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Monday morning buffet

With an extra dash of Bronco for flavoring…



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Boise State may make Brandon Boykin’s day.

Emphasis on the word “may”:

Georgia kick returner and cornerback Brandon Boykin (@BrandonBoykin2) posted a message to Boise State coach Chris Petersen on Twitter on Saturday:

“Dear Coach petersen, I DARE you to Kick to me…. Sincerely, Me and my #dawgs”

Boykin is the only player in Southeastern Conference history with three 100-yard plays in his career — all kickoff returns for touchdowns.

He might be in luck. Here’s what Boise State special teams coach Jeff Choate told me earlier this month about the Broncos facing three dynamic kick returners early in the season:

“We’ll have our hands full. But that’s why you do this. I don’t think we’ve ever backed down from a challenge. It should be fun.”

After you read that, scroll down to the bottom of the linked article for the updated BSU roster.  By my count, the Broncos will start seven seniors on offense and ten on defense.  Whoa.  They may be smaller in spots, but they sure won’t lack for experience.


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Throwing down the gauntlet, with manners.

Brandon Boykin is such a polite young man.


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More Boise State thoughts

I wasn’t the only one who took a look at Boise State’s opener from last season for some insight.  Over at Team Speed Kills, Year2 did the same and shared a few observations about what he saw, like this one:

… Watching Boise’s defense felt a lot like watching Auburn’s defense from a year ago. If you’re running it up the middle on them, or they guess correctly about what you want to do, they will stop you. They got a fair amount of pressure in the backfield too. However when Tyrod Taylor had time to throw, he picked apart the Bronco secondary. He posted a 169.2 passing efficiency for the game, his second-highest of the season against good teams. It would have been even higher if not for two obvious pass interference penalties that Boise’s secondary committed to prevent long plays from succeeding. Boise State also had issues with Taylor’s athleticism, as it doesn’t have elite athletes on defense to combat the other team’s elite athletes.

For what it’s worth, Aaron Murray’s passer rating in last year’s Auburn game was 170.83.  And I doubt Boise State will be trotting out anyone like Nick Fairley.

But here’s the easier said than done part of his analysis.

… What Mike Bobo will want to do is find ways to get his elite athletes in space. Orson Charles sticks out to me as the biggest potential mismatch, but he’s got some good ones in Tavarres King and Isaiah Crowell also. He’ll also need to be productively unpredictable because you can gash Boise if the defense guesses incorrectly. BSU’s defense also had a distinct bend-but-don’t-break flavor to it, so Bobo can’t get impatient and stop taking what the defense gives him.

This part is spot on, though.

… If Georgia can come into it focused and treat it like any other game, it will have an excellent chance to win. I just don’t know where this team will be at mentally in the wake of last year, after the hype of the “Dream Team” recruiting class, and with the desire to vindicate the head coach.

Hell, nobody knows right now.

If I had to lay out my three keys to the game in descending order, this is what I’ve got:

  1. The lines on both sides of the ball have to play well.
  2. Whatever funk grabbed this team last season at crucial moments has to be fully banished.
  3. Mike Bobo needs to show up for an entire 60 minutes without thinking of the word “balanced”.


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They’re studying Boise State. Now you can, too!

… Murray said he and offensive coordinator Mike Bobo began discussing the gameplan for the opener Tuesday.

“We’ve been studying Boise all summer long,” Murray said. “We feel like we’ve got a pretty good grasp on them with what we need to do, with receivers and tight ends. They know what they’re doing with their routes.”

One thing they’ve probably been watching closely is last year’s opener for the Broncos.

First observation:  if Georgia’s running game can get some traction, Boise will be susceptible to play action.  No real surprise there, as line play is going to be the key to Georgia winning.


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Time to start looking at Boise State.

With less than two weeks to go until the Dome, I thought it might be worth checking out a little news about the opponent:

  • OBNUG has a summary of Boise State’s fall scrimmage game.  The impression left is that the defense, particularly the defensive line, was ahead of the offense.  There are some interesting notes about special teams play (one area where the Dawgs should enjoy a sizeable advantage over the Broncos) and drops by the wide receivers.
  • College Football Zealots Boise State preview is a good mix of stats – “During that 24 game win streak the Broncos played just four teams that were ranked in the Top 25 due to them playing in the WAC. If you take out those four games against ranked opponents the combined winning percentage of the Broncos foes during that 24 game win streak was just 41%.” – and a Q&A with someone from OBNUG.

Speaking of that Q&A, here’s a nice example of Preseason Homerism to chew on:

In our exit survey you discussed the importance of the season opener against Georgia. Where do you see the Broncos having the match-up advantages?

The Broncos defensive line should match up well against Georgia’s offensive line, especially with the recent spate of Bulldog drama at the position. Generally, I think the Bronco defense is set up well against the Georgia offense. BSU may be able to take away the run with its front six or seven and let the secondary hang back and take away passing options for Aaron Murray. I would expect Georgia’s defense to have some early success against Boise State’s offense (size advantage on the line, first game of the season, etc.), but as the game goes on, that matchup should even out.

Funny how it works out like that.


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Sunday morning buffet

Eat those damned bagels any way you want to.


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