurement of a truly incompetent performance by a team, unit, or individual. 2. a completely out-of-nowhere superlative performance by a team, unit or individual who until then had given no indication of such capability. (h/t David Hale)
  • Big game (n.) – any game that Georgia loses.
  • Blackout (n.) [NOTE:  this entry has been removed or is no longer valid.] See, Fake Juice (h/t Andy)
  • Bulldog Joe (n.) – an anonymously critical Georgia fan who’s never stepped inside the arena.
  • Buttah (adj.) – a Ray Goff measure of improvement. (h/t ‘matsdawg)


  • Cannon shot (n.) – the sound made by a South Carolina fan writing checks about recruiting that his coaching staff’s ass can’t cash.
  • Celebration (n.) – an act so depraved that it will be forever in the mind of Urban Meyer.  (Which made it totally worth it, of course.)
  • Chantastic (adj.) – the general condition of Georgia Tech football.
  • Corch (n.) – a term of endearment and respect for Irvin Meyers.
  • Corrine Brown (n.) – an articulate Florida Gator fan.
  • Cowbell compromise (n.) – the act of addressing a problem by passing a rule that no one will follow.
  • Coxian (adj.) – a type of “what, me worry?” on-field decision by a player who should know better that leads to disaster, e.g., “I kind of saw Norwood and was like, hmmm, but I decided to throw it anyway…”
  • Creating balance (v.)dropping a formidable opponent from a school’s schedule in order to avoid an almost certain defeat.


  • Dantzlering (v.)hackishly piling up clichés and metaphors in the service of excusing as many Throwaway Seasons as it takes.
  • Dawgrade (v.) – using hindsight in the wake of a Georgia win to reduce the stature of a previously feared opponent to that of an also-ran.  (h/t WH)  See also, Pupgrade.
  • Directional kicking (n.) – a demon that gnaws at the soul of Jon Fabris.
  • Dissmayed (adj.) – to be the misplaced object of Mark May’s lack of respect. (h/t NRBQ)
  • Dog (n.) – a term of address used by Reggie Ball when in a state of denial.
  • Dooley-hour (n.) – a unit of distance, measured by how far a member of the University of Tennessee’s coaching staff can travel in a car in one hour.
  • Dooleyland (n.) – an area mapped and claimed by the noted cartographer and football head coach Derek Dooley.  Also known as the State of New Tennessee (n.), it consists of a circle having a radius of three Dooley-hours, centered on its capital, Knoxville.  It is not to be confused with a larger region, Aaron Douglas’ Home (n.), with which it overlaps and shares certain defining characteristics.
  • Dooley’s Junkyard Dawgs (n.) – the only extant R&B song with lyrics that include the words “Joel Eaves”.
  • Doucheoisie (n.) – a member of a class of individuals, usually male, with a variety of negative qualities, specifically arrogance and engaging in obnoxious and/or irritating actions; in college football, the class includes, but is not limited to, certain coaches, Tom Lemming, Paul Finebaum and John Feinstein(h/t The Realist)
  • Dragon*Con (n.)an event which causes a football scheduling tug-of-war in the hearts of the Georgia Tech faithful.
  • Driving Mudcat’s car (v.) – tempting fate by repeating the same stupid mistake over and over.  (h/t Tatum/dave)


  • Emerging from an alley (v.) – an act which while seemingly innocuous and harmless is frowned upon by the authorities in Athens-Clarke County, Georgia. (h/t Brandon)
  • Evil Richt (n.) – a much-beloved persona of Georgia’s former head coach.


  • Fair catch specialist (n.) – a special teams player incapable or restricted from performing running duties, preferably assigned to backup quarterbacks. (h/t Richt-Flair)
  • Fake juice (n.) – the product of obvious gimmickry mixed with embarrassing results.
  • Fifty five years and one month (n.) – the amount of time it took Quincy Carter to demolish Jim Donnan’s coaching career at Georgia.
  • First! (adj.) – generally, one of the most coherent posts in an Atlanta Journal-Constitution sports blog comment thread.
  • Flag Boy (n.) – one of the grand traditions of Georgia Tech football.
  • Flagellant (adj.)legal terminology indicating untruthfulness, e.g., “It’s just all made up and flagellant”.
  • Fourth down (n.) – the down that Patrick Nix uses to set up his fifth down call.


