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The roots of this page are in this post.

As for the project mentioned in the header, perhaps some of you might remember that I ran a holiday gift guide post about three years ago.  My thought is to turn that into something more robust, in the form of a permanent page linked at the top of the blog, that’s organized by categories so that someone looking for the perfect gift for the rabid football fan in his/her life will have a useful reference guide.  Much like the Lexicon, I’d like this to be a collaborative affair with your input.

So here’s what I’d like to do.  In the comments thread to this post, if you like the idea, tell me.  Assuming there’s enough positive interest in proceeding, I’ll set up the page.  There, use the comments to make suggestions, preferably in a one paragraph format that describes the product, why you recommend it and provides a handy link for reference.  I’ll then start formatting the recommendations (giving credit where credit’s due, of course).

What you will see here is that project translated into a (hopefully) helpful guide for people shopping for the college football fan they know and love.  The Gift Guide is organized into several categories and will be a living beast, to be supplemented by reader suggestions and new things that I come across in the future.  (WARNING:  One thing I’ve noticed about my 2014 post is that the shelf life of some of these items, particularly clothing, is fleeting.  Make extra sure that anything you want to recommend to readers is still a commercially viable product.)

To add your suggestions/endorsements, please compose a one-paragraph description of the item in the comments that includes your personal experience with it, along with a link to buy the item.  If you’re convincing, I’ll add it to the official Guide list and give you credit for enriching our lives.  Or at least making for a better tailgate.

Happy shopping.


  • Beer.  When you’re 61, life is too short for mediocre beer.  There are plenty of fantastic choices out there — I’ve barely scratched the surface — but if you’re looking for a couple of safe, quality options for giving, let me suggest my go-to picks, Bells’ Two Hearted Ale and Sierra Nevada’s Pale Ale.
  • Bittermilk.  As they say at their website, “Bittermilk is a line of cocktail mixers made for cocktail enthusiasts by bartenders with real ingredients.”  I’ve tried several, with equally good results.  (h/t Charles)
  • Hop City.  They have gift cards and they have a fantastic selection of beer.  Say no more. (h/t Hogbody Spradlin)
  • Jittery Joe’s Attack the Day.  For the coffee drinkin’ Dawg fan.  (h/t Dawg151)


  • Attack the DaySeth Emerson’s look at how Kirby got us here is worthy of being in every Dawg fan’s library.
  • Behind the Hedges.  Never forget Michael Adams.  Ever.
  • Play by Play.  Uncle Verne calls his career.
  • Sax Attacks.  I wrote about this here.  Suffice to say, if you’re a Georgia fan with a sense of humor, this will be right up your alley.
  • The Art of Smart Football.  I’m a big fan of Chris Brown’s writing.  This book covers a ton of nuts and bolts stuff in an easy to understand format.  I reviewed it here.
  • The 50 Best College Football Teams of All Time.  I reference Bill Connelly’s advanced stats work regularly.  This book isn’t about advanced stats, though.  It’s a fan’s journey through exactly what the title indicates.  If you’d like to brush up on your college football history, this is an enjoyable read.


  • Classic Georgia.  If you’re looking for stuff that reflects our state, our football program or Lewis Grizzard, this is the place to shop.
  • Converse.  Custom Chuck Taylors?  Hells, yeah.
  • Homefield Apparel.  I give these guys credit for being shrewd marketers.  They specialize in clothing featuring vintage designs and now offer Georgia gear.  In particular, the Georgia Baseball Retro Crew Sweatshirt is sweet.
  • Jalen Carter t-shirt.  Buy one for yourself and buy another to send Todd McShay.
  • Nike.  Masters of the art of vacuuming our wallets, you can count on these guys to introduce a Dawg-themed shoe every season.  I’m certainly guilty of being sucked in before.  The current offering is this College Air Zoom Pegasus 39.
  • Onward Reserve.  Large selection of Georgia gear.
  • Reyn Spooner.  If your tastes run Hawaiian, RS offers something a little more exotic (and expensive) for Dawg fans.
  • Vintage Brand. I don’t know how I stumbled across VB, but I’m glad I did.  “Relive the history of college sports with reproductions of authentic graphic works of art originally distributed by the Georgia Bulldogs, but now provided only by Vintage All vintage images are from the past and are actual reproductions of historic graphic works of art. Vintage images are in the public domain and any goods bearing these public domain images are not sponsored by or affiliated with any college” is the disclaimer at the site and I guess I didn’t appreciate how much cool stuff is in the public domain.  Shirts, hats, koozies, wall art, etc. — there are images going all the way back to 1938 on their offerings.


