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Picking up the check

It’s not exactly a shock that Georgia’s on the hook for a fair amount of change with the dismissal of Mark Richt and his staff.  $6.2 million is the cost of doing business in today’s SEC.

The fun occurs when you break down that number.  Particularly with one Jeremy Pruitt.

UGA’s employment agreements with assistant coaches call for them to be paid through June 30 of the current year unless they have a multiyear agreement. Georgia then agrees to make up the difference if the coaches’ new jobs pay less…

… Pruitt, who is now defensive coordinator at Alabama, had two years remaining on their three-year contracts. So their monies will be paid over the remaining term, according to Andy Platt, the athletic association’s chief financial officer. That’s … $600,000 total for Pruitt, records show.

But wait, you say.  Jeremy Pruitt’s gone to work for the Rolls Royce of college football programs, in the same position he occupied at Georgia.  How is it possible that Georgia owes him money?

Likewise, it appears Pruitt is scheduled to make $1 million a year as Alabama’s new defensive coordinator. He succeeds Georgia head coach Kirby Smart, who made $1.5 million last year in the same role for the Crimson Tide. Pruitt made $1.3 million as the Bulldogs’ defensive coordinator last season.

Pruitt took a pay cut to work for Saban, except it’s not really a pay cut, thanks to the generosity of Greg McGarity.  I bet Pruitt smiles every time that deposit shows up in his checking account.

Hell, I’m a little surprised he didn’t agree to work for less.


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The definition of a need-to-know basis

Boy, I would have loved to have been a fly on the wall to watch Greg McGarity’s reaction to this:

While there were rumors of dissension on Georgia’s coaching staff in 2015 because of defensive coordinator Jeremy Pruitt, nothing was ever confirmed. And there’s no question Bulldogs players will miss him: One player tells me that Pruitt’s future at Georgia was one of the first things athletic director Greg McGarity was asked about when he addressed the team following Mark Richt’s dismissal.

That probably explains the sensitivity.


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Nick Saban was “not the reason for this happening.”

Well, now, this is an interesting development.

One day after Oneonta linebacker Riley Cole decommitted from Alabama, his father David called into JOX FM’s Opening Drive to clear the air.

The main points: the Cole family was most disappointed in the timing of the decision, said communication was the major issue…

“The respect I have for Coach Saban and his family, I can’t describe enough about it,” David Cole said on JOX. “I really don’t think he knew about what was trying to be presented to us.”

But after Kirby Smart and Mel Tucker – Cole’s primary recruiters – left for Georgia, communication started to drop. Last Friday – just five days before National Signing Day – the grayshirt talk came up with Cole.

“Communication was the biggest problem and when Riley asked them to give an answer, they wouldn’t give him a straight answer,” David Cole said. “We got the impression they were wanting to wait until after National Signing Day, see who they got, and then let Riley know if they wanted to grayshirt him.”

So Cole claims a miscommunication problem, one that Saban didn’t know about?  Well, now, indeed.

Who’s the supposed guilty party?  Hey, looky here!

Alabama discussed with the Coles that Riley might redshirt his freshman season, but the idea of grayshirting – pushing his enrollment back from this summer until next January – was never discussed.

Until Friday, when David Cole said Pruitt, Alabama’s new defensive coordinator, mentioned grayshirting as a possibility in a conversation with Riley. David Cole said it appeared Alabama wanted to wait until after Signing Day – until other linebacker prospects announced their school choices – to decide whether Riley should grayshirt.

Okay, to be fair, we only have one side of the story, as coaches can’t comment on recruits until they sign with the school, but if Pruitt’s going off half-cocked without supervision, well, I can’t say that comes as much of a surprise.  And so much for those of you who suggested that Saban would have Pruitt flying right, because he’s Nick Saban.


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That time when Jake Coker’s mom laid into Jeremy Pruitt

Here’s a story:

To this day, Coker’s mother speaks candidly about how upset she was with Alabama’s recruitment. Spires said Alabama assistant coach Jeremy Pruitt recruited Coker behind the family’s back after he committed to Florida State, causing her to give an “ass chewing” to Pruitt.

“I called Jeremy and said, ‘Quit sneaking in the back door. Do you understand the word ‘commitment’?” Spires recalled. “Jeremy got a little uppity with me but it didn’t last very long. From a mother’s standpoint, he was wrong. I still think he was wrong. I called him on it. He kept calling me back and I said, ‘What are you a sucker for punishment because I’m not going to cut you any slack? I don’t like what you did.’ Football is such a big business. It’s really not fun. These are kids and sometimes they get distorted by people who really just want a commitment and you never know why.”

