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Greg McGarity wants you to know who’s in charge.

For sheer delusion, if nothing else, I really love this quote from Georgia’s AD:

“I’m fully confident that while physically he may not have been in Athens during this time, mentally he was doing what he could on behalf of the institution. He was able to multi-task successfully,” McGarity said Monday. “The timing was such, with classes starting (Monday), we had no one on campus during that time other than bowl practice anyway. So as far as recruiting, things of that nature, that could have been handled anywhere. The way the calendar worked out and school not starting til the 11th, all of those things when you look at them as a whole certainly led us to be able to accommodate everyone.”  [Emphasis added.]

Awfully decent of him, eh?  I bet Nick sends him a Christmas card this year.


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“We have to make sure we’re supporting him 100 percent.”

After all this time, Greg McGarity’s found religion.

McGarity said he met with other UGA athletic administrators on Monday morning to talk about the mind-set of changing the way things are done under a new head football coach.

“We have to listen,” he said. “We’re going to listen to Kirby, his goals, his objectives because we’ve operated one way for six years now (since McGarity arrived for the 2010 season). Just like when we’ve hired other coaches, you’re going to have to help us understand what you want and our job is to make those things happen.”

Then again, he could simply be trolling Mark Richt.



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“I’m a big Plan B guy.”

I tend to brace myself when Greg McGarity is in explanation mode, but this is downright weird.

Change was clearly on the mind of Athletic Director Greg McGarity back in mid-October when he began looking into search firms. McGarity revealed Monday that it was then that he made up his mind he was going to utilize Bill Carr of CarrSports Consulting — if needed.

McGarity was a panelist at the College Athletics Leadership Symposium at the Embassy Suites Hotel in Atlanta on Oct. 19 when approached by Carr and “three or four” other search firms after the meeting.

“Bill was one presenting that day,” McGarity said after introducing Kirby Smart as Georgia’s new head coach Monday at the Georgia Center for Continuing Education. “They all anticipate (coaching changes). That’s the job of these firms. When you finally make a decision to contact one — and I’m sure they’ve done some homework themselves — those guys want work, too. … They’re doing their due diligence, too.”

So McGarity didn’t seek out search firms, they sought him out?  Color me a wee bit skeptical on that happening out of the blue.

It’s a pretty good indication the decision to can Richt wasn’t totally based on this season’s record, though.  That “on the way home from the Tech game” story of McGarity’s is just that.


UPDATE:  According to Chip Towers, the players didn’t see it coming.

Georgia’s players have had the air knocked out of them the past week. They went from not really believing that Richt was in trouble with the administration to dealing with him being fired, to rationalizing him bolting for Miami, to accepting a new coach.


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“When I heard nobody came to him that wasn’t good.”

Bobby Bowden, on when he knew the end was near for Mark Richt:

Although Bowden had heard Richt’s job was in jeopardy, he never really thought the school would fire a coach that finished the regular season 9-3, won 74 percent of his games (145-51) and made 15 consecutive bowl appearances.

“I thought it would be a replay of the LSU thing, as soon as the last game is over we’ll announce he’ll be back,” Bowden said, referring to the about-face LSU officials did with Les Miles. “Then I heard after the game with Georgia Tech the athletic director didn’t show up in the locker room. Most of my games after the game, the athletic director [would] come into the locker room to congratulate you or commiserate with you…”

Eh, by then, Greg McGarity was digging down deep and listening to his gut.  Or something.


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At least they spelled his name right.

Well, now.

I’m gonna go out on a limb here and predict that when they write Greg McGarity’s job tribute one day, it won’t contain the phrase “Georgia’s beloved athletic director”.


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Mark Bradley and Greg McGarity

Get a room, you two.


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Reaping what you sow

It’s a question that had to be asked.  And it’s an answer that Greg McGarity had to go on the record with.

USA TODAY reported that Georgia athletics director Greg McGarity “favored” firing Richt after last year but was over-ruled by president Jere Morehead.

However, McGarity forcefully denied that later to both USA Today and the AJC/DawgNation.

“Simple answer. It wasn’t true,” McGarity said in a text. He also told USA TODAY: “There isn’t one ounce of truth to that. That is not right.”

That’s not coming from a “source”.  It’s coming from a name.  Further, Emerson goes on to say this:

That’s backed up by the reporting at the time by this reporter and others on the beat. There were indeed some behind-the-scenes discussions between Richt and the administration over financial support, especially coaches salaries. But at no time did any sources indicate that McGarity wanted to make a change.

It’s good that he was both public and forceful, but it’s sad things have come to this.  In a sense, I feel bad for McGarity having to deal with the crap, but to some extent, this is some of the chickens coming home to roost as a result of that disastrous interview he gave Mark Bradley last December.  As PR moves go, that one will go down as one of the most regrettable.

I suspect it won’t be the last time he has to go on the record about things, either.


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