“It sucks watching this team a lot of the time.”

You know what David Wunderlich’s lengthy analysis of this year’s Florida team reminded me of?

The offense is boring and predictable. The defense isn’t as good as it’s been most of the last 30 years. The return game is not producing big plays and the coverage units are bad.

Mark Richt’s last season at Georgia.  Read the whole thing and tell me I’m wrong.



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Brian Fremeau’s 2017 Game Splits

What, you ask, are game splits?  Well

Game Splits are the components of scoring margin in victory or defeat. The non-garbage game results — possessions (Po), points scored (PF), points allowed (PA)  — are used to produce unadjusted game efficiency data. The value contributed by the offense (Off), defense (Def), and special teams (ST) units, plus the value of an extra possession (Ex) if applicable, add up to the non-garbage scoring margin of the game.

The scoring values of starting field position for the given team’s offense (OFP) and its opponent’s offense (DFP) are provided. Net field value (NFV) is the difference in starting field position value plus, if applicable, the value of defensive and special teams touchdowns. Turnover values gained (TO+) and lost (TO-) represent scoring value generated by the given team on interceptions and fumbles. Net turnover value (NTO) is the difference in scoring value gained and lost on turnovers.

Scroll down to Georgia’s, because there’s a lot of illuminating information there.  Here are a few points of interest:

  • To what should be no one’s surprise, the defense carried the team through the first part of the season, culminating in the Tennessee shut out.  But over the last two games, the script has been flipped, as the offense has been doing the heavy lifting and the defense has been just a little better than average.  Not so coincidentally, those games have been against teams that throw the ball better than they run it.
  • Special teams have been a contributor in almost every game.  What a change from last season.
  • If you want a reason for ongoing optimism, Georgia is 7-0 and has dominated most of its opponents despite being subpar in net field position and, outside of the Tennessee game, meh in net turnover value.  Imagine what might happen if those swung positively Georgia’s way.
  • Speaking of the Tennessee game, those numbers are crazy good.


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The challengers

Weird year in the SEC East, peeps.  Florida and Tennessee are essentially toast (okay, with two conference losses after six games, the Gators still cling to life support before the Cocktail Party).

Meanwhile, meet the contendahs still with dreams, Kentucky and South Carolina.  So you’re saying there’s a chance!


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Pay (each other) to play

This article about NCAA economics and the impact of paying student-athletes may be way over your head (hell, it’s way over mine in a lot of spots), but here’s the gist:

Okay, even gistier:

There’s a certain real world logic to that.  If schools have to pay players, they’ll suddenly discover there are a whole lot of less relevant budget items that can be revised downwards, like waterfalls and $10,000 lockers.  And that’s before you get to bloated administrative staffing.  (Which is really what this whole amateurism fight is about now…)


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If a tree falls in Montana…

Stewart Mandel labels Alabama and Georgia the two best teams in the country at present.


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“Having played both teams, Alabama’s the better team.”

The only profound thing about Derek Mason’s observation comparing Alabama and Georgia is that he said it plainly, instead of garbling it with a bunch of mushy coachspeak.

You know, like Booch’ll do after this weekend.


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It really is the gift that keeps on giving.

Paul Myerberg:  “To date, the greatest asset on Notre Dame’s résumé is a loss: Georgia’s 20-19 win in South Bend on Sept. 10. More than an impressive win two weeks later against Michigan State, the defeat lent the Irish credibility. The unbeaten Bulldogs have likewise ridden that victory into the thick of the early College Football Playoff race.”

If the Irish manage to beat Southern Cal this weekend, they’ll probably jump into the top ten as a result.  That, in turn, would make Georgia look better without even having to play a game.

And to think I used to complain about Notre Dame being overrated by the media.  College football, I don’t know you any more.


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