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He gets around.

Opinions may vary on Todd Grantham’s prowess as a defensive coordinator, but when it comes to using the threat of the NFL as leverage to get a raise, there is no doubt the man is a complete and total boss.


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This aged well.

Just a reminder to Florida’s information staff:  Georgia was 8 of 14 on third down with four touchdowns.

There’s a reason some memes have staying power.


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One day, we’ll all look back on it and laugh.

For Chas Henry, that day is now.

A visitor dropped by Todd Grantham’s Florida defensive meeting room in August during his first preseason in Gainesville. The veteran coordinator was told someone wanted to say hello.

“I walked in there and I started giving him the choke sign and all of the coaches just started dying laughing,” Chas Henry said.

Henry told the story on the same day Grantham began the first game week preparing his Florida defense to face Georgia, where he coached against the Gators for four seasons on the other side of the rivalry.

It was back in 2010 that Grantham again showed his unvarnished fiery side. He put his hand on his neck on the sideline as Henry prepared to attempt a 37-yard field goal in a tied game in overtime.

Tee hee!

I wonder who will get the last chuckle on third-and-Grantham this Saturday.

Dawg fans weren’t exactly thrilled with his tenure, an up-and-down stretch in which UGA held up really well against third down in one season and not so great in the others.

  • 2010: 42 percent
  • 2011: 28.9 percent (No. 3 nationally)
  • 2012: 36.5 percent
  • 2013: 39.5 percent

That led to #ThirdAndGrantham becoming a thing on social media.

The easy assumption is that Grantham’s defense was blitzing on basically every third down and allowing his defense to get carved up. Perception about Grantham became reality, but regardless of how it happened, his defenses weren’t great on third-and-long.

The Gators aren’t exactly elite on third down overall this season, but have been getting better over the last few games.

Those stats offered by Florida miss an ounce of context, because two of the last three opponents (LSU and Vanderbilt) are among the worst third down teams in the country. But the sentiment is there. For now, Florida is enjoying third/fourth-and-Grantham. It remains to be seen if Florida will continue on this trajectory, or if they’ll regress to the mean on third down.

One could ask the same question of Jake Fromm, who hasn’t exactly been tearing it up on third down this season (passer rating:  101.41).  That especially goes for third-and-long, where Jake has thrown three of his four interceptions on the year, on less than eight percent of his total pass attempts.  If I’m Jim Chaney, I’m pulling a crayon out of Mike Bobo’s box and sticking to the draw on third-and-ten.

You have to figure between Todd and Jake, though, something’s gotta give.


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Never give up.

Easily my tweet of the day…

“May have”?  You mean, like in the distant past?

I won’t be there in person to watch GameDay, but I sure hope there’s a witty 3d&G poster or two in camera shot Saturday.  We’ve earned it.


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This week, on Justified

You may not have heard, but Todd Grantham lost his shit in Nashville. Again.

We all tried to brush this off in 2011 by blaming James Franklin, but at this point, I think it’s best to heed the wisdom of Raylan Givens in such matters.


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Aaron Murray hasn’t forgotten the 2013 Auburn game.

Or, more particularly, the lack of defensive support he got in that game.

He’s entitled to complain.  (h/t)


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Thursday morning buffet

All part of college football’s rich pageant:

  • Peak Grantham“While Colorado State is less of a challenge than the Wildcats, Todd Grantham saw some positive improvements from his defensive unit.”  Does that include the Fightin’ Bobos’ 38 minutes of possession?
  • “At various points in the past three seasons, each of the top three teams in this week’s Amway Coaches Poll have leaned on a true freshman…”
  • “NCAA announces it will require schools to pay for tuition, fees and books for basketball players who leave after at least two years and want to return to their same school to get undergraduate degree.”  Why at least two years there?  Why do you think?
  • Classy gesture, kids:  “The North Carolina football team is helping with relief efforts following the devastation of Hurricane Florence by donating per diem allotments…”
  • Per Dave Matter, Mizzou’s best receiver has been nursing a groin injury and its best defensive back suffered a concussion against Purdue.  (Both are expected to play Saturday.)
  • Missouri’s running game should expect to receive Georgia’s defense’s best shot.
  • Larry Scott is all pissy about that California judge’s tentative ruling that show-cause order provisions in the NCAA bylaws violate California law.


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