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Closer than you think

Once more, if you don’t have a subscription to The Athletic it’s a shame, because Seth Emerson’s piece on Mark Richt and Kirby Smart ($$) is definitely worth reading.

“I’ve always had a greater purpose in coaching than trying to get a raise or trying to win a championship or coach a Heisman Trophy winner,” Richt said. “I mean I’ve been blessed to win championships, coach Heisman winners, All-Americans, national championships, ACC championships. I know we didn’t do that at Georgia as a national champion. But you know, I experienced all that. And if that’s all there is at the end, it’s empty unless you help these guys.

“And that’s what people misunderstand sometimes: I’m highly motivated to win the national championship. But just because I care about them beyond football they think, ‘Oh he’s more worried about that than he is winning.’ No, that’s not true at all. Not true at all. I want to win, and we’re gonna do the best we can to try to win. But I feel like we truly are educators and we truly have a responsibility to help these guys.”

I get the people who are angry about Richt’s legacy because they feel personally cheated by the program’s lack of ultimate accomplishments.  What I don’t get is the bitter armchair psychoanalysis of Richt’s character from people who have never met the man.

By the way, there’s some very good stuff in there about Smart, too.  All in all, a great read.



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The final “Mark Richt has lost control” moment?

According to this report, he’s lost control over his Miami career.

InsideTheU has learned through multiple sources that Richt informed school officials on Sunday that he plans to retire. The news comes just a few days after the Hurricanes were rolled by Wisconsin in the Pinstripe Bowl.

I wonder if he comes back to Athens in retirement.


UPDATE:  Life comes at you fast.


UPDATE #2:  Per Bruce Feldman ($$),

A person with direct knowledge of the matter told The Athletic on the condition of anonymity that a big reason for Richt’s exit is that he was under pressure to remove his son Jon from the Hurricanes coaching staff. Jon Richt was the Hurricanes’ quarterbacks coach.

This is why there’s a good reason for anti-nepotism rules.


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We’ll always have Mark Richt has lost control.

Just remember, Jeff, when one door closes, the one at Auburn opens.


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Mark Richt has lost control of Montana.

Man, Stewart Mandel ($$) brings the shade.

Also, Kirby Smart seems unlikely to let the Dawgs take their foot off the gas for even a minute despite them having already clinched the East. You’re not in the Mark Richt era anymore.



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“I didn’t choose to leave Georgia.”

Over at The Athletic (you know, you really should subscribe), you’ll find a lengthy piece on Mark Richt ($$), where he says —  surprise! — he never wanted to leave Athens.

Now, some of you may choose not to believe that, but you know who did?  The people at Miami who interviewed Richt for that job after he was fired.

“His interview was very boring, just to be quite honest,” Vilma says. “There was really not a lot of energy, and in the middle of the interview he kind of apologized because he was still kind of getting over being fired by Georgia. He didn’t expect that to happen.

“I took that as something really positive, because everything that he was saying, No. 1, was genuine, and No. 2, it showed he is committed to the long term. Like, he wanted to stay at Georgia until he retired…”

Not that I expect that to change many minds, but, what the hell, thought I’d share.


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Richt remembers VanGorder

There is an interesting interview in the Louisville Courier-Journal in which Georgia’s former head coach reflects on what caused him to hire Brian VanGorder as his first defensive coordinator.

Now, I just wish somebody would ask Richt what he was thinking when he kept Willie Martinez in that role.  Assuming he even wants to discuss it, of course.


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The eternal flame

Mark Bradley has scientific proof that Paul Johnson is a better coach than the man he’s never beaten in Bobby Dodd Stadium:  “Because overachieving is always a function of coaching.”

So is recruiting.


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