Spires said she had a few sessions with Saban — “Come to Jesus meetings,” as she described them — to discuss how Pruitt recruited Coker.

“I meant business because it got to be really traumatic,” Spires said. “Jake started wondering, ‘Did I make the right decision? What if, what if, what if?’ Jake made the decision to commit to Florida State and was totally comfortable with that. I put in my two bits with Jeremy, and by God, he goes to Florida State (to become defensive coordinator). I’m like, damn. So now he’s back at Alabama. It’s really kind of funny.”

That’s one word for it.


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No excuses

From the Ledger-Enquirer, August 16, 2014:

Corey Moore had done the drill wrong, and Jeremy Pruitt wasn’t happy. He was even more unhappy when Moore began trying to explain why he had messed up.

“Is that what you’re gonna have, what we had last year, making excuses?” Pruitt said, according to Moore.

Moore, a senior safety, shook his head and said “no.” And Pruitt went on with the drill.

“That’s what we need,” Moore said later in an interview. “Some people hate it. But, at the end of the day, it’s gonna be for the best.”

And from the Times Free Press, August 22, 2015:

“It’s not just Jake but the whole linebacker room,” second-year defensive coordinator Jeremy Pruitt said. “They’ve done a really nice job as the quarterbacks of our defense. They’ve got to make the calls and see the formations, and if they can’t communicate, then we can’t function.”

That sounds suspiciously like… praise.

What a difference a year makes.


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The Pruitt effect, ctd.

Our old friend David Hale posted something on Twitter you may find of interest:

True, as some of the FSU fans note in response, the ‘Noles lost a boat load of talent when Pruitt changed jobs.  But that doesn’t change the improvement he worked at Georgia last season.  And talk about losing talent in the secondary…


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“Coach Pruitt has had input without a doubt.”

Chip Towers counts the ways in which Georgia’s defensive coordinator has affected the program since the moment of his arrival.  Some of what he mentions isn’t particularly profound – yeah, Pruitt got to choose his defensive assistants, but that’s SOP – but the last little bit in his piece carries some weight with me based on who said it.

Said former receiver Chris Conley, now with the Kansas City Chiefs: “Restructuring and discipline. … Some of the guys came in and were like, ‘Oh, what’s going on? But he put his foot down and said, ‘either you buy into this system or you’re not gonna play.’ And that created that discipline.” and really it’s gotten the defense to the point where they’re all buying into what they’re doing, they’re sold on his schemes and his way and his mentality, and it’s really translated to the way they play. They play with a lot of confidence now.”

Please, please, please let this turn out to be more than just the usual happy talk.


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Jeremy Pruitt: “He’s like that father figure if you do something well, he’s not going to compliment you.”

And your spring defensive MVP is… nobody.

Because that’s how Pruitt rolls.


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Jeremy Pruitt, still GATA

Two great quotes from spring practice about the secondary…


… As the Dawgs worked on defending short out passes, Pruitt raced away from the group he was tutoring and ripped into a player from another group that he noticed giving less than exemplary effort. “You’re pussy-footing,” Pruitt yelled. “I don’t want to see no pussy-footing!” With still another who showed improper technique, he called the guy back to his starting spot and patiently demonstrated the correct way of doing things.


“We all are comfortable. But we still don’t know who’s going to be put where,” Bowman said. “So we’re just working it out right now.”

If that doesn’t sum up life under Pruitt, I don’t know what does.


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Another reason to love Jeremy Pruitt

Sporting News ranks the top ten recruiters in the SEC nation and has this to say about Pruitt, its number two guy:

Why he’s here: Pruitt won 247Sports’ recruiter of the year award in 2012 and 2013 with Alabama and then Florida State, and now he’s piling up the commitments at Georgia. Some of his biggest recruits over the years include Derrick Henry, Jalen Ramsey, T.J. Yeldon and C.J. Mosley. Pruitt’s current list of pledges for 2015 isn’t up to his usual standard, but it still boasts a handful of four-star players.

Shit, if this is an off-year for Pruitt, I can’t wait to see what he accomplishes when he really gets rolling.

By the way, I don’t remember seeing Grantham’s name gracing too many of these kinds of lists.


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