  • G-Day QBR (n.) – An infallible statistical predictor of success relied upon to prove that Georgia’s best quarterback isn’t starting.
  • GATA (v.)Erk Russell’s immortal exhortation to live by.
  • Ginger Ninja (n.) – Joe Cox’ non-Coxian persona.
  • GPOOE™ (n.) – 1. Urban Meyer’s pet name for Tim Tebow.  2.  shorthand for Tebow worship.


  • Herbstreit Doctrine (n.) – the principle that no team that is in a conference may play for the BCS title without first winning its conference championship, except for Ohio State or Michigan and possibly Southern Cal.  (NOTE:  While the dictates of this rule are generally immutable, Kirk Herbstreit reserves the right to alter them at any time without cause.)  (h/t Brandon)


  • Inman (n.) – an ill-timed personal foul by an offensive lineman.  Usage: “We were in field goal range until _______ pulled an Inman”.  (h/t Brandon)


  • Jonesed (v.) –  having to change positions to allow an upperclassman to start, even if he should be 4th string. (h/t Julie)
  • Jorts (n.) – slang for jean shorts.  These are most often worn by the fashion illiterate and the fan base of the University of Florida.  (via Urban Dictionary)


  • Likes the challenge (v.) – irrationally attempting to justify unjustifiable, quasi-insane decision-making;  frequently accompanied by eventual loss of employment.
  • Lulu and Junior (n.)visual shorthand for the Tennessee fan base.


  • Manball (n.) – what you get when you cross an offensive scheme with Kirby Smart’s brain.
  • Manball Spread (n.)Bill Connelly’s label for the offense Georgia runs under Todd Monken.
  • Metchie and Williams (n.) – along with Nick Saban and the entire Alabama fan base, victims of the two most impactful injuries in college football history
  • Montana (n.) – Stewart Mandel’s state of mind.
  • Mustained (adj.) – the descending arc of a career path shaped by a football mother’s direction.



  • Pessimist (n.)Larry Munson in a good mood.
  • PH, or Preseason Homerism (n.) – prior to the start of the season, a fan’s quasi-religious conviction that his or her previously mediocre program is destined for greatness in the upcoming year, based on the belief that every shortcoming which contributed to the prior lack of success has been overcome, coupled with the equally deeply held notion that none of said team’s rivals have addressed theirs.
  • The Portal Master™ (n.)What Florida fans call Dan Mullen when they acknowledge his lack of recruiting chops.
  • Pumping gas (v.) – ego-driven predicting of someone’s disappointing fate fueled by the personal rejection of the accuser.
  • Pupgrade (v.) – using hindsight in the wake of a close Georgia win to raise the stature of a defeated also-ran to that of a feared opponent.  (h/t Bulldog Joe)


  • Radakoviched (v.) – when your athletic director cancels games with opposing teams he respects even though he knows it would be great fun to play them. (h/t Dog in Fla)
  • Rebuilding (adj.) –  state of mind in which fan thinks team is improving, but in reality the team isn’t yet done falling apart.  (h/t Section Z alum)
  • Reddinged (adj.) – an official, after-the-fact type of explanation of why another SEC team has been screwed out of a win due to inexplicably bad, game-changing calls by Wagers, Curles, etc.  (h/t Julie)
  • Reggie Ball (n.) –  the greatest Georgia Tech quarterback in the history of Georgia football.