  • Patak Meat Products.  The local Mecca for smoked and cured meats, Patak Meat is my group’s go-to any time we intend to grill at a tailgate.  The place shut down due to a massive fire and just reopened.  The shopping experience can take a little getting used to for the novice, but you’ll be so overtaken by the smell (I joke it’s the ultimate male aphrodisiac) that you won’t mind.  No gift cards, so you’ll have to get a little creative with your gifting here.


  • Bose Soundlink Color II.  Definitely more portable and affordable than the Soundboks 2 below, it’s got a strong recommendation from dudemankind.
  • NRS Medium Dura Soft Cooler.  If you’re looking for an intermediate-sized cooler — something capable of holding a case of beer, yet relatively easy to tote — this may fit the bill.  Closed-cell insulation on all sides, top and bottom is something even Yeti’s soft cooler doesn’t offer (and the NRS is about a fifth the cost of the Yeti).
  • Orca University of Georgia Gear.  I don’t own an Orca cooler, but I know somebody who does.  It promises Yeti-level performance for less cost (yeah, that’s relative).  If you’re tailgating in the desert for a week, you can show your Georgia colors and still keep your beer cold.  What more do you need?
  • Soundboks 2.  I wrote about this $899 $599 (!) portable speaker here.  Obviously, it’s not a product for everyone, but if music is as big for your special someone as it is for me, trust me, you won’t get any complaints.  If you want something portable that works on Bluetooth, the Soundboks Go may be right up your alley.
  • Yeti Rambler Colster.  Yes, I know it’s a $24 coozie.  It’s also better by a wide margin at keeping my canned and bottled drinks colder for longer at a September tailgate than anything else I’ve used.  Mine was a Father’s Day gift.  I tell my daughter it’s one of the most thoughtful things she’s done for me.  Really, it’s a perfect gift — something you’d probably never buy for yourself, but something you’ll be happy you’ve got.


  • Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta Georgia Mystery Football.  The first 250 people to donate $250 to Children’s will receive a mystery football signed by a current or former Georgia football player or coach.  Nice!
  • Coverking 2nd Row Car Seat Covers.  Shame I don’t have a back seat in my car.
  • Dooley’s Junkyard Dawgs.  If you don’t have this in your music collection, spend the 99 cents, you cheap bastard.
  • Georgia Bulldogs College Cappers Tire Valve Stem Covers.  You need these, even though you didn’t know you needed them.
  • Home Fields 3-D Replica Stadium.  Your classic “I didn’t know I needed this until I saw it!” gift.  LED lighting, which I hope means you can recreate the start of the fourth quarter to your heart’s content.  (Also, there’s a 10% promo discount available.)
  • RapidRoster.  I had a decent, free app on my iPhone for tracking college football schedules, but it was discontinued.  Looking for a replacement, I found this app, which, for a mere $1.99, does a terrific job of organizing schedules, including TV by the week or by individual team, and has a complete roster for every D-1 team.
  • Rumpl Puffy Blanket.  A red and black way to stay warm.
  • Smathers & Branson Georgia Needlepoint Flask.  Now, if you can only figure out a way to sneak it into Sanford Stadium on game days…
  • Sonos.  My first generation man cave had a wired home theater that was a pain in the ass to maintain, because it was too complex.  Fast forward to now, when you can run a fully functioning sound system, including surround sound if you want, on a wi-fi set up with no cabling other than the power outlet connection and an optical cord to the television.  Sound quality is excellent.  Highly recommended for folks wanting to keep life simple.
  • UGA X Georgia Bulldogs Bobblehead.  I don’t really think an explanation is needed, do you?  Limited edition, 1,000 made.
  • Victory on the Plains“.  Iconic shot of Uga V going after Robert Baker’s nether region should adorn every Dawg fan’s wall.
  • Wright Photo.  If we can’t recommend our own commenters, what good are we?  Per the site, “After years of photographing the University of Georgia, Wright Photo now offers Officially Licensed artwork for your home. From high quality extra-large Art Posters and standard Photographic Prints for your dawg cave or dorm room, to the most elegant Canvas Wraps and Fine Art Prints for upscale home decor – we offer something for every dawg fan.”  Sounds good to me.

