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Don’t look now…

… but somebody’s gaining on the SEC’s rushing leader.


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You mess with the Chubb, you get mama’s horns.

Nick Chubb’s mother sent a message after yesterday’s beatdown.


My only regret about the lopsided score was that Nick didn’t get the chance to run for 200 yards.


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Poking the bear

This is what passes for clever in Knoxville these days.

I’d follow with the usual snarky “Stay classy, Vols”, but it’s probably a wasted effort.


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Returning to the Field of (Broken) Dreams

After Georgia’s last two trips to Neyland, and the carnage left in their wake, I’m apprehensive about the team’s health after this Saturday’s game.

Nick Chubb’s excited.  Somehow, I’m not surprised.


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A little more spring in Nick Chubb’s step

It’s more apparent with every passing game, but this is a welcome development.

That’s actually a better pace than Chubb set his freshman season.  Imagine what he might be capable of with just a tad better blocking from the o-line.


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“As long as we win the game,” he said, “that’s all that matters.”

In case you were wondering, Nick Chubb is cool with Jim Chaney.


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I ❤ Nick Chubb.

Nick Chubb still remembers the lesson his first running backs coach at Georgia, Bryan McClendon, taught him. Attack. Go north.

And in Chubb’s mind, he didn’t obey that lesson, that one fateful time. So there’s one way to fix it.

“Attack. Don’t go to the sideline. Get upfield,” Chubb said. “I let myself get on the sideline at Tennessee. So now I just get upfield every time. Instead of going out of bounds.”

Well, it was pointed out, don’t you have to go to the sidelines sometimes?

“Yeah, I mean … you don’t really have to,” Chubb said.

He grinned.

I mean, how can you not?


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Understatement of the effing decade

As headers go, “Nick Chubb Needs Help From His O-Line” pretty much nails it.

Georgia running back Nick Chubb is among the most talented at his position, and among the top draft-eligible running backs entering the 2017 season. But his 2016 campaign was a bit of a disappointment, as he managed just 1,130 yards on 224 attempts.

His 5.0 yards per attempt average was easily the lowest of his career, and a steep dropoff from his 8.1 mark during his injury-shortened 2015 season.

The issue, however, wasn’t Chubb himself. It was an offensive line that struggled to create room for him to run, even against the likes of Nicholls State and UL-Lafayette.

To demonstrate just how porous the Bulldogs offensive line was a season ago, we used our new heat map tool to chart where Chubb was first contacted by the defense on each of his carries in 2016. These results certainly won’t come as a shock to Georgia fans, but seeing it in heat map form is still eye opening:


… As the map shows, opposing defenses regularly got to Chubb behind the line of scrimmage and only on a handful of occasions did he get more than five yards downfield before encountering contact.

Yeah, but some of y’all keep reminding us in the comments about how last year was all about Chubb not being himself.

It’s amazing to keep reading comments here, there and everywhere about all the different keys to Georgia’s offense this season I read:  Eason, the receivers, Chubb’s health, et cetera… none of that is going to matter much if the offensive line doesn’t improve.


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Nick Chubb, not too shabby

Pro Football Focus takes a look at Nick Chubb’s 2016 season and discovers it wasn’t that bad.

  • After having his 2015 season end prematurely due to three torn ligaments in his left knee, Chubb returned to play 433 snaps in 2016 and recorded an overall grade of 81.8, which is No. 5 among returning SEC running backs. Chubb’s average of 3.6 yards after contact per rushing attempt was also tops among all SEC backs with 200 plus carries.
  • One thing that Chubb has been able to do throughout his collegiate career is make defenders miss. As a true freshman, Chubb had an elusive rating of 108.5 after forcing 69 missed tackles on 237 touches. Even this past year after returning from his knee surgery, Chubb forced 40 missed tackles but didn’t force them as efficiently as he’d done prior to the injury.  [Emphasis added.]

Jeez.  Just imagine what a fully healthy Chubb might be capable of this season.  Then imagine it with a competent offensive line.


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“I’m back doing my normal thing.”

So, what do you figure the difference is between a healthy Nick Chubb and a Nick Chubb at 100 percent?

Because he thinks there’s a difference.


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