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Finally, another long national nightmare is over.

You might want to sit down before proceeding.

I’m so shocked, I can’t even conjure up a Casablanca reference.



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TFW you realize somebody forgot to write that storybook ending

I still think there isn’t a shot in hell that Justin Fields won’t be named Ohio State’s starting quarterback this month, but I’ve got to admit a certain fascination watching Ryan Day slowly realize he’s got some coaching up to do.

We saw Fields’ talent last season, but also saw that he needed seasoning.  That works well when you’ve got a Fromm to lead the offense, but is an entirely different deal when you’re working without a net, as Day is.  Makes you wonder how tolerant Ohio State fans will be with Fields’ growing pains.

(h/t Saturday Football)


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“Coach Day told me before I came here that it just wouldn’t be handed to me.”

Sure, Justin, sure.

Fields is competing with two other transfer quarterbacks in Kentucky transfer Gunnar Hoak and West Virginia transfer Chris Chugunov. Hoak arrived at OSU this summer after expected backup Matthew Baldwin transferred, himself, to TCU. Chugonov came to OSU in 2018.

“I don’t try to think about it as a battle,” Fields said. “I don’t feel like I have to be better than this guy or this guy. I’m focused on us as a whole offense just trying to get better each and every day.”

The competition is just as fierce as it was in Athens.


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Adios, and thanks for the twenty million.

If you missed Jim Delany’s farewell whinefest from last week, you missed an erroneous pot shot he took in Georgia’s direction.

Well, seeing as Georgia won its division, it’s no wonder Delany is puzzled.  He’s also, not surprisingly, full of crap.

Regardless, this is a good point by Jimbo. Imagine a world where a Big Ten team (like, say, Penn State) won the conference, but yet was ranked behind another Big Ten team (like, say, Ohio State) that not only was a divisional runner-up, but lost straight-up to Penn State.

Now obviously, that’s all hypothetical, but just imagine a world (say, the year 2016) where that happened. I’m sure at the very least Jimbo would have argued in favor of both teams making the College Football Playoff. There’s no way he would have only argued in favor of the divisional runner-up, and then when his conference champion was snubbed, would have said the committee got the four teams right.

No way that would have happened.

This is where you wind up when you’ve spent your entire career twisting yourself in knots over a college football playoff.  Now, the man can’t quite bring himself to advocate for an expansion to an eight-team field in order to give his conference an easy in, so he’s left to grumble impotently over the lack of respect the Big Ten has from the selection committee.  (Not to mention Georgia deserved to be ranked ahead of Ohio State.)

But at least the Big Ten Network’s raking it in, Jim.


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When they tell you it’s not about the CFP…

It’s about the CFP.


UPDATE:  Also, Danny Kanell is bored.


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Off into the sunset

Jim Delany sounds like exactly what he is, somebody on the way out of a job with zero fucks to give anymore.

Get a few drinks in him and I bet he’d offer an equally interesting take on desegregation.


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The SEC is losing the Johnson measuring contest. Again.

Hey, no worries.  I’m sure there isn’t a single SEC school president irritated by this.

Remember the last time that happened?  It’s how Georgia wound up not facing a conference football opponent at their place until 2024.


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