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Nothing personal? Of course it was personal.

If you had any doubt that Mark Richt wanted to send a message to his former defensive coordinator last night, that should have been completely erased at the 4:18 mark in the fourth quarter, when Georgia inserted Nick Chubb back into a 30-14 game.  Two minutes later, Chubb blasted into the end zone with the final score of the game, and left Todd Grantham with quite the legacy from the bowl game.

Grantham now has the honor of coaching the defense that allowed Chubb’s single-game rushing total to become the second highest in school history.  Chubb set a new Belk Bowl rushing record.  And Chubb’s season rushing total has only been bettered by one other Georgia back, Herschel Walker.

Not too shabby.

Throw in a touch of this…

… and I think you could say Georgia touched all the bases.  Sweet.


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Miss Manners at the Belk Bowl

My, isn’t everyone on their best behavior.

It was the briefest of conversations, but Damian Swann got a chance Saturday to talk again with Todd Grantham. The two ran into each other at a luncheon as part of Belk Bowl festivities.

“He was in line. And I was trying to get back to my food,” Swann said. “So it was kinda like, ‘Hey coach how you doing?’ Just a cordial greeting.”

Everyone has been trying to emphasize cordial feelings when it comes to the Grantham story. He spent four seasons as Georgia’s defensive coordinator before bolting for the same job at Louisville in January. But no bad blood remains, everyone claims.

Georgia head coach Mark Richt ran into Grantham at a coaches reception Friday night. The two and their wives said hello to each other, as well.

That is so nice.  It would have been a lot more fun if someone offered to perform the Heimlich maneuver if Grantham looked like he was choking again.

Come Tuesday, somebody had better be behaving badly, or I’m gonna be disappointed.  A little ass showing, please.  It’s half the reason I’m going to be watching.


UPDATE:  This is a little better.

Malcolm Mitchell listed the various reasons for his Georgia team to get up for Tuesday’s Belk Bowl, be it a 10-win season or the seniors.

“And this is a chance for us to beat Coach Grantham,” Mitchell added. “We’ve got to enough motivation.”

… But when it comes to this game, well, offensive lineman Greg Pyke described the Grantham factor as, “It’s not revenge, but it just kind of makes you want to win more.”

… Others like offensive lineman Kolton Houston spent time on Grantham’s field while on scout team.

“We competed against him for so long,” Houston said. “We did it in scrimmages, but in a game setting we want to actually try to go out there and beat him.”

Go get him, boys.


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The difference between coach speak and coach spin

Patrick Garbin has a few choice bones to pick with Todd Grantham’s recent reflections on his time at Georgia.

Now that I think about it, I can’t help but be amused that the guy who almost got into it on the field with James Franklin and flashed the choke sign at Florida’s Chas Henry…

… can stake claim to this:

Last week, Grantham also said, “We changed the culture. We developed a mental and physical toughness there.”

Vaya con Dios, Coach.


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Todd Grantham’s just here to help, boss.

In case you were wondering…


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The secret of Georgia’s success

I’m sorry, but this Grantham comment from today deserves its own post.

Grantham’s tenure at Georgia ended with a bit of a flop — the young Bulldogs surrendered 29 points and 375.5 yards per game last season — as fans and media questioned his job security throughout the 2013 season.

“We obviously had a really young team last year and we kind of faced some veteran offenses, some veteran quarterbacks, and because of that, we had to take some shots with those guys, but I think they got better for it,” Grantham recalled. “They were able to mature and I think that’s one of the reasons they’re able to have some success right now.”

An example of how they got better for it?  Well…

Alone in the SEC, Georgia’s defense didn’t give up a pass play that gained over 40 yards this season – Louisville yielded eleven of those, by the way – so, I guess if you want to say that being epically embarrassed to work hard enough to never show your ass like that again is a sign of maturity, then Grantham taking credit for Georgia’s defensive improvement in 2014 makes some sense.

Or you could just say the man has some chutzpah.


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Help a beat writer out.

Honestly, this is too good a request not to repost here.

Your suggestions, as always, are welcomed in the comments.


UPDATE:  A few comments from the call.



Grantham told reporters of his familiarity with the Bulldogs, “I don’t think that will play as big a factor as you guys will make it out to be” in the upcoming game.

“It still gets down to getting off blocks,” Grantham said, “tackling people, winning one-on-one battles. … They’re one of the best offenses in the country. We know we’ve got to play well.”




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My dream Belk Bowl scenario

It’s never gonna happen, but I’d love to see Georgia hang half a hundred quickly enough that Brice Ramsey plays the entire fourth quarter, and after the game Mike Bobo lays out a perfect crack about somebody’s backbone.


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