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Musical palate cleanser, who are these guys? edition

Some rock critic once called The Long Ryders’ “Looking for Lewis and Clark” the best rock song of the 1980s.  Hyperbole, maybe, but I will say it’s one of the greatest songs an obscure band ever laid down.

Man, that cooks.  These guys deserved a bigger audience than they ever got.



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Musical palate cleanser, big band blast edition

This one popped up on the music player yesterday and it’s a real kick.  It’s from a 2008 album of Tom Waits’ covers that Southside Johnny and the Asbury Jukes horn player Richie “La Bamba” Rosenberg put together called Grapefruit Moon.  Entitled “Down, Down, Down”, with Southside Johnny handling vocal and harmonica duties, this sucker just flat out sizzles from the get-go.

That ought to get you going this morning.


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Musical palate cleanser, “It’s all about the songs” edition

Steve Earle covering “Midnight Rider”… what else needs to be said?


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Musical palate cleanser, American rock and roll edition

Chuck Berry’s new album will be released on June 16th, but in the meantime you can enjoy one of the cuts from the record, “Big Boys”.

All you need to hear is the opening guitar riff to know you’re in good hands.  (There are a couple of more songs linked in that Rolling Stone piece, if you’re interested.)


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Musical palate cleanser, le ear worm edition

Here’s another song that popped up on my iPod last week that I can’t get out of my head.  If you watched Tarentino’s Death Proof, you might remember it playing at the close.  It’s April March’s “Chick Habit”.

That’s an Anglicized version of a mid-60s French hit by a teenaged France Gall, part of what came to be called yé-yé music.

My favorite version of the song is also in French: Fabienne Delsol’s “Laisse Tomber Les Filles”.

Love the percussion and the horns in that.

It’s amazing how many covers of this song exist.  Here’s a live version performed by Calexico, fronted by Guatemalan singer Gaby Moreno, that exudes cool.

See if this stays out of your head.


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Musical palate cleanser, Good Lord, I feel like I’m dyin’ edition

Well, shit.

Gregg Allman, a founding member of the Allman Brothers Band, the incendiary group that inspired and gave shape to both the Southern rock and jam-band movements, died on Saturday at his home in Savannah, Ga. He was 69.

His publicist, Ken Weinstein, said the cause was complications of liver cancer.

If you were a Southern boy growing up in the sixties and seventies and you didn’t listen to The Allman Brothers Band — a lot — well, buddy, that made you a little different.  Even  a certain US President was known to do that.

Sure, the guitar play between Duane and Dickey was mesmerizing, but for me even more, it was that voice.  From the first moment “yeah, yeah, yeah” came blasting out of my speakers on “Not My Cross To Bear”…

… I was stunned.  How could a white kid sound so emotionally authoritative delivering the blues?

Beginning with a show at Georgia Tech, I saw the band more times than any other during my high school years.  I remember the sadness I felt upon learning of Duane’s passing and the shock of Berry Oakley’s death the next year.  Somehow it came out all right once I felt the comfort in the sound of Greg’s voice on Eat A Peach’s first cut.

I still remember Rolling Stone’s review of Eat A Peach, particularly the send off:

The Allman Brothers are still the best goddamned band in the land, and this record with three sides of “old” and one side of “new” is a simultaneous sorrowed ending and hopeful beginning. I hope the band keeps playing forever — how many groups can you think of who really make you believe they’re playing for the joy of it?

The spirit lived on.  It still does.  Rest easy, indeed.


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Musical palate cleanser, eye candy edition

This is the official music video of Chris Isaak’s “Wicked Game”.

Consider this my apology for leaving the name that caption post up top all weekend.

Song ain’t half bad, either.  Always loved that guitar.


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