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“This is not about a money grab. It may be about too much money.”

In case you’re wondering, Jim Delany is still an asshole.

Come for the “the NCAA is gonna sue everybody to keep states from legislating NIL rights as long as possible” dickishness, but stay for the “we need an antitrust exemption so we can cap coaches’ salaries” bonus.

At least we’ll always have Rutgers in the Big Ten as his legacy.


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A tradition unlike any other

Remember this?

Update to last night.

I guess it’s the Columbus version of the loser getting beanie weenies.

I hope they saved a piece for Corch.


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I got mine; don’t worry ’bout his.

In case you were wondering if Jim Delany has any more fucks to give,

He doesn’t.


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Another long national nightmare is over.

Good to see Ohio State’s suffering come to an end after **checks notes** playing the worst team in the conference.


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Stop making sense

Really, this is college football in two sentences:

What a time to be a fan!


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Welcome to our world, Ohio State.

It’s a great feeling when your best player is put in limbo because of a potential NCAA violation, let me tell ‘ya.

The Heisman Trophy campaign and the most dominant individual season in college football is on hiatus: Chase Young is facing an indefinite suspension.

Fresh off the finest performance of his career in a record-breaking win over Wisconsin, the Ohio State junior is now suddenly, shockingly unavailable for the nation’s top-ranked team heading into the final month of the regular season, according to multiple Lettermen Row sources. Poised to break the school’s single-season record with his next sack, the captain won’t be available to do it for the Buckeyes on Saturday against Maryland — and now the wait is on to see exactly how much time Young will miss.

Ohio State has not publicly commented at this point on Friday morning, and exact details about the potential NCAA violation remain unclear at this point. Multiple sources have indicated that the program is optimistic that Young will be cleared to return to Buckeyes this season, but a resolution for the matter still hasn’t been reached.

The rumor swirling around is that Young took money from an agent.  He can pay it back and take that familiar four-game hit, if that’s the case, I suppose.  Fun in the meantime, though.

And if I can offer one small bit of advice… don’t waste any time consulting with Greg McGarity about how to deal with the NCAA on the matter.


UPDATE:  This didn’t take long.


UPDATE #2:  From Chase Young, comes this:

A loan.  From a family friend he knew before he enrolled.  That’s been repaid.

Thank Gawd the NCAA is on the mother.


UPDATE #3:  And from Young’s representative…


UPDATE #4:  This just gets better and better.

A source told The Dispatch that the loan is believed to have been used to pay for airfare for Young’s family to attend the Rose Bowl on New Year’s Day. If Ohio State had been in the College Football Playoff, such expenses would have been covered by a special fund to defray costs for players’ families. But since the Rose Bowl wasn’t a CFP game, families of players had to pay their own way.


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“That’s something that we hold dear at Wisconsin.”

There’s a retort that’s so obvious here that I’m not going to insult your intelligence by making it.


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