  • Seat 37F (n.)the functional equivalent of Siberia for members of the media who run afoul of Urban Meyer.
  • SEC speed (n.)Jim Delany’s code phrase for the academically ineligible.  (Or something worse.)
  • Second Chance U (n.)Any place that stands for the principle a football player’s character is a terrible thing to waste.
  • Shreveport (n.) – the ultimate destination for college football mediocrity.
  • Six degrees of Richt (n.) – the concept that everyone in the college football world is separated from the Mark Richt-is-on-the-hot-seat meme by six links.
  • SOD (n.) – acronym for Son Of Dooley; refers to Derek Dooley, the orange pants-wearing fruit of Vince and Barbara Dooley’s loins.


  • Third and Willie (n.) – a situation when a defense has absolutely no chance of stopping a (usually long) 3rd down conversion.  Sometimes referred to as Third and Grantham. (h/t Trey)
  • Throwaway Season (n.)the time when a Georgia fan should lower expectations, but not financial support, for the program in hopes of a brighter future, based on a suggested plan that is both vague and definite all at once.  See also, Dantzlering.
  • Thug (n.) – an African-American football player who enjoys dancing in public.
  • Thug Love (n.)tough love with an unregistered hand gun and a joint under the driver’s seat.
  • Touchmybaby (adj.)accolade reserved for a player or coach who performs his duties in a Godlike manner. (h/t Red Blackman)
  • Tripp (v.) – ruthless continual changing of a player’s position. (h/t Brandon)


  • Verne crush (n.) – a form of extreme admiration for another man expressed ad nauseam by the CBS football broadcast team.


  • World’s Smallest Outdoor Cocktail Party (n.) – Jim Donnan’s designation for the ACC Championship Game.


  • Yaw yaw yaw yaw yaw yaw yaw footbaw (n.) – the way a Cajun says “football” after his seventh Red Bull of the morning.
  • Year of the Gamecock (n.) – an era currently spanning the period from the second week of January to about the middle of the month of October for the years 1992-2010.


  • Zabransky’d (v.) – 1. being exposed in front of a national audience as a falsely hyped program which reputation was built beating up on patsies by scheduling a difficult season opener against a quality team in the best conference in the country in order to bring positive attention to said program.  (h/t Puffdawg) 2.  being asked repeatedly to verify the religious affiliation of a football player whose career you haven’t closely followed.


  • 51-7 (n.) – a metaphor for an ass whipping.
  • 2004 (n.) – the season when Auburn under Tommy Tuberville won its only football national championship.
  • _IAR,B! (n.) – the way in which a Georgia fan tracks the Georgia Tech series.
  • 4 tickets, 4  hot dogs, 4 cokes (n.) – the quintessential Georgia Tech marketing promotion, offered as a substitute for a successful, entertaining football program.
  • “We didn’t come to paint.”® (n.) – proof that profound and Bobby Petrino don’t mix, and that Arkansas fans can’t tell the difference.

110 responses to “Lexicon

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  2. JasonC

    Certainly, someone has coined a phrase about Penn Wagers or the horrible officiating in the SEC (that usually screws UGA).

    Also, I can’t believe “the Master Plan” didn’t make it. (n) an excuse to downplay something bad that happens under the false pretense that it is both good and intended.


  3. shane#1

    1-Les Miles- A fourth and dumb play that is so incredibly idiotic that it works. 2- Martinized- when a cornerback stares into the backfield long after a play action fake he can be said to have been Martinized. 3- One hour Martinizing- The art of giving up forty points to an inCrompetent QB in one football game. A feat requiring rare ability by a DC.


  4. Raleighdawg

    Hands down he best idea of 2010. Thank you senator.


  5. The Malzhan (n)- an innovative, pass-first offense in which 2 quick-strike touchdowns serve to stun the other team, allowing the Malzhan to disappear for the rest of the game.


  6. shane#1

    Dooleyfense- in American football an extremely conservative offense designed to lull opposing defenses, and one’s own fans, to sleep. One only passes,[ie. throws the football], when opposing defensive backs have begun throwing rocks at the scoreboard or are engaged in a crap game behind the goal post. see also “Beamerball”.


  7. shane#1

    The “Dooleyfense” was once described thusly, “Vince took the second half kickoff and ran out the clock.”


