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Friday morning buffet

The season’s only a couple of weeks away.  You need to keep up your strength, so fill up.


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We’ll behave. Promise.

You think there’s any way to sneak this by Michael Adams?  The Chick-fil-A College Kickoff contract contains this provision:

Pending agreement of both schools, beer will be available for sale, but sales will be cut off at the end of halftime.

Nah, I didn’t think so, either.


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One man’s problem is another man’s tasty malt beverage.

From the folks at SweetWater Brewing:

Our sweet, innocent and moral El Dressel lost his way as Brutus led him down a dark alley to recruit tattoos and car loans for the Columbus hops in an effort to stack his on-field Double IPA recipe with the most aggressive hops O-round. Unfortunately El Dressel was discovered, humiliated and banished, leaving a permanent wrinkle in his sweater vest and instantly creating the Browneyed Buckeye!!!

Get it while you can, because just like last year’s Sugar Bowl win, this one will be gone before you know it!

Too bad it’s only available on draft.  This would make a great looking bottle:

Somebody should ship Gordon Gee a keg.

(h/t reader J. Scott Boss)


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Tell me you don’t want to pop open a cold one of these right now.

This has to be one badass beverage, my friends.

(h/t Ezra Klein)


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Adventures in marketing

A Bavarian brewer promotes its no-alcohol beer as a sport drink for athletes.


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Today’s PSA – another edition of what makes America great

It’s two in the morning and you need some cheap beer?

Not to worry, Walgreens has you covered.

If anybody’s tried Big Flats 1901, please share the experience in the comments.


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Old beer in new bottles

Image via Danwei

If you’re concerned about the inevitability of the People’s Republic of China becoming master of the planet, this exercise in American commercial ingenuity should give you some relief.

Wait ’til you see the marketing plans for Thunderbird wine.

(h/t Jonathan Chait)


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I’ll drink to that.

Finally, a House resolution I can fully support.

It’s being read today.  (And who knew there’s a House Small Brewers Caucus?)

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My new best friend

The first tailgate of the season is one of my favorite days of the year, especially when the weather turns out as nice as today’s looks to be.

And it’s even going to be better with this bad boy along for the ride.



One of the best, if not the best, warm weather beers I’ve ever drunk.


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