You want more and you want it fast.

Continuing with the perspective point from the previous post, this Marc Weiszer piece is a nice summary of where most of the fan base resides from an expectation standpoint going into Kirby Smart’s maiden voyage.

There’s the hapless athletic director, setting a standard for Smart that none of his other hires to date have yet to meet.

When he was introduced as Georgia’s coach, athletic director Greg McGarity made mention of Smart “developing championship football teams.”

He expanded on that last week: “Knowing where we want our program to eventually be, he knows what it looks like. He’s been there. He’s experienced it at every level of the game. He’s grown up in a football environment since his dad coached high school football. He’s a student of the game. He embraces the philosophy I want to learn from others. He’s got a deep, deep pool of friends in the profession and he just wants to continuously learn, which are all positive things for me. I saw those things in Kirby as an assistant and he also knows a lot about the campus and the fabric of the University of Georgia.”

Where McGarity wants the program to be, he said, is being in the race for the national title in the College Football Playoff or contending for the top-tier bowls “on an annual basis.”

There’s the former player, ready for a change.

Bryan Evans redshirted that season in 2005. The defensive back from Jacksonville was being recruited to LSU by Smart before he left the Tigers for Georgia and helped land the Jacksonville product for the Bulldogs.

“I think it’s probably one of the best pickups that we could see,” Evans said of Smart’s hire as head coach. “The reason I see that is I just feel his intensity will be what Georgia needs. Coach Richt was a great coach but later on in his career, I felt that we were not as hungry or competitive in the big games that we were early in his career. Change is good. “

There’s the former head coach, urging patience… not that most want to hear that.

Ray Goff, who was fired as Georgia’s coach in 1995 after going 46-34-1 in seven seasons, knows there’s little honeymoon time these days for coaches.

“People have got to be a little patient,” he said. “It’s still a difficult thing to go from being a defensive coordinator and assistant coach to be being the head football coach. There’s just so many things going on that you’re responsible for.”

Tell McGarity that, Coach.

There’s the good friend, with a little perspective as a peer.

“I think we all know this business is a bottom-line business that people want results,” said Bobo, Colorado State head coach. “Sometimes they want those results extremely fast. I think Kirby is going to be focused on how he can make Georgia the best possible program every single day. He’s committed to the process. He believes in the process and if he can get his players and his alumni base to believe in the process, then I think he’ll have a chance for that trajectory, that course you want that everybody wants Georgia to take. Hopefully the ball will bounce right and it will go that way for him.”

Then there’s Smart himself, right in the middle.

“I don’t think it matters where you come in, you’re expected to win,” Smart said. “They expect the culture change. It doesn’t matter if you come in after a guy who won or a guy who got let go because he didn’t win enough. Mark Richt was certainly a successful coach here. He had a track record of winning games. That’s up to the eye of the beholder whether it was enough or not. Obviously the fact that I’m here is an opportunity created. It’s just hard to say personally what is good enough, what isn’t good enough, what’s going to be good enough? I think the job I’m charged with is to the do the best job I can every day to make this program as good it can be and that’s what I plan to do.”

… So how will Smart define success this season?

“To get the most out of this group of young men that we can possibly get,” he said. “I don’t put numbers on that. I don’t put value on that. … I want them to overachieve. I want them to be the best they can be. That’s what I’m charged with. That’s my job and that’s what we’ve got to do. What that is? I don’t know what that is. That’s relative to who we play and a lot of other things.”

Smart has told the team to focus on getting better each day, not on thinking about winning the division or an SEC championship right now.

“The pressure to win began in December,” Smart said. “That pressure never goes. I promise you I’ll put more pressure on myself to win than any fan will or any part of the Dawg Nation will. That never leaves, but that’s not the focus. You focus on that, you get lost in the shuffle.”

Good luck with that, Kirby.  Seriously.


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18 responses to “You want more and you want it fast.


    No unreasonable expectations here, there is a reason the previous coach got fired. Team is lacking in a few key areas. Add to that we beat no one last with as much of a pulse, and there you go.

    Should be an interesting next 2-3 years.


  2. Bright Idea

    Smart knows there will be no patience. A large segment of our fan base stupidly complains about close wins as if the other team doesn’t try or practice too. That group is only happy when we lose making their whining legitimate. Another portion will not appreciate Smart’s less kind and gentle businesslike approach if he doesn’t win big quick. As for McGarity, he knows a football championship will help us forget how mediocre some of the other sports are. Most don’t care anyway.


    • Good post, BI. We have segments of our fan base that are absolutely insufferable.


    • Dylan Dreyer's Booty

      Mediocre other sports? I admit we’re not Stanford East, and I’ll concede baseball, but we have traditions and current competitiveness in swimming, gymnastics, tennis, and golf. Track is on the rise. If equestrian is a sport, we’re competitive there, also. Basketball is finally starting to show some promise.

      UGA won more Olympic medals than many entire countries, c’mon and be real if you want to whine.


      • Stateline Dawg

        Equestrian is a sport. I know because my wife was very involved before having our son. It takes a lot of practice, a lot of core strength, and she did have more concussions than most middle linebackers.


  3. BI, you’re right about helping us forget about the mediocrity of the other sports. More importantly though it will surely help us forget how mediocre our AD is . . . or, will it?