  8. Chunky A

    You need one for “Clemins” explaining why you refer to Clemson that way. You also need to add “teh awesome” explaining what the heck that’s all about. You certainly use those frequently enough to deserve space here.


  9. AthensHomerDawg

    Hobnailed-(v.) the process of crushing your rival’s face by defeating them in the very last part of the game.


  10. Cojones

    I thought “chosen reservoir” was good and pertinent. Its a takeoff on an army battle fought during the Korean War where we were bottled up at Chosun Reservoir(a small reservoir near the Korean/China border) and cut off by the North Koreans aided by massive Chinese troops . We were in danger of losing an entire Division, but fought valiantly to break out and escape. Thereafter MacArthur landed on the eastern peninsular and fought across Korea to separate into two parts at the 38th parallel and prevented the Red Chinese Army from solidifying all of Korea.

    Dawg in Fla was alluding to Murray’s Jewish background and as the “chosen one” in this small reservoir of QBs to lead us out of sure destruction. The matchup is clever and pertinent. I apologize for the history lesson that you probably knew, but thought perhaps everone else didn’t. Consider this my first lobby to a good cause.


  11. X-Dawg

    Wild Boyz – Players who have no purpose other than to be recruited & signed by Kiffen & Orgeron


  12. Dawgdayafternoon

    Nance – (v.) to leverage your child’s relationship with a highly touted prospect in attempt to secure a fbs scholarship for an undeserving player.


  13. Mike

    I am extremely disappointed you did not include “Tebowed” as in “Brandon Spikes just Tebowed the UGA running back


    • NM

      That reminds me, shouldn’t “suspended for a half” be in here somewhere? Meaning an extremely tough punishment doled out by that legendary disciplinarian, Corch Meyers.


    • JC in Powder Springs

      gatorbate: Sexual self-gratification by florida fans, players & corches. Use (note: this is purely hypothetical): After taking an oath to remain a virgin, the florida QB’s only option for sex was to gatorbate. Unfortunately, it became so frequent and vigorous that by the end of the season it damaged his arm, requiring him to develop a new throwing motion for the NFL scouts.


  14. dawg521

    Knowshon (v.): 1. to extraordinarily and suddenly leave the ground while in forward motion in a highlight-reel manner and render an opponent confused and therefore useless to his football team. Ex. Central Michigan and Arizona State 2008

    2. to turn an individual or group of people into dancing fools when it is least appropriate. Ex. Auburn Blackout 2007, players and announcers


  15. Mike

    A variation on that theme is using “Tebow” for the word awesome. Early on in Tim’s career, every other word he uttered was “awsome.”

    So, you UGA fans might say something like “That end zone celebration was TEBOW!”


  16. Section Z alum

    Richmond Spiders: (proper noun) – the best on-side kicking team I have ever seen.


  17. shane#1

    Directional kick- Slang phrase for a very good strategy that somehow doesn’t work.


  18. Vindexdawg

    Pearl-Harbored (synonymous with 9/11’d) – describes the condition of a traditional CFB power being defeated by an absolute bottom-feeder from a lower division; as when Nick Saban compared Bama’s 2007 loss to Louisiana-Monroe to two of the darkest days in American history.
    One could also perhaps tease out an alternative – but archaic in CFB terms -usage from the Miami vs Penn Statematchup in January 1987 when the Canes’ Thug Era was in its fullest flower. One of their star players, Jerome Brown, proclaimed at a steak dinner that was hosting both teams that sitting down to dinner with the Nittanies made as much sense as the Japanese sitting down with “Pearl Harbor”; then he proceeded to lead his team in a walkout from the dinner. However, it was the highly favored Canes which lost the actual battle on the field, 14-7 – although that was a closer score than the final result of the actual war to which Brown so foolishly referred.


