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Mark Emmert has a bridge he’d like to sell you.

I think the technical term for this is boolcheet: NCAA President Mark Emmert says the association agreed to a settlement with Penn State to ensure that $60 million in fines paid by the school could finally be distributed to victims … Continue reading


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Does anyone pay attention to what Mark Emmert says?

I don’t know if you bothered to click on yesterday’s link to a Q&A with the NCAA president, but if you didn’t, you should have, if just for one exchange that John Infante highlights here. But included in his interview … Continue reading


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The most Mark Emmert thing you’ll read today.

I already showed you some of the emails that NCAA staff were sending among themselves as His Excellency was preparing to drop the hammer on Penn State.  But this is such a sweet touch. How concerned with every PR detail … Continue reading

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Envy and jealousy, we’ll always have Emmert edition

Charlie Pierce, ladies and gentlemen. And now it will fall to the NCAA, God help us, to parcel out blame and responsibility and punishment. At this point, of course, the NCAA is little more than a walking conflict of interest, … Continue reading


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I guess Mark Emmert really cares.

Money is the language of concern. Over the first half of 2014, the NCAA already broke its record of yearly lobbying expenditures. During 2013, the NCAA spent $160,000 on lobbying. This year, as of June 30, it has already spent … Continue reading


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If Mark Emmert didn’t exist, Claire McCaskill wouldn’t want to invent him.

As far as problem solving goes, yesterday’s appearance by the NCAA president in front of a Senate committee hearing was expectedly short on specifics, but as far as political theater goes, it was boffo. McCaskill offered some of the sharpest … Continue reading


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“Dear President Emmert…”

Some more Congressmen have written to Mark Emmert asking for information about various and sundry items.  Here’s my favorite request: The letter also requests, for each of the past five years, a description of all instances in which an NCAA … Continue reading


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Mark Emmert isn’t the biggest putz at the NCAA.

That would be whoever gives Emmert PR advice. Emmert just said athletes shouldn't be able to capitalize on their own likenesses because of "competitive fairness." Yes. He really did. — SI_DougFarrar (@SI_DougFarrar) April 21, 2014 Dude, there’s a reason Stacey … Continue reading


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It’s Emmert’s world and he’s just living in it, part two.

For some reason, they keep letting the man talk.  I don’t get it, but there it is. You can read this high-minded “where we are” editorial in its entirety if you’re so inclined, but here’s a little taste of how … Continue reading


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It’s Emmert’s world and he’s just living in it, part one.

I guess there are two ways you can look at the mess the NCAA’s gotten itself into.  One would be the way it’s put in the newly minted autonomy agenda leaked to Dennis Dodd: These institutions are further challenged in … Continue reading


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