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We got nothin’.

Kirby, on Malzahn’s “We whipped the dog crap out of them, didn’t we?” post-game glee:

“I’ll be honest with you, I think when you perform the way they did on the field, you earn the right to say really whatever you want,” Smart said. “I don’t get into what Gus says and he probably doesn’t get into what I say.”

He’s right.  The only way to answer that is to return the favor the next time you play ’em.



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Oh, what might have been. And what may be.

When it comes to Auburn’s hiring decision in the wake of Chizik’s departure, Kevin Scarbinsky weaves an intriguing tale.

Look at the facts alone, and it’s tempting to say Auburn made a mistake when it chose Malzahn over Smart. The truth is more elusive.

After talking to people familiar with Auburn’s 2012 coaching search then and now, it’s possible to draw two conclusions. Malzahn was the preferred if not preordained choice from the start. Smart had too many demands and issues for Auburn’s taste.

One example: Smart wanted full control to hire his own staff. As logical as that requirement may seem, Auburn decision-makers were used to having significant input in that regard. They had identified Malzahn as the offensive coordinator they wanted on Chizik’s staff.

A person familiar with Smart’s Auburn interview said he told the search committee, if hired, he would tap longtime friend Mike Bobo as offensive coordinator. The committee didn’t like that idea, given Bobo’s mixed results as a playcaller at Georgia.

Another 2012 concern: Auburn’s inner circle feared that, if Georgia were to part company with Mark Richt in the near future, Smart would leave Auburn for Athens in a heartbeat to take his dream job as head coach at his alma mater.

Throw in Smart’s demands that he get a full accounting of the NCAA’s investigation of Auburn at the time and that, if hired, he be allowed to coach the Alabama defense through the BCS Championship Game – neither of which was acceptable to Auburn – and there were simply too many obstacles for both sides to overcome.

That’s interesting in terms of looking back — Smart and Bobo at Auburn?  Would Smart Bobo leave Richt for a lateral hire, even if the powers that be at Auburn relented? — in terms of looking to the present — Georgia was a lot more compliant in the face of similar demands than was Auburn — and, finally, the future.

I mentioned it before, and Seth Emerson touches on the potential financial aspects here, but the offseason negotiations between Smart and McGarity (and their surrounding casts) will be something else, I suspect.


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Today, in long snappahs

Kirby, bringing the inner Vince Dooley:

The Gators are currently eleventh in the conference in passing offense.


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Today, in things that would make this message board explode

And it has nothing to do with politics.


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Does Coach O’s 2017 = Kirby Smart’s 2016?

I generally like Steven Godfrey’s work, but this strikes me as a little too superficial.

Or, maybe, 2017 LSU is a version of another program that replaced another tenured, consistent head coach who was often great but unable to surpass Alabama: Georgia and Kirby Smart.

Um… nah.  He even rebuts his proposition with a quote in the same piece from an unnamed SEC assistant coach.

“The difference is, Orgeron has had more time than Smart, with the interim year, and the big thing is that expectations were way out of line. O sold LSU on immediate consistency, not a rebuild. That’s where a lot of the anger is coming from. He’s got really good coaches. He’s going to recruit really well. His biggest mistake is hiding how much work their (sic) was. But maybe he thought he wouldn’t get hired for a rebuild.”

Smart’s flaws last season were the result of a first-time head coach going through a phase of on the job training.  Orgeron, by contrast, is on his third head coaching gig, his second in the SEC.  Beyond that, he’s a promoted interim head coach, which means the usual arguments about getting acclimated to the personnel and culture change issues don’t apply as they did at Georgia last season.  The learning curve at LSU should already be kicking in; that it isn’t is a pretty good indicator that the Tigers got what most expected they had with Orgeron.

Whatever that is, it ain’t Kirby Smart.


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Now, that’s the way to spin.

GATA, Kirby.

You can take the Georgia man out of Alabama, but you can’t take Georgia out of the Georgia man… or something like that.


UPDATE:  That may be as much for the team’s benefit as it is for ours.


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“He makes us feel good.”

The next time someone accuses me of being a real Kirbyphile, I’m going to imagine Loran Smith standing beside me saying, “hold my beer”.


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