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Oh, look. Somebody’s fee-fees are still hurt.

Some Big Ten swag being thrown in our direction…

The Michigan Wolverines survived being upset at home by Illinois on Saturday courtesy of the leg of their kicker Jake Moody. However, Moody was not done taking aim and taking shots on Saturday after the victory. After Michigan’s 19-17 victory, their senior kicker from Northville, MI, lined up and took a shot at the SEC.

“It’s not the SEC. You’ve got to deal with some tough wind conditions. It’s freezing out there,” said Moody on kicking in Nov. at Michigan.

I guess the problem with Miami last year was that the weather was too easy.  And I thought Georgia was supposed to have problems on a neutral site…


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Looking for new assholes to conquer

I guess Danny Kanell has decided to move on from shit talking the SEC.

Weak sauce, my dude.  Very weak sauce.


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Today, in when they say it’s about the money…


During Pac-12 basketball media day on Wednesday, Kliavkoff said he’s spoken to more than 100 people connected to both programs, including players and coaches, and the consensus has been against the move to the Big Ten.

“I think saying hundreds would be an exaggeration — dozens, more than a hundred,” he said. “And I have yet to talk to anyone in the UCLA and USC community who’s in favor of the move. I will say that I probably hear from folks who are not in favor, not surprisingly.”


According to reports, UCLA will reap an eight-figure gain annually when it joins the Big Ten.

“We believe that between the travel and coaches’ salaries and some of the other expenses that you incur when you join the Big Ten, that the small delta in the [Big Ten] media rights deal will be more than offset and we stand by those numbers,” Kliavkoff said.

I had no idea the cost of flying had skyrocketed like that.  George needs to come up with a better sales pitch, methinks.


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TFW you don’t GAS about that buyout

My, that was fast.

That new Big Ten broadcast money makes for braver ADs.

How long until Frost reaches out to Alabama for an analyst position?


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Understanding this round of conference expansion, in one picture

UCLA, yesterday:

The Big Ten ain’t paying for asses in the seats, that’s for sure.


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For his next trick, Scott Frost will…

[Narrator’s voice:  Oh, yes they can, Bill.]

Evidently, excessive puking is overrated.


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Happy anniversary!

This aged incredibly well.


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A fan base, if you can keep it

I like Andy Staples, but this hits me like a giant whiff:

First off, what’s with this “two leagues understand” BS?  Last time I looked, it was Greg Sankey advocating a twelve-team CFP and Kevin Warren joining with his Alliance buds to shut that down.

Thanks for making me defend somebody’s playoff expansion stance, Andy.

Secondly, though, and more seriously, what Andy sees as a potential bug is embraced as a feature by ESPN, Fox and their broadcast partners.  For them, abandoning regional passions in pursuit of a more general national fan is the path to greater profit.  And the writing’s been on the wall for that for a few years now.  I don’t get why this is something the SEC and Big Ten need to be warned about like it’s a new danger.  Or even why it’s their responsibility to do something about it.


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Today, in doing it for the kids

This seems fine.

But… all that money!


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TFW you’re channeling your inner Bear Bryant

I’m not sure this is the point of pride Scott Frost thinks it is.

That kind of takes me back to the 2003 Georgia-Clemson game.

OK, folks, this is just gross. You want to know why Clemson quarterback Charlie Whitehurst fumbled one of those snaps in the Tigers’ 30-0 loss Saturday to Georgia? Center Tommy Sharpe had just vomited on the ball, then presented it between his legs to Whitehurst. Nice guy, right? It gets worse. After the series Sharpe went to the sideline and puked on coach Tommy Bowden’s shoes.


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