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“And Coach Richt, he’s been like a game out of that.”

Dial the clip here up to the 1:10 mark and listen to Finebaum ask Spurrier if he was surprised that Mark Richt was fired.


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Mark Richt’s advice for some of you

Basically, get over it.

“You guys can keep rehashing it, but that’s over. It’s history. It’s Coach Smart’s time. I’m excited for him and excited for the program. I’m excited for Miami as well, and that’s what I’m focusing on. You guys can debate all you want, but I’m not going to get into that discussion. It’s old news.”

Amen, Coach.  Best of luck at your new gig.


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“I’m a big Plan B guy.”

I tend to brace myself when Greg McGarity is in explanation mode, but this is downright weird.

Change was clearly on the mind of Athletic Director Greg McGarity back in mid-October when he began looking into search firms. McGarity revealed Monday that it was then that he made up his mind he was going to utilize Bill Carr of CarrSports Consulting — if needed.

McGarity was a panelist at the College Athletics Leadership Symposium at the Embassy Suites Hotel in Atlanta on Oct. 19 when approached by Carr and “three or four” other search firms after the meeting.

“Bill was one presenting that day,” McGarity said after introducing Kirby Smart as Georgia’s new head coach Monday at the Georgia Center for Continuing Education. “They all anticipate (coaching changes). That’s the job of these firms. When you finally make a decision to contact one — and I’m sure they’ve done some homework themselves — those guys want work, too. … They’re doing their due diligence, too.”

So McGarity didn’t seek out search firms, they sought him out?  Color me a wee bit skeptical on that happening out of the blue.

It’s a pretty good indication the decision to can Richt wasn’t totally based on this season’s record, though.  That “on the way home from the Tech game” story of McGarity’s is just that.


UPDATE:  According to Chip Towers, the players didn’t see it coming.

Georgia’s players have had the air knocked out of them the past week. They went from not really believing that Richt was in trouble with the administration to dealing with him being fired, to rationalizing him bolting for Miami, to accepting a new coach.


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Guess who’s coming to dinner.

This has some massive potential for awkwardness.

Mark Richt and his now former Georgia players still may get together one more time next week.

“I might go to the senior awards banquet,” the former Bulldog and newly hired Miami head coach told WQAM radio in South Florida  on Friday. “The seniors asked me if I would come back. If it doesn’t disrupt the business of getting ready here at Miami, I’ll be there. Other than that, I’ll be here working.”

Um… what about the business of getting ready in Athens?

Look, I get why the seniors would ask him to do that.  But he’s no longer a part of the program.  If it’s about keeping up with the players he once coached, that’s what the Paul Oliver Network is for, something I hope he doesn’t let lapse now that he’s at Miami.

I’d like to think it doesn’t come to someone telling him it would be best not to attend, but that quote makes it sound like he’s not considering a graceful way out.


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Gettin’ the band back together? Two thumbs up!

I’m just gonna leave this one hanging out there for you guys.


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We have this lovely parting gift for you.

Per Schlabach,

Richt, 55, is expected to receive a contract similar to the one he had at Georgia, the sources said. The Bulldogs paid him $4 million per season and they will still owe him a $4.1 million buyout, regardless of what he earns at Miami.

Bet there are a few vindictive boosters who give McGarity a hard time about honoring an unsigned contract.


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You think Mark Richt has burned up good will before?

I can’t think of a more guaranteed way to tarnish a legacy than to do this.


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