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TFW all the cussin’ blends together



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TCU, he tried to tell you.

Absolutely coldblooded.

Also, completely accurate.


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Survey of SEC coaches says…

Must have been the locker room talk that sold ’em.  Congrats!


UPDATE:  These guys are turning into a parody account of themselves.

Kind of makes the award even sweeter.  I’d love to hear Saban admit he voted for Kirby, too.



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An elite communicator

A shot.

And a very NSFW chaser.

Hey, as long as the message gets through, amirite?  LOL.


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I figured eventually someone in the national punditry would rank Kirby Smart ahead of Nick Saban.  I just didn’t think it would be this soon and that it would come from Matt Hayes.

1. Kirby Smart ($7 million per season; expected extension this month): His team is the defending national champion, and he has proven he can recruit and develop better than any other coach in the game.

Think about this: In the age of quarterback means everything, Smart won a national title — and is a favorite to win it again this season — with a game manager at the most important position in football.

He was a blown coverage in the secondary from winning the 2017 national championship, and Georgia is a recruiting machine — with or without NIL. He’s locked in at No. 1 until he’s knocked off the mountain.

Which brings us to …

2. Nick Saban, Alabama ($9.1 million): He is the mountain. The gold standard for college football coaches, and other than Bill Belichick, all football coaches.

But it’s hard to ignore what his No. 1 student has accomplished at Georgia — and how it has been to the detriment of Saban and Alabama. All of those elite Georgia defenders are the same players Smart was recruiting and developing at Alabama as the Tide’s defensive coordinator.

There’s a reason Alabama’s defense has declined (from its own elite standard) over the past 5 seasons. It’s not the DC or the scheme; it’s the players.

It’s close, but in the SEC, it’s not about what you’ve done. It’s about what you just did. Right now, Smart has the edge.

I guess that means Nick will be back on top of himself if ‘Bama wins the natty this season.  Or something like that.


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It’s an honor to be recognized.

At least they spelled his name correctly.


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A “feud between two guys”

As expected, one topic has dominated the early proceedings at the SEC Spring Meetings.  I think Andy Staples framed it perfectly in this tweet.

This is almost amusing:

You don’t write, you don’t call…


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If you come at the GOAT, you’d best not miss.

Come for the tweet, but stay for the comments, which burn with the righteous indignation of a thousand suns.

I guess I didn’t grasp how much that natty loss steams ‘Bama fans.  Not that there’s anything wrong with that.


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Of all the quarterbacks in the world, three of them are backing up JT Daniels.

There was nothing earthshattering that came out of yesterday’s après scrimmage presser (not that I expected anything like that).  But, I gotta admit this exchange made me chuckle a wee bit:

QB competition behind JT Daniels…
“All three of those guys are getting reps and all three of them are really good players.”

Elaborate more on that?
“Uh, yeah, all three of them are getting reps and all three are going to be really good players. They continue to work hard. They all got reps today…”

I think we found some shit Kirby doesn’t have time for.


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“I gotta go.”

What did your head coach do during the offseason?


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