  19. Mr. Tu

    Ten to nine (10-9)- The never changing time of day in Texas (See, e.g., 1983 Cotton Bowl)


  20. Senator, love the blog. It’s on my daily “must-read” list. How about “Vince Dooley Stadium at Historic Mark Richt Field” (or VDS@HMRF) as a lexicon entry for the Joke by Coke?


  21. NRBQ

    Markmayed. (v) To have success in an impending game guaranteed by an avowed “expert,” despite the absence of logic or reason pertaining thereto. See: Hawai’i, Sugar Bowl.


  22. NRBQ

    Pulpwood. (v – active). To promise to rain destruction on your upcoming opponent, no matter the odds against. Especially: with colorful and profane language delivered in a gravelly voice, in 60 second video clips featuring chimpanzees.


  23. Cojones

    Dawgdayafternoon’s “Nance” could be modified further to “Nanced” or “Nancied” and using the last half of the poster’s def.


  24. Dawg19

    Munsoned: a term for a team that hasn’t had a lot to celebrate since their legendary announcer retired.


  25. The Realist

    Sakerlina — place where coaching careers go to die


  26. Braine Power – (n) using one’s AD leadership as to reward mediocrity with lucrative contracts even its own fanbase cannot explain.

    King/Ealey Connector – (n) a stretch of turf off of North Avenue 339 yards long that connects Dawg fans with yet another victory at Historic Mark Richt Field.


  27. Dante

    I thought the Herbstreit Doctrine was to rationalize the Big 10 into a national title game at all costs, even if it means contradicting your earlier logic. What you described was only a side-effect of the overall doctrine (conference title requirement vs. “Who are the two best teams in the nation right now?”)


    • Dawgaholic

      Goffed – grossly underutilizing talent by playing players out of position or failing to give them an opportunity to succeed. Examples include the 1994 season which saw Hines Ward at running back, Robert Edwards at corner, and Terrell Davis on the bench. Usually this statement can only be made years after it happened. ex. Knowshon was Goffed in 2006.


    • Brandon

      Do you really think Herbstreit would pull that stunt for Purdue or Michigan State? I don’t think so, I think it’s OSU or Mich specific (and possibly USC could reach that level of his fancy).


  28. Tatum

    Driving Mudcat’s car – (v.) repeating the same stupid mistake over and over (can be used in conjunction with other words on the list) ex. – “We were facing another third and Willie, but instead of blitzing, we ended up driving Mudcat’s car and played cover two again.”


  29. Dawg N Suds

    A few classics:

    “It’s Rollin’, Baby!”

    “I’ve waited 55 Years.”

    “It’s Just A Game, Dog.”

    “Back, like cooked crack.”

    “We have other fish to fry.”

    “Work hard to get butter.”

    “If you get tired of it, punch him in the face.”

    “We will bring those cheaters to their knees.”

    “We deserve it because we were undefeated in regulation.”

    “We failed to make our coaching points more compelling than their fat little girlfriends.”

    “I’m a man. I’m 40!”

    “Fear the thumb.”


  30. cookinandsmilin

    Sugar – n. tasty bits that falls from the sky… oft sprinkled by Lady Luck…


  31. Greg

    Punched in the face: the process of getting bitchslapped by your archrival without their best player, then dismissing the game as no big deal.


  32. Greg

    Pulpwood: to denigrate and humiliate via profanity laced tyrades.


  33. Greg

    sic: tirades.


  34. Aww man, you must absolutely use 3 that I don’t see up on the lexicon…JC in Powder Springs had 3 great ones: Tebloviate, Wyndhamed, and Wynd-surfing. I literally blew coffee out of my nose at the last one. Should go in the lexicon if for no other reason than the funny factor is through the roof.


  35. Millennium Dawg

    Dawgstalgia – (n) living in the Bulldog Glory Years that ended in the 80s.

    Dawg License (n) what our Bulldog moped drivers often fail to get.

    Geridawgs (n) the elderly fans in Sanford that get blamed or are responsible for the disappointing sound levels in Sanford Stadium on gameday.