  4. Dylan Dreyer's Booty

    I am getting a little weary about pundits worrying about putting too much pressure on Kirby and fans having unreasonable expectations. People I talk to and read on message boards are all over the place. They wax for undefeated and wane to 6-6 and no bowl. And everywhere in between.

    The truth is, none of us know, and what we really want is just to get the damn thing started. I am not really a Bradley hater, but his little ray of sunshine factoid is pointless (especially since he ends up saying we’ll get 9) because every team, every schedule, every situation is different. Kirby knows this and has accepted the challenge. I am supporting Kirby, but I am not feeling sorry for him. As much as anyone he knows the deal.

    What I want – and I think this is true of most alums – is for the team to be relentlessly competitive. To play four quarters, each week, week in and week out. We do that and we’ll win games. Yes, we will also lose some heart breakers, but heart breakers are okay because in order lose a heart breaker you have to be in the game at the end; if you are getting slaughtered, it’s not a heart breaker. So if something like that Auburn game (you know the one) happens, I’ll hate it, but I won’t blame anyone or want to fire anyone, because that is just shit that happens.

    As long as I don’t see another game like that Missouri abortion last fall (and that was a win, technically) or last fall’s UF game, or GSU (also a win, technically), or, what’s the point – you get the idea, I’ll be fine regardless of the record. And I think Kirby gets that more than anyone.


    • Cosmic Dawg

      A Win, Technically- A football victory somehow so unsatisfying it’s just as bad as a loss to some fans.

      A Loss, Technically – Keep your damn moral victories – just win, baby!


  5. Derek Ross

    Who cares what Bryan Evans thinks. Dude was always a moment late when it came to covering receivers.


    • Macallanlover

      Now that is the take I expect from so many UGA fans, like a couple of commenters above, run down previous players and coaches who layed it all out for UGA but didn’t meet their own little , uninformed, selfish, expectations. And if those players/coaches did accomplish something, be sure to Dawgrade it in every post to make everyone overlook how miserable you really are. Maybe you guys should hang together, or go buy some eggs and look for players’ houses. Bottom 1% of the bottom 15% goonies.


  6. doofusdawg

    I hope this season is entertaining. That’s a word that doesn’t get mentioned. After last season where we won games like mizzou and got blown out by uf… where we constantly ran up the middle when everybody in the stadium knew it was coming… having to utilize the wildcat because we were so afraid of how bad we were… a little wow factor would be nice. I think adgm gets it. I think Kirby and Chaney get it. And I think that it translates into wins or at least a competitive loss if we are up against a team like bama.

    Everyone I talk to is as pumped up about this season as they have ever been. Survive September and look out.


    • dawgtired

      “I hope this season is entertaining.”

      I know none of us will know until the season starts but I can’t help but think this year will be totally different AND entertaining. We know what we have in RBs, and our OL HAS to be better with what we’ve heard about Pittman. Eason no doubt, will at times make freshman mistakes but also burn some teams like Matt Stafford did. And nothing is as exciting as TEs rumbling amuck in the middle of the field. You won’t be able to see the hash-marks when we leave the field after a game this year. We have unproven WRs but I think the pressure will be off once the TEs get rolling…then it’s a well placed ball on a fly pattern to a burner WR.
      The D is inexperienced but very talented. Players are being pushed for PT every day. I know it sounds like I’m drinking the Kool-Aid and maybe I am but I just have a feeling…we’ll be entertaining and then some.


  7. 69Dawg

    See my post in the earlier thread about luck. We have been so razor thin in our 85 man squads over the last years that we could not overcome the loss of even one game changing player. Luck includes not having your players get hurt celebrating a TD or have ATV accidents. Even the Prince of Darkness Saban could not overcome bad luck, if you call having a field goal that was at the limit of a kickers range returned for a touchdown bad luck. So good luck to the 2016 addition of my University of Georgia Bulldawgs and fight, fight, fight!!!!


  8. Ed Kilgore

    I guess this is as good a place as any to register disagreement with Bill Connelly’s argument that Georgia fans, like many others in the SEC, have simply become deranged by Bama’s recent success and want to emulate Bama’s methods–hence the hiring of Smart. I don’t think the firing of Richt had much of anything to do with Bama; it was Georgia’s failure to dominate the SEC East during a rare down period at Tennessee and Florida that upset most fans (allowing Mizzou–MIZZOU–to win two straight division titles. And the last two embarrassing losses to Florida were the final straw.

    Maybe the speed with which Richt was fired was determined by South Cackalacky wanting him, too, but no, I don’t think Georgia decided to become Alabama and then got rid of Richt and hired Smart for that purpose. Smart was the obvious hire, and would have been had he been an assistant with the same Bulldawg pedigree and great success at, say, FSU.

    I say all this because I don’t perceive that Dawg fans expect Kirby to start winning regular national championships within one, four or five years. They do expect to regularly compete for division titles and not blow them inexplicably in Jacksonville by (a) underestimating a Florida team and showing up unprepared after a bye week one year and (b) suddenly starting a third-string QB without changing the game plan to match his skills the next year. That more than anything else is what got Mark Richt fired.


  9. Hobnail_Boot

    Saturday can’t get here fast enough, win or lose.