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I blame Boom.

Agent Muschamp strikes again.

Barring a last-minute change of heart, Mike Bobo will be South Carolina’s new offensive coordinator.

Three sources close to the situation confirmed the hire to The Post and Courier on Sunday. They each spoke on condition of anonymity due to USC’s Board of Trustees having to meet to authorize Bobo’s contract.

USC can’t officially confirm the hire until a contract has been approved. The Board is expected to do so on Tuesday.

Should make for an interesting experiment next season.


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Mike Bobo, you’re doing this all wrong.

Colorado State had a poor 2018 season.  Normally in college football’s coaching ranks something like that has little relationship to contractual reality, but that’s not how Mike Bobo rolls.

Mike Bobo sat on the couch in his office and spoke with a decisiveness in his voice. The Colorado State football coach bluntly evaluated the 2018 season, saying the Rams failed in all three phases of the game in a 3-9 campaign.

In diagnosing the season with his staff, athletic director Joe Parker and some of the players he expects to carry a leadership role in 2019, what linked the outcomes was a lack of accountability.

It’s the message he’s discussed with his staff and what will be delivered to the team when the players return from break in January. To make sure they understand accountability begins with him, Bobo said Monday he will set the initial example.

Bobo informed Parker two days after the loss to Air Force he would decline his $100,000 raise for the 2019 season. He amendment his contract and signed it in the past week, leaving his salary for this season at $1.8 million.

Jimmy Sexton shakes his head in disbelief.  Meanwhile, Greg McGarity sheds a quiet tear and wonders if he should have done more to keep a fiscally responsible assistant coach in Athens.


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“You better never count a Bobo out.”

If Kirby was this excited after Mike Bobo’s comeback win over Arkansas, imagine what kind of reaction he’d have if CSU somehow manages to upset the Gators.


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Thursday morning buffet

Num, num, num…


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No crayon jokes today, please.

Here’s hoping for a speedy recovery for Mike Bobo.


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Things Kirby and Saban hate, from someone who ought to know

Don’t know how I missed this clip before, but it’s Mike Bobo talking about what Alabama and Georgia were up to on the opening series of the national championship game.


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Today, in getting the band back together

John Jancek now works for Mike Bobo.

“I’ve had the opportunity to coach on the same staff with John at Georgia, and I’ve coordinated offenses that have gone up against his defenses,” Bobo said in a statement.

That’s the first time I’ve heard of a coach hiring a guy to make his offense look good in practice.


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Coaches Film Room haz a crayon.

Well, now

Coaches Film Room Returns with Limited Commercial Breaks
After making its first College Football Playoff Semifinals debut, the popular Coaches Film Room (ESPNEWS) returns to the CFP National Championship MegaCast. Mike Bobo (Colorado State), Pat Fitzgerald (Northwestern) and Kevin Sumlin are among the coaches participating. Additional coaches will be added throughout the weekend.  [Emphasis added.]

That should make for some interesting informed commentary in a number of ways.


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Stats blame Bobo.

Maybe it’s just a coincidence.

I have to admit there are times when I wonder if Mark Richt would still be coaching in Athens if Bobo hadn’t left for Colorado State.  Not that it matters at this point…


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Now he tells us.

Mark Richt has an eye for talent.

Mark Richt on recruiting Deshaun Watson to UGA: “I told (OC) Mike Bobo, this guy is going to take someone to a national championship.” Richt said he was convinced as soon as Clemson signed Watson, they’d be great. His take on Watson’s TD pass vs Georgia in his first career game: “I was glad they took him out after that.”

Hey, at least they talked about it!


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