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“We’d like this to be resolved by the court, not in the press.”

Good luck with that, Michigan State.

A photograph and affidavit filed in federal court Tuesday purport to show former Michigan State recruiting coordinator Curtis Blackwell and then-head football coach Mark Dantonio in the home of a top recruit in 2015, evidence that contradicts Dantonio’s sworn testimony and is an apparent violation of NCAA rules…

The filing came hours after MSU officials acknowledged for the first time the university is investigating allegations of misconduct and is in contact with the NCAA and Big Ten conference.

How fortunate for him that Dantonio’s already pocketed that big bonus.


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Mistakes were made.

One of the Big Ten refs who called the UGA-Alabama national title game isn’t impressed with Georgia fans.

You know, you were talking about the Michigan fan base. Well, they’re pikers compared to the Georgia fan base. I was getting emails, texts. It was ugly, vile. Something gets out on the internet that I somehow worked for the University of Alabama, and it becomes gospel truth.

At least he admits Tyler Simmons was onsides, though.


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(Yes, that’s the day before national signing day.)


Leave the bottle on the bar and go.


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It’s personal.



Screenshot_2020-01-24 SEC Mike on Twitter Meanwhile, Lane Kiffin touches down in Oxford and is encouraged to get a burner p[...]


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“This is not about a money grab. It may be about too much money.”

In case you’re wondering, Jim Delany is still an asshole.

Come for the “the NCAA is gonna sue everybody to keep states from legislating NIL rights as long as possible” dickishness, but stay for the “we need an antitrust exemption so we can cap coaches’ salaries” bonus.

At least we’ll always have Rutgers in the Big Ten as his legacy.


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A tradition unlike any other

Remember this?

Update to last night.

I guess it’s the Columbus version of the loser getting beanie weenies.

I hope they saved a piece for Corch.


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I got mine; don’t worry ’bout his.

In case you were wondering if Jim Delany has any more fucks to give,

He doesn’t.


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