I felt sorry for myself because my team lost to Vanderbilt at Homecoming…

… until I met Bill Connelly’s piece about Mizzou losing to Middle Tennessee.


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BREAKING: Jim Harbaugh is still a dick.

Really, this is some world class jerkiness.

As far as the “It didn’t work, but that’s not the point” sub-header goes, is his point to make people root for Corch when Michigan and Ohio State face off?  If so, he’s got a shot of pulling that off.


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This is what “he’s back” looks like.

Leonard Fournette delivers a classic “did somebody get the license plate number of that truck?” blow on a hapless Ole Miss defensive back.



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The Process needs a plumber.

Say what you will about the bathrooms at Sanford Stadium, we’ve never heard a PA announcement like this:


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Your weekly non-Dawg… er, no Dawg game day post, 10/22 edition

Focus, people.  There’s still plenty of college football being played today.

#22North Carolina


3:00 PM

You may not care, but my other alma mater is playing today.  Still hard to get a handle on North Carolina, which for now represents Georgia’s sole quality 2016 win.


#12West Virginia

3:30 PM

West Virginia’s ranked twelfth?  How did that happen?

#6Texas A&M


3:30 PM

The SEC West is running out of time to bring the Tide back to earth.



6:00 PM

This looks to be a good gauge of where both teams stand now.

Mississippi State


7:30 PM

Mississippi State gets a chance to prove it’s worthy of the SEC West.

Tennessee State


7:30 PM

Is there such a thing as a trap game for the Commodores?


Texas Tech

8:00 PM

What do I predict?  Scoring.  Lots of scoring.

#23Ole Miss


9:00 PM

I guess we’ll find out what kind of job Coach O is doing.

Add your thoughts in the comments.


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Who is this “defensive coordinator” you speak of?

Pretty amazing — an almost 1500-word piece on how Alabama changed its defense for the better after 2012 without a single mention of Kirby Smart.

It’s reassuring to know that the brain trust at Georgia saw through the public perception of “it’s Saban’s defense” to get the man they wanted.

To be fair, I doubt the truth on Smart’s role in fashioning the ‘Bama defense is anywhere near that absolute.  I also doubt that anyone at Butts-Mehre who had a hand in hiring Smart had the first clue about how to gauge that.

Blind faith is what makes religion run.  It’s not the best guiding principle for managing a football program, though.


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Judge not Kirby Smart, lest ye be judged.

You have to admit it’s a little different hearing an AJ-C opinion writer urge Georgia fans not to believe the worst.


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