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“The 55-year old Richt is one of the most respected coaches in the game.”

When it comes to being named to the new NCAA Division I Football Oversight Committee, it sounds like that plus five bucks will get you a mocha latte at Starbucks.

Bowlsby previously told CBSSports.com that the new oversight committees are expected to lessen coaches’ influence on the process.

“The NFL, they don’t ask coaches what they think about the rules,” Bowlsby said earlier this month. “The owners make the rules.”

Seems like just the kind of shit Nick Saban doesn’t have time for.


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Upset ability is upsetting.

Matt Melton looks at coaches who beat the spread and coaches who fail to cover over the last ten seasons and finds Mark Richt wanting.

Mark Richt is perhaps one of the best coaches to have never won a national title, but his last SEC championship was in 2005 and like Stoops and Beamer, his seat is becoming a little warmer.

At least with those betting on Georgia.


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Doesn’t stink as much as you think.

CBSSports‘ Jerry Hinnen, Chip Patterson, Adam Silverstein and Tom Fornelli rank the 66 Power Five head coaches and Mark Richt comes out seventh on the list.

When it comes to Richt, people spend too much time focusing on what he hasn’t done rather than what he has accomplished. The man has coached 184 games with the Bulldogs and he’s won 136 (74 percent) of them. He’s won two SEC titles (the only two Georgia has won in the last 32 years) and six SEC East crowns. The only thing he’s been guilty of has been coaching in a conference that’s been the home of some of the best coaches and teams in the country the last 20 years.  [Emphasis added.]

I’ve said this before:  the biggest problem with people finding fault with Richt is the perception that Georgia is a better program than it has been, historically speaking.

Look at that list and tell me who you think could be drawn to Georgia to improve the program to a level it’s never previously occupied. And why.  Because that’s really what you’re looking for.


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Tweet of the day

It’s not just us…

The article at the link is pretty good, too.


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Mark Richt has officially lost control of the lost control meme.

Per CFN, it’s official.

The whole Mark Richt Hot Seat narrative is over – he’s not getting fired unless Georgia totally goes into the tank

Boy, I’ll bet he’s relieved to hear that.  All though I guess there’s still a small segment out there asking the question.  You know the one.



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“I’d been playing since I was six or seven. Football’s all I know.”

I dare you to read former North Carolina player Ryan Hoffman’s heartbreaking story

“Look, I’m still in tiptop physical shape and can probably run a marathon,” Hoffman said, the words tumbling out of a mouth missing a tooth that was knocked out in a street fight. “It’s my brain that keeps me from being a productive member of society. I’m physically very strong, but I’m mentally so weak. Something is wrong with me. I don’t know what it is, but I used to be normal, you know?

“I’m confident — well, I’m pretty sure — that football had something to do with it.”

Football’s toll on its participants is well established. We know about dozens of former N.F.L. players who were left with severe brain damage from repeated blows to the head. Their stories often contain disturbingly similar details — depression, substance abuse, memory loss, dementia — and their brain damage was always revealed posthumously.

But there are many more former players out there wondering if they are football’s next casualties. Most of those players are not famous. Most never made a dime off the game. They are relatively anonymous men who played the sport in college and only later, for some reason or another, have found themselves struggling in life.

Just like their N.F.L. counterparts, Hoffman and those former college players have been left to wonder: Did football do this? Are the hits to the head I took the reason for my decline? Or would I be in this condition even if I’d never played a down?

They might never know the answer, because a definitive answer might not exist.

Hoffman blames football for scrambling his brain, but at this point it is impossible to disentangle what could be football-related brain injuries from his subsequent drug use and possibly genetic mental illness. He simply cannot be sure. No one can.

… and not see Mark Richt’s Paul Oliver Network in a different, less cynical way.  I know I can’t.


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Wednesday morning buffet

Let me light the chafing dishes… ah, there.


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