Nothing says “this is college football” like…

Whoever keeps advising the decision makers that the road to success is emulating the NFL more and more needs to be taken out back and shot.  The sooner, the better.

Not that that’s gonna happen.  Sigh.  Enjoy it while it lasts, peeps.



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27 responses to “Nothing says “this is college football” like…

  1. Ran A

    :). LOL… Money grubbing a$$ holes.


  2. Hogbody Spradlin

    Can they pump in some fake snow to make it feel like a Big Ten game?

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  3. RangerRuss

    I’m still available.
    $20,000 plus expenses.
    No women.
    No kids.

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  4. jcdawg83

    College football is quickly becoming the same as the NFL, a show based on the sport of football.


    • unionjackgin

      Interesting you say that because the NFL is streaming its first ever Black Friday Game on Amazon Prime at 3:00 PM. I suspect that B10 PTB decided not to go head to head against the NFL on a streaming service on Friday afternoon.

      I also suspected that NBCTV execs said there is no way we will disrupt our Holiday programming of animated specials and movies in prime time on a holiday weekend to show this game. OSU Michigan? Maybe …


  5. fisheriesdawg

    In this particular case, though, I can see a justification outside of the normal TV stuff.

    If East Lansing is anything like Athens (and I imagine it is in this sense), getting students to a Saturday home game after Thanksgiving is a bit of a challenge. The dorms aren’t opened yet and students may not come back until Sunday and Monday, so the student section may not be as full as normal. But a huge chunk of both the student body and the fanbase live in the state’s biggest city, so the NFL stadium has an advantage it wouldn’t have the rest of the season.

    There is always a different energy for COFH when it is Atlanta vs when it is in Athens, even as the stadium gets redder and blacker every other year.


    • PTC DAWG

      Don’t bring any common sense into the argument…


      • Down Island Way

        Hate to waste good ammo, just gotta’ put the lame ones down from time to time, don’t let ’em reproduce at any cost!!!


    • jcdawg83

      My experience as a student and my observations of my daughter as a student and friends kids who were students at the time showed that the students love going back to Athens for the tech game. They have been at home with parents and family for most of a week and are ready to get back to Athens and their friends and independent life. The dorms are open and off campus housing never closes. Friday night before the game is a huge party night.


      • fisheriesdawg

        Plenty are that way. I definitely was. But one look at the student section at kickoff for any GT game in Athens in the past 15 or so years will tell you that some are not that way.

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        • jcdawg83

          The fact tech has sucked balls for quite some time and the game usually has a noon kickoff has more to do with empty student section seats than the date of the game. The student section is not generally full for any noon kickoff unless it is an Arkansas type game.

          When the game is in Atlanta the stadium is full because it is half the size of Sanford and there are plenty of Georgia alumni in the state who will go to the game. Georgia students aren’t going to the tech game in Atlanta in any meaningful numbers even though it is close to where quite a few of them live.


          • The noon kick with Fech isn’t the same as the noon kick with Arkansas in 2021 with College GameDay on hand.

            I go back to 2001 when Old-Fashioned Hate was the 3:30 CBS game in Athens. The place was rocking for 6:09. Also, it has been loud a couple of times when we have played them at night. I would rather have the SEC Network prime time spot over the ESPN noon slot for a game like Fech.


    • Dawg in Austin

      That’s just the margins. Plenty go to the game in Athens every year. In fact, they usually sell out. This about money in exchange for testing whether people will find (and buy) the new streaming platform for NBC.


    • A colleague who is an MSU grad and season ticket holder said you hit the nail on the head plus if the team is struggling and it’s cold (which it will be), they will get 40k to attend in East Lansing. He’s a fan of moving the game even though it isn’t in his season ticket package.

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  6. Dylan Dreyer's Booty

    Why bother to take him out back? Just shoot him and make an example of him. jk


  7. otto1980

    On the upside a Michigan based team might win at Ford Field before the Turkey is in the trash.

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  8. Ozam

    Yep… The connection between college football and the university it is supposed to represent is getting weaker than it already was. Academics are a mere inconvenience. Sigh.


  9. tiredofidsearch

    That train left the station awhile ago…They have already ruined college football. They might as well blow the rest up and just formally make it AAA NFL (which is basically what it is now, at least for the bowl type schools).
    I am rapidly losing interest. We will see how long it takes for me to cut the cord on tickets.


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