Mumme Poll – Week 10

Rank Team Votes (top five)
1 Alabama 330     (328)
2 Texas 330     (325)
3 Florida 328
4 Cincinnati 327
5 TCU 326
6 Georgia Tech 321
7 Boise State 315
8 LSU 275
9 Pittsburgh 262
10 Oregon 197
11 Iowa 185
12 Ohio State 174
13 Miami 146
14 Southern Cal 142
15 Houston 119
16 Utah 71
17 Oklahoma State 25
18 Arizona 24
19 Penn State 19
20 Clemson 14
21 Virginia Tech 5
22 Stanford 4
23 South Florida 3
23 Tennessee 3
23 Wisconsin 3


  • Overall, this strikes me as a rational set of results, particularly with regard to the placement of Oregon and Southern Cal.
  • 330 total ballots cast this week, which is a drop of slightly less than 10% from the previous vote.  But at least there are two teams this time around which appeared on all of the ballots.
  • As you might expect, the number of teams we see as elite has slipped to seven, but the number of what I’d refer to as middle tier schools has increased.
  • Miami was the highest ranked team this week to receive no top five consideration by the voters.  Penn State was the lowest ranked team in the top 25 to gain top five approval.
  • Things must be getting clearer – over 70% of the voters this week compiled their ballots in fifteen minutes or less.
  • Bias watch:  Still no votes for Tennessee from the UT faithful.


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7 responses to “Mumme Poll – Week 10

  1. mdr

    Seriously, the people who are leaving the undefeated teams off their ballots at this point in the season should be DQ’ed. I would love to hear the justification for not ranking Florida in the top 12 right now.


  2. Chris

    I would honestly love to hear an explanation as to how you dont rank any of at least the top five in the top 12.


  3. Still loving that UT isn’t getting on the bias radar for ranking ourselves. I’m considering it if we win out.


  4. Houndog

    Rather than give the numbers of people voting for each team in the top 12, it is more insightful to look at the numbers of people leaving teams off. Because that is what is really driving this ranking. So…

    1. Alabama 0 (0)
    2. Texas 0 (3)
    3. Florida 2
    4. Cinncinnati 3
    5. TCU 4

    Those handful of votes are the only ones that determine the 1-5 rankings. Anybody else see a problem with this?

    The number of people who think you are in the top 12 is not going to give you resolution on who should be 1,2,3, or 4. Because almost everybody will agree on all those teams, and the people who don’t are the last ones you want having a disproportionate influence on the poll.


    • Macallanlover

      Valid point. Senator, I thought those who attempted to undermine the credibility of the poll would be rejected. Even giving a wide berth for varying opinions, a small number of ballots each week seem to be submitted with an agenda.


  5. Ausdawg85

    Penn St. in the Top 5????!!!!! That would HAVE to have Ohio St above them if there is any seriousness to the ballot (of which I doubt), so that means two…dos…zwei…(2)…undefeateds were left out! In the immortal words of the ESPN NFL pre-game show crew…”C’mon, Man!!!” Why, exactly, is Hal Mumme allowed to vote? Seriously, you have GOT to create a Mumme Award at season end for most ridiculous ballot. There is some stiff competition shaping up these last few weeks. More exciting than the Heisman.


  6. Munson's Call

    I think weighting the Top 5 votes in this poll would help negate the people leaving teams like Florida, TCU and Cincy out of the Top 12 all together. I think we should strongly consider giving 3 points for a Top 5 vote and 2 points for an Other 7 vote in next seasons version of the Mumme Poll.