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The parable of the farmers

Here’s a story that I know will drive some of you crazy.

When Georgia lost to Tennessee and dropped to 2-2 in the SEC, the critics howled. Richt responded by telling his team the story of the two farmers.

“Both were praying for rain to relieve a terrible drought,” Richt said. “One farmer decided to plow his field in case it rained. The other farmer did nothing but continue to hope that it rained.

“So when it finally rained, the farmer who had done the work — had plowed his field — was able to benefit.”

On Oct. 17, Florida lost its first game to LSU. On that same night, Georgia beat Missouri to set up Saturday’s showdown with the Gators by the St. Johns River.

“I just told our guys that if we took care of our business, then we could have a chance to dance in the rain,” Richt said. “And now we have that chance.”

Go ahead, you guys.  You know you want to.


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U got the look.

I didn’t think it was possible for anyone with a paying media gig to pull this off, but Matt Hayes has managed to make Mark Bradley seem rational about Mark Richt’s career path.

Georgia coach Mark Richt was asked Tuesday about his name popping up on candidates for the Miami job. And unlike the last time the job came open in 2010 and the former Miami QB shot down any notion of returning to his alma mater, this response had an eerie sense of, well, wanting.

“I don’t think much of it really,” Richt said. “I love my alma mater, the U. No doubt about it, but there’s been nobody calling or writing or texting or anything like that. So I’m sure they’ll find a great coach.”

A couple of things: When Richt was at Miami, it wasn’t the “U” — it was a program that was on the heels of nearly being shut down before Howard Schnellenberger took over. That statement from Richt is a clear message that he’s not only interested in Miami, but he’s interested in other jobs.

Jayzus.  Time to start watching that flight tracking service for news, I guess.


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Oh so close

If you think Mark Richt’s Georgia career is staring into the abyss, one more loss away from falling in, it’s not.  For every fan who’s threatened to cancel his season tickets (threatened as opposed to actually doing the dirty deed, you know), there are plenty of others ready to write their checks.  For every one of the biggest Dawg fans around… alright, maybe I don’t go to every game…”, there are plenty of others who do and plan on continuing to do so.

In other words, the money is still rolling in.  And we all know what that means on the Georgia Way.

You’ll know Mark Richt is in real trouble when the cash starts drying up.  Or when recruits start turning their backs on the program.  Neither has happened.  In fact, with regard to the latter, news popped up that a second potential member of the much ballyhooed class being assembled for the next signing day, four-star defensive lineman Julian Rochester, has quietly signed his financial aid forms with Georgia, as had Jacob Eason.

No, that doesn’t mean his February fax is in Athens yet, but that’s not a sign he’s bailing out, either.  Quite the contrary:  “Rochester said a major coaching shakeup would be the only way he would not wind up at UGA.”

I know, I know.  That message board chatter is so convincing.  Who are you gonna believe, Julian Rochester, or that guy who claims his sister knows the cousin of one of Georgia’s big contributors?


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Mark Richt has lost control of pessimists.

He’s not going to Miami.  He hasn’t even been contacted.

And as for his trusty sidekick…



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He’s only got your best interest at heart.

Shorter Mark Bradley:  I know Mark Richt always says he’s never leaving Georgia for another coaching job, but he ought to consider the Miami opening because it would take him away from people like me who question his devotion.


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Random Monday morning thought

Can I just say I find it more than a little amusing that some of the same people who castigate Richt supporters for elevating the coach above the program are now hoping that Georgia loses more games this season so there will be pressure to force Richt out?

You’ve become what you bitch about, peeps.  Of course, that’s Richt’s fault too, amirite?


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‘You look like you’re smirking’

It sure sounds like somebody’s sphincter is tightening.


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