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Musical palate cleanser, old age comeback edition

Holy crap!  I didn’t see this one coming.

St. Louis’ own rock ’n’ roll pioneer Chuck Berry turns 90 on Tuesday, but he’s the one who will be giving fans a gift. Berry will release his first new studio album since 1979’s “Rock It.”

Simply titled “Chuck,” the album will be available in 2017 through Dualtone Records. The exact release date hasn’t been determined.

The album will consist mostly of originals…

The Stones and now Chuck.  If you’re not dead, make some damned records, right?


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Musical palate cleanser, old guys play the blues edition

If you haven’t heard the news yet, the Rolling Stones are set to release their first studio album in over a decade.  Entitled Blue & Lonesome, it’s a set of covers of ’50s and ’60s Chicago blues standards.  Here’s the set:

Little Walter Just Your Fool (2:25) – 1960
Howlin’ Wolf Commit A Crime (4:11) – 1966
Little Walter Blue And Lonesome (2:56) – 1959
Magic Sam All Your Love (2:56) – 1967
Little Walter I Got To Go (2:44) – 1955
Little Johnny Taylor Everybody Knows About My Good Thing (Part 1) (3:18) – 1971
Eddie Taylor Ride ‘Em On Down (2:53) – 1955
Little Walter Hate To See You Go (2:19) – 1955
Lightnin’ Slim Hoodoo Blues (4:00) – 1958
Jimmy Reed Little Rain (3:16) – 1957
Howlin’ Wolf Just Like I Treat You (2:57) – 1961
Otis Rush I Can’t Quit You Baby (3:40) – 1956

That is some pretty kickass music.  Ron Wood claims the band did little rehearsing before recording the album, but simply picked out the tunes and started playing.  That sounds weirdly appropriate.

The album is out on December 2nd.  In the meantime, to whet your appetite, here’s the opener.

Not bad for a bunch of 70-year old geezers.


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Musical palate cleanser, beautiful pain edition

This song has hit me more than anything else I’ve heard released this year.  From Colvin & Earle, it’s “You’re Still Gone”.  It’s stunning.

There’s also a pretty neat interview with them both about the song you can watch.


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Musical palate cleanser, Nobel Prize edition

Well, this.

Hells, yeah.


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R & B

Kudos to Patrick Garbin for digging up this picture.

No word on whether Herschel joined them on stage for this:


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Musical palate cleanser, happy sadness or sad happiness edition

Some ear candy for you — heard this one on the radio Friday night and haven’t been able to get it out of my head all weekend.  From 1967, it’s The Tremeloes, with the Cat Stevens-penned “Here Comes My Baby”.

Tell me something:  have you ever heard a more cheerful tune about unrequited love?


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Musical palate cleanser, obvious song is obvious edition

Still remember the first time I heard Neil Young’s “Like A Hurricane” — sitting on a stone wall at Chastain Park, drinking a beer and this came on the radio:

Well, I was blown away.  One of the great guitar solos from Young’s body of work, and it never seemed like it was gonna end… not that I wanted it to.


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