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“… not to say Coach Richt wasn’t.”

However skeptical I remain about the hiring process that brought Kirby Smart to Athens, he’s the man now and I hope for great things from him.

If there’s one thing that gives me that hope, it’s the answer that DJ Shockley gives Brandon Adams in response to the question how practice under Smart differs from practice under Richt.

“Kirby is all about the details” is the chicken soup to my Georgia fanboy soul.  DJ was polite about how he phrased the difference between the two men, but you didn’t have to play for Richt to know that staying on top of every detail was not his strong suit.

If you want to know what I’ll judge Smart’s first year on, it won’t be wins and losses.  It’ll be how few times I find myself pulling my hair out over some dumb omission.


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Life after Jimmy

It appears that at least in one way, Mark Richt’s move to Miami is a step up.


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The triumphant return of a familiar meme

Here we go.

One can only hope Bradley and Herbstreit chime in.


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Malcolm Mitchell’s obituary for the Richt era

Leave it to him to have the final word:

Mitchell spoke with reporters at the NFL scouting combine Friday. He was focused on a potential switch to defensive back, but he also had time to reflect on the end of the Richt era, saying he was “surprised” by the move but understood why it happened.

“From the business aspect of it — which is all I can answer, ’cause I don’t know their personal decisions — they wanted a championship,” Mitchell said. “And we as a team did not deliver that last season.”

“What’s fair and what’s not fair for a college football program?” Mitchell said. “I’m not sure. I know I loved (Richt) as a coach and as a person, and I was sad to see him leave that university.”


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Coach Richt, I don’t even know you anymore.

Miami just offered “a skilled and refined middle schooler” from Georgia.

He’s come a long way from the days of “A lot of the out of state teams will just come in and just offer like mad. They’ll come in and just offer like candy”, that’s for sure.


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“A lot of it is the price of transition.”

Holy smokes.  “A lot” really means a lot.

… According to invoices provided to The Atlanta Journal-Constitution through an open records request, Georgia’s expenses for chartered air services from this past December through Jan. 31 increased 576 percent over the same time period the previous year under Richt.

Smart’s staff produced 25 invoices totaling $1.183 million during that two-month span. Seven of those invoices reflected charges of $82,000 or more for private jets, with a high of $182,869.14 on Jan. 20…  [Emphasis added.]

An almost six-fold increase, year-over-year?  Jeebus.  Ah, but there’s a reason, you see.

McGarity, who along with a board of directors is charged with overseeing the athletic association’s budget, acknowledged that Smart has utilized private charters more often than his predecessor. But he also took issue with comparing the two totals.

“That’s apples to oranges; there’s no way to compare that,” McGarity said. “A lot of that was  interviewing candidates. It wasn’t all recruiting. We were in a transition year. … ”

Maybe the Skype machine was broken.  In any event, McGarity’s math doesn’t exactly hold up.

However, it’s after the open period for recruiting resumed in mid-January that Smart and his staff logged most of their chartered miles. Seventeen of the 25 invoices totaling more than $750,000 were filed after Jan. 13 when the recruiting calendar again permitted in-home visits.

Again, McGarity insisted UGA didn’t do anything more for Smart than Richt.

“We never told him no; there’s never been an instance we said, ‘Mark, you can’t charter,’” McGarity said. “If there is the perception that the new guy gets everything, that’s just not true. (The head coach) gets whatever he needs, whatever he requests.”

To be fair, Richt doesn’t dispute that.  And it’s not like I have a problem with the athletic department lavishing spending on recruiting, especially when Smart was going all out to hold a class together on short time.

But it’s funny that there’s a sense of denial about what’s going on.  If this is an apples and oranges comparison, it’s only because Smart comes in from a very different environment than the one Richt operated in.  When it comes to spending money, the process appears to be kicking the Georgia Way’s ass these days.  I welcome that, but it’s worth remembering what we all thought when Butts-Mehre ponied up for Richt after the Belk Bowl: with greater investment comes greater accountability.  It’s hard to argue that Smart shouldn’t be judged by the same standard, and, by extension, McGarity as well.


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“And Coach Richt, he’s been like a game out of that.”

Dial the clip here up to the 1:10 mark and listen to Finebaum ask Spurrier if he was surprised that Mark Richt was fired.


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