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My biggest question from today’s presser…

… probably isn’t what you might expect.  Here’s what Richt said in response to a question about his future plans:

Mark Richt: “I’ll say this — if and when I do coach again, I’m looking forward to coaching again in terms of being more hands-on. I miss coaching quarterbacks, I miss calling plays, I miss that part of it. Whether it’s in the role of head coach, coordinator, quarterbacks coach, whatever it is. If in fact I choose to do that I’d be really excited about coaching QBs again and getting in the middle of coaching offensive strategy. Not that I wasn’t in it, but I wasn’t calling it. And I think I’d be more apt to do that again.”

Geez, if that’s what you missed, why didn’t you do something about it, especially this season after Bobo left?  You could have taken the OC job back and hired a special teams coach, which probably would have made a lot of people happier, including yourself, it sounds like.


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It’s not too late to vote.

This isn’t scientific, or even particularly relevant to Mark Richt’s fate (unless it’s comprised of Georgia’s big donors, heh).

But it is an interesting data point, considering how convinced some of you are about how the fan base perceives Richt.


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“I’m not saying (critics) shouldn’t take shots…”

He’s just sayin’.

“It’s not the critic who counts. It’s not the man who points out where the strong man stumbled or whether the doer of deeds could’ve done them better,” Richt said, quoting Roosevelt. “The credit belongs to the man who’s actually in the arena, who’s been devoured. Win or lose, at least he wasn’t one of those timid souls that know neither victory nor defeat.”

When in doubt, go to the arena.


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Lalalalala… he can’t hear you.

Mark Richt has a warning for us about Saturday’s game.

“I don’t know what the fan base thinks about this game, but I can promise you we’ll get tested in this game as much as any.”

“I don’t know what the fan base thinks about this game…”?  Really?  Either that’s so cute, or the man sure knows how to block out the noise.


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Name that caption, jet lag edition

I guess this is what you do when your team wins an early game on Saturday.

Have at it in the comments.


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Maybe Richt really is trolling us.

This is a rather curious thing to say.

Richt was asked just one question during his allotted 10-minute window on the weekly call and it was about whether the Bulldogs had settled yet on a starting quarterback for Saturday’s game against Kentucky. He said that Greyson Lambert and Brice Ramsey are “repping most” with the No. 1 offense. He said that Bauta, who started against the Gators’ last week, “has gotten some work as well. We haven’t ruled that out.”

Then he offered this intriguing aside without prompting:

“Part of last week (here he pauses to laugh) was just the fact that some of the guys, I was just curious, if there was any secrets anymore, you know? And guys, somehow things always slip out through social media or whatever it is. So I was just curious if everybody could keep it under their hat.”

Wait, what?

I don’t think that was meant to be taken seriously, but I also think Richt’s seriously overestimating the fan base’s sense of humor these days.   Win a few games first  – hell, score some points first – and maybe we’ll appreciate the wisecracks more.


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A fine mess: about Richt

Coach Mark Richt opened his teleconference call Sunday by saying he didn’t know who would be the quarterback for this week’s game against Kentucky.

“We’re not ready to get to the quarterbacks yet, but we will discuss all possibilities,” he said.

“We’re not ready” isn’t as butch a theme as “Finish the drill”, but what it lacks in testosterone it makes up for in accuracy.

Those of you who thought starting Faton Bauta was a sign of desperation on Richt’s part couldn’t have been more wrong.  Alarmingly, it was a sign of something even more disconcerting.


I’ve heard my share of rumors about how Richt has managed the program of late.  I don’t know enough to say whether the story of a somewhat detached CEO approach is true.  What I can say is that it really doesn’t matter if the program has slid because Richt isn’t involved enough in the day-to-day details or because he is.  The real problem is the stunning number of details that are being ignored on a weekly basis.

“Stunning” is the right word here.  Georgia is doing things we haven’t seen in a while.  It’s lost three of its last four conference games, and it’s not a stretch to think that, but for a Kenneth Towns touchdown saving tackle, it could easily have been a clean sweep.  This past Saturday, the Dawgs were held to three points for the first time ever under Richt.  Those aren’t indications of a well run football team.

You know what else isn’t an indication of a well run team?  Setting players up to fail.  I’ve already had my say about the ill-advised manner in which Bauta was prepped and the game plan that didn’t do him any favors, as well as letting a kid like Reggie Davis continue to do what he’s already shown he’s not capable of handling.  Who sits back and lets shit like that happen without thinking about the consequences?  Or, just as sadly, supports decisions like that?

There is a certain amount of irony here in how we’ve all been a little guilty of not seeing the forest for the trees. I know I have. Georgia is a serious mess this week, not because Richt isn’t fiery, or because his players aren’t good at handling adversity or because of undersigning.  Georgia’s a mess because it’s a rudderless ship.  It’s losing and its head coach has no idea right now how to regain direction.  If you aren’t convinced that’s the case, read this sad story in the AB-H.

One thing I’ve always said about Georgia head football coaches – recent history indicates the ones that lose their jobs are the ones that don’t have good coordinators.  That’s a lesson I thought Richt had absorbed.  Now, I’m not so sure.  I’ve already explained that I’m not enamored with much of what Schottenheimer’s done this year.  Here’s what his boss had to say in response to an obvious question:

Richt won’t be stepping in to take some of Brian Schottenheimer’s play-calling duties.

“I’m in there just about every meeting,” Richt said. “We do a lot of talking in terms of personal in terms. We do a lot talking in terms of downs and distances and situations and things of that nature.”

Whatever you two talk about isn’t clicking.  Schottenheimer is in the process of going down as Richt’s worst coordinator hire, which is a helluva statement on my part, because I still think of Willie Martinez as the gold standard in that department.  Richt stuck with Martinez too long, but at least I could understand why.  There’s no personal bond between Richt and Schottenheimer; if Richt hasn’t seen enough yet to be convinced some serious change is badly needed, I don’t know what it’s going to take for him to get to that point.

I don’t think Richt is losing his job this year.  There’s too much money at stake and it’s shaping up as a bad time to go out and sign a new head coach.  (Okay, not from Jimmy Sexton’s point of view.)  But there shouldn’t be anything stopping Greg McGarity from asking Richt to explain and justify exactly what’s happened and where things go from here.  If nothing else, maybe that’ll force Richt to pay more attention to the myriad of issues he’s let slide.  Something’s got to change, that’s for sure.


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