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Musical palate cleanser, hillbilly music edition

I’m going up to Athens today to catch Dwight Yoakam at the Georgia Theater.

As long as I’ve followed him, this’ll be the first time I’ve caught him live.  There’s a ton of stuff I hope he’ll play tonight – really, more than there’s time for, I suspect – and this is one I definitely want to hear:


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Musical palate cleanser, you wear it well edition

If there’s a song that instantly takes me back to my senior year in high school, it’s this one:

Nice hair, mate.

In my very humble opinion, “Madame Onassis got nothin’ on you” remains one of rock music’s greatest compliments ever.

I used to drive around all the time then with this song on the radio and remember arguing with a girl who hated the song because of what she referred to as Kenney Jones’ bashing.  I don’t think she appreciated my response of that being a feature, not a bug.

Anyway, I dare you to watch that clip without smiling.


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Musical palate cleanser, how does it feel edition

I don’t know about you, but this article has permanently warped my mental picture of Chief Justice Roberts.  Or Bob Dylan.  Or both.

In any event, let’s celebrate the occasion with rock music’s greatest opening track.  Evah.

Really, it’s no contest.


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Musical palate cleanser, Tex-Mex edition

For your morning enjoyment, here’s Doug Sahm, with his nineties group The Texas Tornados, doing his flower power ode to jail bait, “Mendocino”.

The man could spin a groove with the best of them.


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Musical palate cleanser, “blue-eyed soul singer” edition

Just call him Sir Ivan Morrison now.

VAN Morrison described himself as just a “blue-eyed soul singer” from Belfast as he was knighted for a musical career that has enthralled audiences and delighted critics.

Over more than 50 years the singer has gone from teenage stardom to innovator and is now a respected veteran, whose classic album Astral Weeks regularly makes the list of top 100 albums of all time.

The artist, whose full name is George Ivan Morrison, was introduced as Sir Ivan Morrison as he stepped forward to be dubbed a knight by the Prince of Wales in Buckingham Palace’s ballroom.

Afterwards he said about becoming a Sir: “It’s amazing, it’s very exhilarating, the whole thing.

“For 53 years I’ve been in the business – that’s not bad for a blue-eyed soul singer from east Belfast.”

Helluva career, Sir.

In your honor, let’s hear something you did when you were slightly younger – from American Bandstand, here’s “Brown Eyed Girl”.

I dare you to watch that without singing along.  It simply isn’t possible.


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Musical palate cleanser, down home edition

Inspired by the Oxford American Georgia music edition I posted about recently, I thought it was time to correct an oversight here at the blog.

Otis Redding.

And here he is, from a performance the day before he died, with “Try A Little Tenderness”:

Soul, baby.  What else needs to be said?


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Musical palate cleanser, my youth is disappearing edition

Damn, another obit.

Paul Kantner, founding member, guitarist and singer for Jefferson Airplane and Starship, died Thursday of multiple organ failure and septic shock. He had suffered a heart attack earlier in the week, according to San Francisco Chronicle. He was 74.

Argh.  In remembrance, here’s my favorite Airplane tune, “Somebody to Love”, performed on the Dick Cavett Show, with David Crosby in tow.

Heavy, man.


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