    Russ – Otto Award (n) given to outstanding performance by a substitute player

    Track Fan (n) fans who “stole” money from Dooley by watching football games from the railroad tracks prior to the 1981 season.

    St. Simon (n) a fan whose team wins one game against its rival every ten years

    Jasper (n) an officiating call indicating an fumble that never happened; can also refer to any erroneous officiating call

    Half time (n) the idiosyncratic condition in which a football team is unable to execute a play on offense and/or defend its goal line for either the first 30 minutes or the last 30 minutes of a football game.

    Special Needs Teams (n) a special teams unit using second, third, or fourth team players to field kickoff/punt coverage, kickoff/punt returns

    Canine Inferiority Complex (n) a Dawg fan at home thinking that every play by play and/or color commentator on TV is rooting for the other team

    HBTD (phrase) How ’bout them Dawgs!

    Between the Hedges (n) reference to the field at Sanford Stadium

    Silver Britches (n) silver pants worn by the Georgia Football team; a reference to the football team

    Red Coats (n) University of Georgia band

    Remerton (n) term for choosing the wrong place to spend spring break.


  36. pml

    Certainly a second definition:

    Thug, 2. (noun) Any player that

    a) singularly pulled your team apart and beat you by himself. If he has either a tattoo, braided hair, or wears sunglasses on sideline, he can get no credit for hard work, leadership or scholarship. .

    b) committed elsewhere on Signing Day.


  37. Brandon

    Those comments were some of the funniest I have read on here, it was heaven sent for me I was stuck in a seminar the day I was reading it. I liked whoever it was that suggested calling Les Miles, “Das Hat”. “Willie Fingers” (faceguarding), “Chapaquitic” (3rd Down Full back dive), and “Know No” (redshirting grade A talent) were also some funny ones that were left out but I understand the need to cut it down.


  38. Thomas

    Man enough – (adj.) – when a once-proud team that has fallen on hard times suddenly reasserts itself.


  39. JK

    The Fire Girls -1. (n). the most entertaining halftime spectacle on the planet
    – 2. (n). if they are not on scholarship, please give them scholarships now. there must always be fire girls at halftime


  40. hailtogeorgia

    Kiffin (n) – a self-reported secondary recruiting violation, having no real consequences other than giving message board fodder in the offseason, e.g. “In other news, UGA picked up self-reported two kiffins for improperly facebooking recruits.”


  41. Massey

    Well, in the light of Damon Evan’s lapse of judgement:

    Refusing a Breathalyzer (v.) – the act of taking responsibility for your actions while not admitting guilt; something players might want to start doing.

    Damon Evans (n.) – giving the worst, most incriminating mug shot of all time, without admitting guilt.
    Usage: “My buddy got arrested and pulled the worst Damon Evans I’ve seen in a dog’s age.”

    terrible situation, but we must make light of it.


  42. the Coondawg

    Holdin’ the panties (v) – The in-explainable act of snatching defeat from the jaws of victory. 2. While having the summit of your career within a breath, you enter into an act of such sheer stupidity that you lose everything that you had gained to that point. Usage: 1). Well, he was on the verge of a $550,000 paycheck. Yea, he’s holdin’ the panties on that one.


  43. 81Dog

    Senator, I would nominate one of my favorites:

    The Joke By Coke. No other description need be given, in that we all know what it is. That seems lexiconish to me.


  44. 202dawg

    Bad dude (adj.) – one who does ones job correctly, yet pisses you off because it doesn’t benefit you. eg. “that trooper caught me going 30 mph over the limit but didn’t give me a warning; he’s a BAD DUDE”


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  48. Section Z alum

    i suggest that “memorabilia collector” be given consideration for ye olde lexicon.


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  50. After the Cam Newton allegations, a new term has developed. The person asking for money for Newton wanted $200,000, but offered Mississippi State at discount of $180,000. That is 10% off. Here is my suggestion:

    The Mississippi State Discount – 10% off of the original price.


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  52. Castleberry

    Needed a smile and decided to revisit the lexicon. Will you have to asterisk the Year of the Gamecock entry?


