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It’s already that time of year.

I’m not saying Jake Fromm should factor this possibility into his NFL draft deliberations…

… I’m just sayin’.

Of course, nobody should discount the likelihood that Todd’s agent is just doing his annual due diligence to coax another raise out of a gullible AD.


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“Oh, and most important, we know that Todd Grantham is back to coach the defense.”

Connor O’Gara, senior national columnist for Saturday Down South, you do us a grave disservice with pronouncements like this.

Some — mostly Georgia fans — scoffed at the idea that Grantham could make nearly $1.8 million annually.

Scoffed?  Against Georgia, Todd’s last two defenses have yielded 31 and 36 points and over 400 yards of offense in each game.  We couldn’t be happier the Gators value his services so highly.


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His work here is done. For now.

Like a boss.

Grantham was the highest-paid assistant in Gators football history at $1.5 million per season. After a down year for Florida’s defense in 2017, he elevated it 49 spots (from 69th to 20th) nationally in scoring defense. As such, coach Dan Mullen and athletic director Scott Stricklin awarded him with a $300,000 raise and one-year contract extension, which were announced Thursday. Based on 2018 salaries, that would make Grantham at $1.8 million one of the five highest-paid assistants in college football.  [Emphasis added.]

When you know the play and they know you know the play and they still let you run the play… well, that’s when you know you’ve really got game.


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Our temporary, yet repeated, national nightmare is over.

Whoomp!! There it is.

Grantham’s agent can go back into hibernation for a little while now.  I guess we’ll find out soon enough how much it cost this time for Todd not to be interested in going to the NFL.

Grantham gets paid and we still get third-and-Grantham.  Talk about your win-win…


UPDATE:  This is how you do it.

“Not this year.”  Always be leveraging.


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The continuing adventures of Todd Grantham’s agent

The man is working it, baby.

Only Florida’s AD knows if Todd really wants it.



Evidently Stricklin isn’t feeling it yet.


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Grantham’s progress

It looks like Todd Grantham is still waiting for that offer he can’t refuse.

If he takes it, no doubt the defensive players who just signed with/committed to Florida will appreciate David Shaw’s point that “The hopscotch approach to college really hinders their ability to have success in life.”  And if he doesn’t, well, there’s always a next time.  Life lessons, for the win!


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Ball’s in your court, Gators.

Based on the man’s track record, it depends on when he gets that sweet contract extension.


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