Harvey Updyke goes to Columbia.

I don’t know what I like better about this story — that South Carolina’s punter was arrested for malicious injury to tree, or that Boom isn’t suspending him for a game.


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20 responses to “Harvey Updyke goes to Columbia.

  1. Walt

    The tree was asking for it.


  2. JCDAWG83

    Muschamp is bringing that strict Auburn discipline with him to the chicken coop.


  3. Harvey Updyke

    WTF it’s only a damn tree. When will people learn that fans are more important than trees?


  4. Cojones

    It’s really a slow day when reports of a sordid story are newsworthy enough to blog about – I mean you could have at least found out the details since it was a public arrest and you can access police records for the juicy ones. Sheesh!

    I mean, how did he injure the tree (car, axe swing,…) and, mixed with the other shit he was charged with, are we left to conjure up the possible sordid details ourselves according to our devious minds (he was inattentive at the time because he is victimized of oral sex while driving and ran into a tree in his girlfriend’s father’s yard, etc…) ?

    Good grief! Give us the details.


  5. Uglydawg

    Had this happened to Tennessee or A&M, the athletic dept. would send someone out with a chainsaw to threaten the tree. Boom has no imagination.


  6. ZutaDawg

    The beauty for me was the Mattress add I had to view when I clicked on the link. I guess everyone in S.C. new Spurrier laid down last year and think they can capitalize on it.


    • Cojones

      Great word, “capitalize” . Defined and used in a sentence: Trump came to his senses and capitulated about his lies, he capitalized.


  7. Dylan Dreyer's Booty

    You know he can’t suspend his punter. He’s likely going to be their MVP. He’ll certainly see a lot of action, and Boom know it.


  8. Bad M

    He might have damaged a tree, but I believe this was just bad writing. The title to the code section for Malicious Injury to Real Property starts with tree in it list of examples. (“SECTION 16-11-520. Malicious injury to tree, house, outside fence, or fixture; trespass upon real property.”). So it could very well be anything related to damaging real property (basically something related to real estate as opposed to personal property) or simply a trespass.


  9. Spike

    Boom is on the Mutha..


  10. LakeOconeeDawg

    Cocks punter a Sap………….