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This week, on Justified

You may not have heard, but Todd Grantham lost his shit in Nashville. Again.

We all tried to brush this off in 2011 by blaming James Franklin, but at this point, I think it’s best to heed the wisdom of Raylan Givens in such matters.



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Aaron Murray hasn’t forgotten the 2013 Auburn game.

Or, more particularly, the lack of defensive support he got in that game.

He’s entitled to complain.  (h/t)


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Thursday morning buffet

All part of college football’s rich pageant:

  • Peak Grantham“While Colorado State is less of a challenge than the Wildcats, Todd Grantham saw some positive improvements from his defensive unit.”  Does that include the Fightin’ Bobos’ 38 minutes of possession?
  • “At various points in the past three seasons, each of the top three teams in this week’s Amway Coaches Poll have leaned on a true freshman…”
  • “NCAA announces it will require schools to pay for tuition, fees and books for basketball players who leave after at least two years and want to return to their same school to get undergraduate degree.”  Why at least two years there?  Why do you think?
  • Classy gesture, kids:  “The North Carolina football team is helping with relief efforts following the devastation of Hurricane Florence by donating per diem allotments…”
  • Per Dave Matter, Mizzou’s best receiver has been nursing a groin injury and its best defensive back suffered a concussion against Purdue.  (Both are expected to play Saturday.)
  • Missouri’s running game should expect to receive Georgia’s defense’s best shot.
  • Larry Scott is all pissy about that California judge’s tentative ruling that show-cause order provisions in the NCAA bylaws violate California law.


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Welcome to Grantham

The first forty-one seconds of this video clip are so déjà vu, they’ll make you quiver a little.

Florida hosts Colorado State this week.  Boy, would I love to be a fly on the wall for some of Mike Bobo’s prep sessions.


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Gawd still likes me.

Todd Grantham is rumored to be one of the assistant coaches at Mississippi State expected to follow Dan Mullen to Florida.


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His bags are packed; he’s ready to go.

If you ponder the reality of college football, it’s not really much of surprise that less than two percent of the 1,170 full-time assistants in FBS have been at their current school since 2005.

What’s impressive, though, is how much Dan Mullen has done to contribute to those departure numbers.

Grantham is the sixth defensive coordinator in Mullen’s nine seasons at MSU, following Carl Torbush, Manny Diaz, Geoff Collins, Chris Wilson and Sirmon. Diaz guided the defense in 2010 and again in 2015, leaving the first time for Texas and the second time for Miami.

Given Mullen’s track record and Grantham’s proclivity for seeking greener pastures, what’s the over/under on the number of years Todd stays at Mississippi State?


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“Todd Grantham loves being the underdog.”


He made national news as Georgia’s defense coordinator in 2010 by flashing the “choke” sign to Florida punter/makeshift kicker Chas Henry before Henry nailed a 37-yard field goal to win in overtime.

Grantham laughs off that incident — and quickly points out that he won his next three against the Gators…

“He” won ’em, eh?

Aaron Murray should have sued Grantham for non-support during the 2013 season.


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