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Mark Richt has gained control over graduate transfers.

What’s come over him?

So much for Mr. “Life Is Too Short”.



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“I was so fiercely loyal to Georgia because that’s the job I took.”

Steve Hummer’s Q&A with Mark Richt has this particularly interesting exchange:

Q: Getting back to offensive play-calling, how satisfying has that been?

A: The best thing about that is for me the energy level that it takes and the competitive spirit that it takes daily. Even in spring ball, you’re going against the defense. In fall camp, you’re going against the defense. Week by week you’re going against the opponent. You’re competing. I think my natural competitive spirit comes out better than when you’re the CEO. I think it has been good for me. And I think it has been good for the coaches and players to see that part of me.

I guess raising money for the school and athletic department doesn’t get the competitive juices flowing.  Too bad the Georgia Way wouldn’t listen.


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The downside to “it’s worked out for both schools”

I suspect this wouldn’t be an optimum outcome for the folks at Butts-Mehre:

No. 3 Notre Dame (8-1) at No. 7 Miami (8-0): The Irish have been in elimination mode since Week 2. A win would give them a 4-1 record against teams that entered Week 11 ranked, a very Playoff-worthy total. The Canes can silence all concerns about their many close wins and hurt UGA’s resume (in case it comes down to Mark Richt vs. Kirby Smart for No. 4), potentially killing two birds.  [Emphasis added.]

There’s a part of me that would love to hear the awkward sales job McGarity would pitch facing that scenario, but I’d rather have Georgia win out and avoid the issue altogether.


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Today, in things that would make this message board explode

And it has nothing to do with politics.


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Mark Richt isn’t losing control over other teams’ logos.

We’ve seen this play before.


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“The Mark Richt loyalists up in Athens, and there are still more than a few left, are converting.”

Emerging national perspective on Richt’s career at Georgia, a year and a half after his departure, through the lens of the Dawgs’ uptick this season:

Godfrey said the game could put Miami in a position to run the table this regular season. If he turned Miami around like that, Godfrey said, “Richt can really change the last third or last quarter” of his career, with respect to how he is remembered as a coach.

He punctuated that with: “No pressure.”

At his old place, Richt had a reputation as one of the good guys in the game, a calm, serene coach beloved by players and fans. The only knock on him: as high as he raised the Bulldogs’ bar, as many times as he made them a contender, he didn’t bring home the big one.

“Generally, I think that was an overblown narrative,” said Atlanta Journal-Constitution writer Chip Towers, who covered Richt at UGA. “I think it became a meme after a while. It’s like anything else: there’s some truth to it. There were years they had really good teams and they did well. Early on in his career, it was all about his ability to win those big games, and road games in particular.”

After winning two SEC titles in his first five seasons, Richt couldn’t repeat the feat. Georgia was 25-13 against ranked opponents in Richt’s first seven seasons, and 14-23 after. He won plenty of games — 145 in 15 seasons, more than any Dawgs coach except Vince Dooley (201 in 25 years) — but the big-game performance, especially in the latter half of his career, was why UGA and the coach split in 2015.

“Richt’s problem the last few years at Georgia wasn’t really a big-game issue,” Sports Illustrated senior writer Andy Staples said in an email. “It was the fact that his teams underachieved for entire seasons. Losing by five to the eventual national champ (Alabama) in (the) 2012 (SEC title game) was nothing to be ashamed of. Not getting to the SEC title game after that was the issue.”

Stewart Mandel, editor-in-chief of The All-American, said in an email Richt “won a LOT of big games,” and while he “tailed off toward the end, and that’s why he lost his job, but I certainly don’t think of him that way.”

Sports Illustrated’s Bruce Feldman noted in an email that Richt “dominated the series against [Georgia Tech] at UGA (12-3) and did really well against Auburn (11-5). His record against UF (5-10) wasn’t very good but it was even worse against the Gators before he arrived.

…  Richt’s rep as a big-game Charlie Brown, bolstered by blogs and message boards and elucidated by national writers, will be wafting around him until Miami’s contending for national titles again. A win Saturday would blow some of it away.

And it would draw a salute from some in Athens, where the same new-coach hope springs eternal.

“It just wasn’t meant to be for him here, for whatever reason,” Towers said. “He knocked on the door so many times. He was better than anybody they’ve ever had. Maybe Kirby Smart will take them over the top. He might.”

FSU appears down this season.  Miami is currently ranked; the Seminoles aren’t.  If Miami can’t finish the drill Saturday, expect more of this.



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Mark Richt has lost control of his won-loss record.

Things went worse in his last game than we thought.

Screenshot-2017-10-4 Georgia firing Mark Richt has worked well for the Bulldogs, Kirby Smart, Miami and Richt

Well, Jim Donnan will be the first to tell you that you can’t keep losing to Georgia Tech.


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