  53. crapsandwich

    How about a new phrase: “I’ve been Johnsoned”, for any gushed praise by Bradley at the AJC about the coach of GATech


  54. Pumpdawg

    I know it’s waaayy over-used but I thought “Drinking the Kool-aid” would have made the list.


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  56. Cojones

    F’ing Scooters!!-A single person conveyance found on college campuses. Manufactured by and for the F’ing Chinese, it is completely unsteerable when driven by athletic college football players.


  57. Cojones

    “Folks”- An inclusive form of address aimed at loyal fans, ahole naysayers and schizophrenic fans of Georgia Football.


  58. Zero Point Zero

    The Manchurian Corch. The deep cover plan of installing a UGA man as the head coach of all our SEC rivals to bring them down from the inside. AKA Drooley, Muschump and Smart when he moves on to SC.


  59. Puffdawg

    I think you need to change “pupgrade” and list it as an antonym of dawgrade. After all, they are opposites.


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  61. HC

    In the spirit of GATA, Coach Russell use to wear a t-shirt the week before the Tech game that said “Tuck Fech”. Enough said.


  62. Uglydawg

    “won’t start”..reference to a player, usually a Gamecock, whos’ punishment requires him to sit out the first play of the game. In a more general sense, a punishment that is jokingly light.


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  64. cookie monster

    Boboed (adj:) As in “We got Boboed on that one”. term to describe the inexplicable use of plays in the worst situation. Example: We got boboed running a draw on 3rd and 20.


  65. Granthams replacement

    How about ” A Richtsquibber” – When a head coach makes a game losing epically stupid decision. Also used as a verb “Richtsquibbing” – when a coach coaches not to lose due to lack of trust in his players


  66. VoxDawg

    Helloooo? “Meteor Game”???!


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  68. Hilldawg

    The late great Rex Edmondson said the most exciting part of the Dooley brothers Gator Bowl game was “the coin toss”. That seems to have some potential for your list.


  69. CB

    Could you explain the Shorter pre-fix that you occasionally use for job titles? I’ve googled a few times and can’t come up with anything.


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  71. Castleberry

    We need to add “Throwaway Season”


  72. Pingback: A couple of new Lexicon entries, at your service | Get The Picture

  73. Aladawg

    What about “The Georgia Way”?


    • I know, I know. I need one, but I’ve really struggled to come up with a properly pithy definition.


      • hassan

        (adv.) The manner of verbalizing a commitment to success in order to build a financial war chest that is not used effectively to the pursuant of said aforementioned success.

        (n.) The belief that operating in a more self defeating, higher standard of accountability mode than one’s peers, will somehow lead to greater long term success and intangible benefits.

        (v.) The act of, or giving the appearance of, working at great expense and energy, only to ultimately achieve an end result that may otherwise have been realized with minimal effort.


  74. lakedawg

    May have missed them above, but “face plant” and “wet the bed” became poplar on here from a couple posters.


  75. just call me Chuck

    Pruitt Effect: referring to the ability to embarrass an A.D to action (indoor playing field) and stage a coup to dismantle a coaching staff


  76. Highlands Dog

    What about being Roquan Smithed: a heat seeking missile, sideline to sideline.


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  80. Legatedawg

    Memory loss: what you come down with when you’re under investigation but forget that you have when you’re in a living room with a 5-star recruit and his family.


  81. dawgxian

    We needs some updates- Mudcat’s car and update 51-7 to 52-7


  82. Russ

    “Escape Goat” and “Made up and flagellant” need to be memorialized somehow.


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  84. Castleberry

    Any updates needed for 2021? Thinking I’ve seen “heavy lifting” – word in a presumptive horseshit statement, “gives us the best chance to win” – unassailable rationale behind all decisions, “Coach 404” – just because he’d not into branding now doesn’t mean we’ll forget, “recruiting season” – just because Mullen is gone shouldn’t pull this from the lexicon.


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