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“We were kind of banging away at it, getting close and that kind of thing…”

This is the sound of a man who senses he’s finally getting the level of support he’s been seeking.

If there was something missing at Georgia in terms of resources, the perception now is there soon won’t be any longer.

“I think the things that we’re seeing are really not that uncommon in the league, it might feel uncommon at Georgia,” Richt said. “We are the last to put in an indoor. There are other things facility wise that we want to get done that would really bring us up to par with everybody. We’re not necessarily blazing a trail but we are moving in a very positive direction. …I’m thankful that we’re moving in the right direction.”

Notice that he says “moving”, as in the present tense.  As in the program hasn’t arrived at its final destination yet.

He’s got the gentle criticism of McGarity down to a fine art.


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Wednesday morning buffet

Chock full of preseason goodness.


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Some of Danny Kannell’s best friends are SECish.

Including his former offensive coordinator

Q: Your offensive coordinator at FSU, Mark Richt, has enjoyed success at Georgia but hasn’t won the SEC since 2005. Could you be critical of him?

A: “That one is probably the most challenging. A lot of people say I’m a homer for Florida State, but Mark Richt is a guy that I root for. I consider him a friend, and I have a lot of respect for him as a coach. I have a good enough relationship with him where if I say he has to do better at Georgia or else his job is on the line, I think he would understand that is my job to do.

“I think he’s one of the most underrated coaches in the SEC, if not the whole country, but he’s always having to deal with so many expectations. He has consistently won there, and I would challenge anyone at Georgia to go out and find someone better than Mark Richt. Does it really get old having 10-win seasons?”

There’s that old “find someone better” theme again.  Sure seem to hear that a lot.  Funny how it’s only the repetition of Richt as underachiever that’s credible with certain folks, though.


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“We don’t need anybody in the media telling us who should be the starter and that kind of thing.”

Welcoming the gathered throng of scribes to today’s post-scrimmage presser was Prickly Richt.


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Name that caption, too cool for school edition

From That ’70s Yearbook:

Sign it in the comments.


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“Humming Microwave”

Hey, it wouldn’t be a normal August without some member of the punditocracy placing Mark Richt on a preseason hot seat list, would it?


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Bobo doesn’t blame Richt.

This is a pretty impassioned defense of a former boss.

I asked Bobo whether he thought the criticism was founded Richt receives for having not ever won a national championship at Georgia.

“Here’s what I say about that: I went to school there, I graduated from there, I’m an alumnus, I played football there, I have bled and sweat for that school and did everything I could to help it win, and there ain’t another man in the country I’d want coaching at the University of Georgia than Mark Richt,” Bobo said, his voice level rising. “His time’s gonna come. It’s gonna happen, OK, because he’s consistent, he does it the right way. He’s going to win. If he doesn’t, he doesn’t. But at the end of the day, he’s going to be able to say, ‘I’ve done everything I possibly could – time, energy, resources – into trying to make Georgia a complete program that cares about kids.’

“Our biggest job is make sure these guys grow, not just as a football player, but as a person,” Bobo continued. When they walk out of school, they’re ready. They’re ready to walk out there and do what it takes to be successful. He does that better than anybody. There isn’t any guy I’d rather have there than him.”

But wait.  There’s more.

“The misconception that makes me mad is that all he cares about, building men,” Bobo said. “People talk about how I’m competitive; I’m telling you, Mark Richt is just as competitive. We’d go on these trips as a coaching staff, Coach Richt is texting me first thing in the morning saying ‘what are we playing today?’ We’re not laying by the pool reading a book. We’re competing at something, cards, whatever, competing. When we’d play racquet ball at the Butts-Mehre, it was competition every day.

“He hates to lose. He is a competitive joker. That’s the thing that makes me mad. It’s a misconception that he’s trying to raise kids and make sure everybody feels good. That’s not how he is. … It’s not about making them feel good. It’s about making demands of them not just on the field, but off the field, teaching them right and wrong and how to be a responsible person. That’s tiring and taxing. But he’s never wavered from that.”

Like I said, impassioned.  But I’m not sure it doesn’t really boil down to what Bobo claims it isn’t about – Richt caring about making sure his players walk out of the program ready to deal with life, more than anything.  And that’s certainly admirable.  But as a commenter here pointed out the other day, should that be enough in and of itself to keep the head coaching job at Georgia?

I wish Richt would go ahead and win a damn national title, just so we could quit having this conversation.


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