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Thursday morning buffet

I haven’t taken the chafing dishes out in a while, so here goes…



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Nebraska, following the sale of 57,342 spring game tickets in one day just to season ticket holders, has now completely sold out the game.

Check out the insanity on StubHub:

That sound you hear is Greg McGarity stroking his chin.


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We get what they pay for.

Again, I’m not going to stoop to blaming Georgia’s loss on the officiating or try to pretend there was anything sinister to why the Dawgs appeared to wind up on the short side of the stick so often in the second half, but I do find it interesting how we got stuck with a crew that was at best spectacularly inept for college football’s crown jewel.  Chip Towers explains.

For that it’s worth, I followed up on all that with the CFP folks and with the Big Ten. I was told by the CFP the NCAA selects from what conference the officiating crew is chosen for the championship game and the conference itself chooses those officials.

I was told to contact the Big Ten’s supervisor of officials, Adam Augustine, for comment on any specifics calls that took place in the game or any other details I might be interested in. I did that via phone call and email and haven’t heard back. And probably won’t.

So Jim Delany handpicked a crew headed by this guy:

Closed in the mind of Big Ten commissioner Jim Delany perhaps, as he buries his head in the sand and refuses to answer some important questions. Starting with:

Why was Dan Capron, the lead official on a crew disciplined by the Big Ten in 2002 after a game between Purdue and Wake Forest, working as the referee during the Ohio State-Michigan game?

We get a guy Joe Tiller described as “not a bad official, not a top-rated official” because college football doesn’t care enough to put its best foot forward in a national title game by handpicking a crew of the conferences’ top refs.  If there’s a conspiracy, it’s a conspiracy of dunces.


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“America needs Nebraska to win.”

A United States Congressman actually wrote this crap.

It is about respect for the Cornhuskers and their culture of excellence. It’s about our big, corn-fed linemen, our hard-nosed backs and our tradition of receivers who actually block. We help give America a sense that guts and determination, tradition and honor, still matter.

The only thing I needed from Nebraska was the Oklahoma rivalry and that was tossed aside for a bigger paycheck.  Some culture you got there, big guy.


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Hard times in Oxford getting harder

The Freeze fallout continues apace.

SEC Michigan speed, baybee!  And Harbaugh didn’t even have to set up a recruiting camp down South to get a top-flight quarterback.

You know Jim Delany’s chest is bursting with pride right now.


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It’s not the journey, but the destination that matters.

Jim Delany asks, “what’s your point?”.


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Herbie’s just tryin’ to help, y’all.

You know, I’m really beginning to enjoy the hell out of Ohio State’s season.


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