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Soon to be appearing in an analyst’s booth near you…

Bryan Harsin made a sacrifice to the football gods yesterday.

Mike Bobo will not return as Auburn’s offensive coordinator, sources have confirmed to Auburn Live.

The decision was finalized by first-year coach Bryan Harsin on Monday.

That makes two assistant coaches canned in Harsin’s first year.  Dude’s already shown he can scapegoat at an elite level.

What’s really great about this is that Harsin made a big deal about stealing Bobo from Shane Beamer in the offseason.  Now Auburn gets to pay for that.

Bobo signed a three-year contract last offseason. The deal was worth $1.3 million annually, and Auburn will owe him the remaining $2.6 million on his contract in buyout payments, paid out over the term of the deal, which runs through Jan. 31, 2024.

At least Mike will be well compensated (better than he was when he was Georgia’s OC, as a matter of fact) while he’s giving Kirby Smart advice.



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Today, in run the damned ball, Bobo

You mean, like first and goal on the opponent’s four-yard line, with less than six minutes to go in the game and Todd Gurley in the backfield?


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“Toto, we’re not on the Gus Bus anymore.”

Culture shock on the Plains:

It’s gonna be a real trip to watch, Bo.


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Old school

This isn’t quite balance talk, but it’s close enough.

Wait ’til he lets ‘Cocknation know SC is going back to traditional I-formation offense.  Cutting edge, for the win!


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They blame Bobo.

I never imagined when I posted this yesterday…

Let’s hear it for Colorado State, which, in a matter of a few short months with a brand new coach, has managed the difficult Daily Double of substandard safety protocols and racism/verbal abuse accusations that need to be investigated by the administration that hired him.

I mean, there are programs that take years to get to that point.  Salut!

… that it would turn out Colorado State would be one of those programs.

These were some of the incidents most often corroborated in separate interviews:

Bobo and Jancek calling Black football players “boy,’’ a derogatory term aimed at Black people. One assistant coach under Bobo said Jancek quit using the term after being told it was insensitive.

• • •

In a meeting with his assistant coaches, it was confirmed that Bobo was wanting a Black woman to meet a Black recruit. He looked at former assistant coach Joe Cox, who is white and is married to a Black woman, and asked if his wife could meet the recruit. Cox said his wife was not available. He looked around the room and said to former assistant coach Bryan Applewhite, who is Black and married to a white woman, that the next time he hires a Black assistant coach he will make sure he has a Black wife…

In one of the more public outbursts among CSU football staff, Jancek, who is white, and Tre Thomas, a Black starting linebacker, had to be separated on the sidelines in plain sight of many fans at a 2018 game against Wyoming. After that incident, Bobo moved Jancek away from the sidelines and up to the coaches box above the stands, claiming he did so to give Jancek a better look at the field rather than for separation from his defensive players.

“In what other department at CSU would you pay a person $325,000 (Jancek’s annual salary) who you couldn’t trust to be around students, or require your deputy athletic director (Steve Cottingham) to babysit your head basketball coach (Larry Eustachy) because you were afraid of their abusive behavior and you were afraid to fire them?’’ Stewart said.

I will leave it you y’all to beg the obvious questions here.




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It depends upon what the meaning of the word ‘balance’ is.

Bill Connelly throws some exquisite “blame Bobo” shade here.

Screenshot_2020-04-28 Bill Connelly on Twitter Colorado State was balanced last year, in that they passed and defended the [...]

What’s the over/under on the number of times Boom and Bobo cite balance this season?


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“Familiarity” in Columbia

Knowing Agent Muschamp’s track record with offensive coordinators, I’m not sure I’d be thrilled to read this, were I a Gamecock fan.

Of course, the main reason Bobo now is in Columbia after his five season run as Colorado State head coach is because of the person who occupies the head coaches’ suite.

Will Muschamp and Bobo were Georgia teammates for two seasons who have stayed in touch as they each climbed the coaching ladder. Muschamp was a Bulldog team captain as a senior in 1994 and Bobo his junior and senior seasons in 1996 and 1997.

“We’ve always talked, we’ve always stayed close,” Muschamp said. “When I felt like I needed to make some changes here, he was the one and only guy I planned on talking to. I did talk to some other people, but Mike was the guy that I wanted here. I trust Mike as a person and a coach. I saw what he did at Georgia and I saw him adjust to a lot of different personnel groupings at Colorado State. I thought he did a fantastic job in watching their film. He and I coach a lot alike. He’s liked minded as far as those things are concerned. I think that’s always important as a coach to be philosophically aligned with people on your staff.”

Nah, I think I’d be more optimistic if Boom had said, “Mike’s looked at what I’ve done for years with my OCs and thinks it’s total crap.”


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Everything old is new again.

We’re all excited at the possibilities Todd Monken brings to Georgia’s offense, with cutting edge concepts he’s refined in the NFL.

Meanwhile, in Columbia…


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Sometimes, all you can do is laugh.

I don’t remember it being that amusing at the time I was watching it, though.


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“I’m excited to bring Mike on board.”

This is probably not the hot take South Carolina fans want to hear from their new offensive coordinator’s former boss at Georgia ($$).

“There’s no doubt things will be different and hopefully better,” Richt said of South Carolina’s decision to hire Bobo. “That’s why you’re going through this change. I’m not going to say it could have the same effect as the hire at LSU, but let’s face it: (The Tigers) made a coaching change and things changed dramatically.”

Boom has never had an OC who’s been able to make lemonade out of the lemons Muschamp’s provided.  If Bobo can do that, he’ll have done well, Brady or no Brady.


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