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“We will rebuild.”

I know some of you get a trifle miffed when I venture off topic, but I can’t help but mention the major fire that took place yesterday morning at Franklin’s Barbecue, an Austin mecca I finally was able to visit last year.

This is my favorite part of the aftermath.

Once the fire was out, Franklin offered briskets to the firefighters. There were 110 finished ones sitting in the warmers unharmed, but without any utilities in the building, Franklin couldn’t exactly serve them. The firefighters said they weren’t allowed to accept them, but I wouldn’t blame any of Austin’s finest if they were having brisket for dinner.

In fact, if they didn’t, they’s crazy.



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Tuesday morning buffet

Including a real food related item today…


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BBQ PSA: Heirloom Market is smokin’.

If, like me, you believe there can never be enough decent barbeque joints on the planet, say hello to my new leedle fren’, Heirloom Market BBQ.

I’ve had enough there to say that while it may not be better than my current Atlanta benchmark, Fox Bros., it damned sure isn’t outclassed.  Especially if you’re partial to Texas-style barbeque.

Warning:  I’m not kidding about the little part.  The place only has one table and seats a total of about fifteen, so I imagine it’s quite cozy at peak times.  (I live less than 10 minutes away, so that’s no problem for me.)

If you’re a barbeque lover who’s near the I-75/I-285/Chattahoochee River triangle, Heirloom Market is a no-brainer.  For the rest of you, it’s worth taking a pilgrimage.


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