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Kids these days

Tim Worley’s cri de coeur about Georgia’s disappointing Sugar Bowl performance is getting a lot of attention, based on the emails and comments I’ve received. No doubt it’s powerful, both because Worley’s been in the arena (in a positive sense)… … Continue reading


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The fellowship of the headsets

SEC, don’t say you haven’t been warned by Gus. … Gus Malzahn called the new NCAA rule limiting the number of people on headsets during games “a joke” that will have an impact on the quality of the game. Earlier … Continue reading


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Reading the tea leaves on college football’s declining attendance numbers

One thing I found interesting about this CFN chart is that every SEC team that fired its head coach after the 2017 season saw a significant drop in year-over-year home attendance. 80.  Florida: minus-1131 99.  Texas A&M:  minus-3115 114.  Tennessee:  … Continue reading


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How much does “been there, done that” matter?

Chip Towers argues that Kirby’s version of “in the arena” is a positive for Georgia’s players. It was fascinating to hear Smart matter-of-factly break down where the Bulldogs were in terms of preparation for the SEC Championship Game while he … Continue reading


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Four fingers deep

So, I’m trying to understand what this rather strange quote from Clemson’s Ben Boulware is about. Clemson's Ben Boulware has thoughts on people ripping Christian Wilkins for, uh, grabbing a handful in the Fiesta Bowl. — Brian Hamilton (@BrianHamiltonSI) … Continue reading


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Another dog that didn’t bark

I don’t know how you write a piece about Georgia’s revamped running game without mentioning Chaney’s move to employ more shotgun, three-wide sets. Then again, I’ve never been in the arena.


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Trying to make sense of a nonsensical game

Yeah, I was the guy who posted this yesterday:  “This is a meeting between a top ten P5 squad and a bad FCS team.  It won’t be close.” Guess what?  I still stand by what I wrote.  Tip your cap … Continue reading


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Regrets, Richt’s had a few.

For the most part, I like Mark Richt as a person, but there were times when he’d come out with some comment or observation that would get my back up.  The most famous example of that was his “in the … Continue reading


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“Please understand that A.J. Turman is going to be able to go where he wants to go.”

I guess it’s unanimous:  nobody wants a Georgia player to go to Miami. The gist of it: Smart believes he did not block Turman from going to where he wanted to go, as Turman did not express a desire to … Continue reading


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Sounds like a plan

Collin Barber reflects on his Georgia career and asks, “WTF?”. Barber was a preseason third team all-SEC selection entering his junior season, but an injury slowed him down his junior year and a change to rugby-style punting was an adjustment … Continue reading


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