Rolling with Mr. Conventional Wisdom

Tony Barnhart is always there when you need him.

And he’ll be there to defend the suit who fires McGarity one day, if that should happen.


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No excuses now.


You’ve got the premier job opening in the country now, Georgia.  Don’t screw up the hire.


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The Georgia Way’s gonna Georgia Way, y’all.

Either he’s full of shit, or he canned Richt without a plan ready to go on the next man.  Terrific.


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Where we’re at, in Richt’s eyes

Pretty much sums it up:


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Saban envy

From Bill Connelly’s Richt epitaph:

After a miserable October, his team rallied. The Dawgs didn’t finish playing top-10-caliber ball, but they won four in a row. That means they’re a bowl win away from a fourth 10-win season in five years (and a 10th in 14). In an obvious down year. Most programs would pay millions for this type of disappointment.

After falling out of the F/+ top 40, the Bulldogs are back up to 34th. Yes, that’s a bad performance for a program with Georgia’s potential, even one that loses its offensive coordinator and starting quarterback in the offseason and one of the best players in the country (Nick Chubb) to injury midway.

But this poor performances comes on the heels of four consecutive F/+ top-15 finishes (13th in 2011, seventh in 2012, 14th in 2013, fourth in 2014).

5. Here are the other programs that pulled that off in that same span: Alabama.

That’s it. Florida State didn’t do it. Oregon didn’t. Ohio State didn’t. But Richt even pulled it off in 2013, with a brutally young defense and receivers exploding like Spinal Tap drummers.

This reminds you of how randomness plays a role in this sport. Rage against randomness or pretend there’s no such thing at your own peril. And while we can say Georgia is a sleeping giant, and that the program should expect better results, here’s a dirty little secret: almost no team gets to constantly win at the level we think it should achieve.

Everybody has setbacks and down years and disappointments and random losses and frustration against rivals. But Saban does it far less frequently than anybody else, and that makes people — especially SEC rivals — lose their damn minds.

Again, I’m not saying you can’t make a case that Richt didn’t deserve to lose his job.  But let’s be real about what has to come next.  As Bill succinctly puts it, “Dumping Richt was an impatient, emotional move. But it doesn’t matter if McGarity nails the replacement hire.”

The story of Georgia football under Richt is a series of ifs.  We’re opening up the next chapter of if.


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Masters of PR, ctd.

Seth Emerson tells us that (1) here is a press conference scheduled for this morning at which McGarity and Richt are supposed to be in attendance; and (2) McGarity is scheduled to meet with Georgia players later today.

Would there be anything more Georgia-ish than for McGarity to call upon the man he just fired to help smooth the waters?  Not that I would expect Richt to do anything less…




UPDATE #2:  More yup.


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The Richt decision: the future

If I’m glum today, it’s not because Mark Richt is gone.  It’s because the same people are in place running the department.  You know, the ones who have given us this track record:

Greg McGarity has been AD since mid-August of 2010, or for roughly 5 years, 3 months, and 2 weeks. Since that time, I found that all Georgia athletics teams have won a combined FOUR SEC titles, 3 of which came in women’s swimming/diving, and THREE national championships: 2 in women’s swimming/diving and 1 in equestrian.

In the 5 years, 3 months, and 2 weeks prior to McGarity becoming AD, or from early May 2005 through mid-August 2010, Georgia athletics captured TWENTY SEC titles, and TEN national championships: 4 in gymnastics, and 3 each for men’s tennis and equestrian.

Mock those red panties if you must, but the athletic department’s performance on the field is in decline since Damon Evans was let go.

The gory details, if you want them, are outlined by vineyarddawg in this post.  It would be kind to say that McGarity’s hires are undistinguished.  And yet he’s now been given the authority to make the biggest hire of his career.

I don’t cry out for people to be fired.  It’s not my style and nobody listens to me anyway.  So I’m not about to make an exception for Greg McGarity.  What I do wonder, though, is who’s directing the athletic director.  Boosters who pound their chest and cry, “We’re Georgia!”?  Jere Morehead, who to this point has shown nothing more than a willingness to open up the checkbook without giving any real indication that he knows the best way for the money to be spent?

That’s why I’m apprehensive.

There’s been way too much chatter about Kirby Smart to be discounted at this point, and I’m not about to do so.  But ask yourself something.  If Georgia really is this premier program, this sleeping giant, that much of the fan base and the national media believes it is, is the best this program can do in its next hire a coordinator with no head coaching experience?  Wasn’t that the resume of the coach they just fired?

Don’t get me wrong.  I’ll support whoever is hired, Smart included.  He’ll be Georgia’s head coach and that’s that for me.  But for once, I would love for this program to do the unexpected and take a chance on somebody outside the conventional box.  Show me that some real thought went into the shape of the future.  Please.


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