21 responses to “GTP Gift Guide

  1. Thatguy

    Gifts of hooch, you say? I can help with that.

    1) if in the Athens area, swing by 5 Points Bottle Shop. (Full disclosure, I used to work there). The selection is unmatched anywhere else in the state, and the staff is knowledgeable. They’re also happy to do special orders, and have a knack for getting hard-to-find things.

    2) I got a gift-card to earlier this year. It’s an indie/foodie kind of site, but, they’ve got a ton of different offerings, including fancy mixers and snacks and such. – is a link to their bourbon selection.


  2. That dog'd bite you

    Dawg Cave Art & More – Wright Photo

    Ok, hopefully his won’t ruffle any feathers, but full disclosure: This is a company my wife and I run here in Athens. We have been photographing the Dawgs officially since 2011 and just got officially licensed to sell our images to the public in April. Anonymity be damned, our site is We are getting new shots approved all of the time (including ones from this season), and can print any size (within reason) and on almost any surface (metal, car wraps, phone cases) so we hope to become the place to shop for Dawg Cave art and other fun photo products till we cant hold our cameras up anymore. Hit me back if you have any questions, critiques or suggestions.

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  3. My family bought me the Bose Soundlink Color II for Christmas last year, and it is perhaps the greatest thing I have ever owned. Small enough for your backpack, big enough for most tailgates and bonfires. I take it everywhere. Not too expensive either.


  4. Rusty

    The Patak link you furnished says that they now take all forms of payment except EBT.


  5. illini84

    I got my tickets for the game and my wife and I had a log talk abut whether it would be better for me to just go for a couple of days or for her to go and make a week of it. Her pop always wanted to go to the Rose Bowl and, after deciding I’d just go, she changed her mind and here we go. After made the pricey plane tickets I take a little abut how difficult it would be to go to both the parade and the game. That’s when I started getting the “look” again. After a couple of days of a standoff I checked out parade and game parking and what it would take to get bleacher seats. I ended up getting parking in Old Pasadena and relatively affordable seats near the end of the parade. The I began checking into what it would take to get to and from our paring and to and from the game. The short version is that I now have really pricey seats at the beginning of the parade and the four I bought up on stub hub at a loss! There’s a gift guide for you.


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  7. John

    A book I recommend adding to the list is “Carlisle v. Army.” It has a history of early college football, and it’s tangentially related to the subject matter of this blog due to the Carlisle team being coached by none other than UGA’s Pop Warner. It’s also believed that Pop Warner got the idea for the forward pass, which he used extensively at Carlisle, while coaching at UGA against UNC.


  8. DawgPhan


    A thermometer is a must when cooking, especially when grilling for the tailgate. The Thermapen’s needle tip allows you to instantly and precisely temp all types of meats, burgers, chicken wings, chops, or large roast like a shoulder or brisket. Helping you achieve consistently great results at the tailgate.

    Thermapen, the very best there is. When you absolutely, positively, got to temp every piece of chicken on the grill; accept no substitutes.


  9. Jack Klompus

    Beer suggestion should begin and end with Tropicalia from Creature Comforts. I’ve drank a lot of beer in my time and that is in my Top 3.


  10. AdaWg

    Because grown men shouldn’t tailgate with Chardonnay. And IPA sucks.


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  12. Mikey

    I think this is the best ever. Can’t believe I’ve overlooked it. Guess I finally fell off the turnip truck


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  14. Ozam

    Micheal Davenport paintings…. A must for all Dawg fans.


  15. psyopdawg

    I am someone who spends most of his time in shorts after a long career that required full attire. has the most comfortable and stylish shorts, that are appropriate for: September, early October games, the beach, golf, with a nice polo, etc… If you spend time on a boat, they dry very quickly, are the perfect combination of form fitting but loose and stretch a bit. The pocket liners of shorts and all their shirts are made of Bamboo. Lastly, they are a company out of South Carolina so ground shipping takes just a few days here in the Southeast. Description here is mostly about the Hybrid Short which comes in 7.5″ and 9″ length but have a few of the others as well. Check’em out.


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  18. Faltering Memory

    I have ordered several times from Vintage and rate their products above average. Some of the images appear to be cracked to give the vintage look. I recommend going to the site.


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