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The case for Richt

Via Barnhart:

* Georgia has been playing football since 1892. In 123 years, the Bulldogs have had 21 seasons with 10 wins. Richt has 10 of those seasons.
* Richt has won 140 games in his 14-plus seasons at Georgia, an average of about 10 wins per year. With his next win, Richt will stand alone in second place on the school’s career list behind Vince Dooley (201 in 25 years), who averaged eight wins per year.
* Richt’s winning percentage, which is right at .740, is the highest of any coach in Georgia history. Dooley won 72.3 percent of his games.
* Richt currently has the fifth-highest winning percentage of all active FBS coaches, behind only Urban Meyer, Bob Stoops, Saban and Gary Patterson. That’s good company.
* The guy graduates a lot of his players (292 to be exact) and has run a scandal-free program. He had a stretch where too many players were getting into trouble, but Richt has effectively tightened up that part of the organization. Georgia has the toughest drug-testing policy in the SEC. Ever heard him complain about it? Me neither.
* Since Richt arrived in Athens in 2001, only one school (LSU) has had more players drafted than Georgia’s 79. Some see that as evidence that he should have accomplished more. I see it as evidence that good players want to play for him.

Mr. CW says the whole thing comes down to this:

Before the season, I had a conversation with a friend who is a huge Georgia fan. The subject was Mark Richt. My friend was not happy with the Bulldogs’ coach.

Predictably, he started pulling out the numbers and the well-worn narratives about Richt:

* He hasn’t won an SEC championship since 2005.
* He’s never played for a national championship, while Florida, Tennessee, LSU, Alabama and Auburn have won titles since 1998.
* His teams are good for at least one explicable loss per year (See Florida, 2014).
* He’s too nice.
* And the always crowd-pleasing, “He can’t win the big one.”

I stopped my friend in mid-rant and asked him this: What if Georgia had gotten the final 5 yards against Alabama in the SEC championship game in 2012? What if Georgia had beaten Alabama and moved on to the BCS championship game with Notre Dame, where it very likely would have won?

“Oh, then we’d be OK because we would have a championship.”

All righty then. So you’re telling me that if a coach gets 5 additional yards three years ago against the No. 1 team in the nation, then he’s a good coach? But since he didn’t get those 5 yards he’s not a very good coach? Is that what you’re trying to tell me?

I would phrase it “not good enough” as opposed to “not very good” coach, but that’s quibbling over semantics.  You guys – agree or disagree?


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When a trend needs a name…

it ain’t pretty.


UPDATE:  Tyler’s rebuttal to Elkon’s post is worth a read.


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Human sacrifice, dogs and cats living together…

Shit’s gettin’ truly weird.

… and Richt looks like he knows it.


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“I saw a different Mark Richt than I’ve seen in the past four or five years…”

If you choose to read only one thing today, make it Jon Solomon’s thorough and lengthy “How a changed Mark Richt is evolving Georgia into best of ‘Bama, Bowden” piece.  It touches on a number of themes we’ve already discussed here at the blog, but what it adds that’s worth your attention are several direct quotes from Richt’s brother-in-law, Kevin “Chappy” Hynes.

Here’s what he had to say about the addition of Jeremy Pruitt to the staff.

“Jeremy Pruitt has been a very big catalyst in some of the changes that have happened at Georgia. You don’t have to be an investigative reporter to know that.”

… “I think Jeremy Pruitt is wired in such a way that what happened is he came to Georgia, wants to be the best, saw some real needs and made them know,” Hynes said. “He has upped the ante.”

And here’s what he said about the support Richt’s gotten from the athletic administration over the years.

When Georgia’s $30 million indoor practice facility opens near the end of 2016, the school will be the last in the SEC to have built one. For a while, Richt hit some ceilings with university administrators who were set in “some old Georgia ways” regarding needs for the football program, Hynes admitted.

“Once (the new assistants) came here, it’s like, ‘We need this, we need that, and we came from programs that had this,’” Hynes said. “It gave Mark more wisdom, more understanding, more of a shot in the arm to say, ‘We need this.’ He ran into roadblocks, but this new staff said, ‘Let us help you push through these roadblocks.’”

Finally, a comment about the Georgia Way.

“I don’t think ‘nice’ has anything to do with whether he can win a national title,” Hynes said. “It’s X’s and O’s and Jimmys and Joes. … The academics at Georgia, the urine (drug) tests at Georgia, the facilities at Georgia — I don’t know if we’ve ever been given as good a chance as others. I ain’t crying in my Wheaties, but when you look at the totality of what (Richt) has been through, bro, that guy is a winner.”

It’s not from the horse’s mouth, but I have a hard time believing Hynes said all of that without Richt’s knowledge and/or consent.  And that, too, is more evidence of a changed Richt.


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“We were kind of banging away at it, getting close and that kind of thing…”

This is the sound of a man who senses he’s finally getting the level of support he’s been seeking.

If there was something missing at Georgia in terms of resources, the perception now is there soon won’t be any longer.

“I think the things that we’re seeing are really not that uncommon in the league, it might feel uncommon at Georgia,” Richt said. “We are the last to put in an indoor. There are other things facility wise that we want to get done that would really bring us up to par with everybody. We’re not necessarily blazing a trail but we are moving in a very positive direction. …I’m thankful that we’re moving in the right direction.”

Notice that he says “moving”, as in the present tense.  As in the program hasn’t arrived at its final destination yet.

He’s got the gentle criticism of McGarity down to a fine art.


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Wednesday morning buffet

Chock full of preseason goodness.


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Some of Danny Kannell’s best friends are SECish.

Including his former offensive coordinator

Q: Your offensive coordinator at FSU, Mark Richt, has enjoyed success at Georgia but hasn’t won the SEC since 2005. Could you be critical of him?

A: “That one is probably the most challenging. A lot of people say I’m a homer for Florida State, but Mark Richt is a guy that I root for. I consider him a friend, and I have a lot of respect for him as a coach. I have a good enough relationship with him where if I say he has to do better at Georgia or else his job is on the line, I think he would understand that is my job to do.

“I think he’s one of the most underrated coaches in the SEC, if not the whole country, but he’s always having to deal with so many expectations. He has consistently won there, and I would challenge anyone at Georgia to go out and find someone better than Mark Richt. Does it really get old having 10-win seasons?”

There’s that old “find someone better” theme again.  Sure seem to hear that a lot.  Funny how it’s only the repetition of Richt as underachiever that’s credible with certain folks, though.


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