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Paper Tigers

I gotta say while Dabo getting his comeuppance was my favorite thing watching last night’s Sugar Bowl…

… my second favorite was pondering the Venn diagram of people complaining that Ohio State shouldn’t be allowed in the CFP because of its shortened schedule with the people insisting that an expanded playoff wouldn’t water down the regular season.

College football is the best.


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This could be fun. Ugly, but fun.

You know, between Dabo using a meaningless vote in a meaningless Coaches Poll to throw shade at Ohio State and now Ryan Day throwing shade right back at Clemson over its reputation for stealing signs, I’m beginning to think the Sugar Bowl has some real potential for a serious case of the chippies.


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Dabo gonna Dabo.



Every time Dabo Swinney opens his mouth, an angel pulls his hair out.


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But their hearts are pure.

The Big Ten has always had a lofty impression of itself.  I remember a post I did in the early days of the blog about a sneering observation Jim Delany made about SEC academic standards that was thinly veiled racism.  And subsequent recruiting has proven that Delany’s programs — the elite ones, at least — chase the same kids the other P5 conferences do.

The attitude never changes, though.  This year, it was all about the pandemic and the way that the Big Ten would operate in its face.  As that bullshit slowly faded, it left the residual effect of Ohio State’s future in this season’s CFP.  They already changed the eligibility rule for the championship game, but there’s still the small problem of the sizeable number of Buckeye players who wouldn’t be able to play in a semifinal game because of the conference’s contact tracing rule.

What to do?  What to do?  Oh, I think you know the answer to that.

The suspense is killing me.


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The return of karma

He’s back, baby.

That’s a lot of money to pay for mediocrity.  What’s that you said about college athletics finances during a pandemic?


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Episode #2841, when they say it’s about the money…

Pundit, please.

But now, here we are once again in college athletics at the intersection of commerce and integrity. Ohio State is probably in the CFP regardless as long as it stays undefeated, but just to make sure, it would be nice if they got there as Big Ten champions. The Big Ten Championship Game is Dec. 19. The CFP’s Selection Sunday is a day later.

In good faith, the Big Ten decided in September to protect the integrity of its championship game by requiring the participants play at least six of their eight scheduled games. The league’s athletic directors, coaches and presidents decided unanimously on that point, sources told CBS Sports.

Now the athletic directors face the prospect of contemplating whether to rescind that requirement in the name of … what, exactly? Money, for sure. Ohio State would have a smoother path to the playoff and a payday for the Big Ten by winning the conference title.

We’re really going to try this again?  In a season that exists because the conferences need the money?

Perhaps Dennis Dodd needs to have a chat with Mike Krzyzewski.


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TFW you’ve got to prove Pac-12 refs aren’t the worst

That’s the worst call I’ve seen this season.  I don’t care about either team, and I’m still pissed about it.


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Wednesday morning buffet

Sights and sounds from around the world of college football for your dining pleasure:


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“My gut tells me if they play games, they’ll get their full payment.”

If you want to tell yourself the POTUS saved Big Ten football this season, knock yourself out.  Personally, I’m going with the Big Ten Network.

Restoring the football season also bolsters the other major arm of the conference’s television revenue package, the Big Ten Network, which it operates in partnership with Fox. Without football (or fall sports more generally), BTN would have struggled badly for programming, and advertising as well.

In the conference’s current media setup, it pulls in $440 million from external partners, but also more than $100 million from BTN-specific revenue. Restarting football strengthens that revenue stream once again.

And all this puts advertising dollars back on the table as well. Crakes estimated the conference might see 60-70% of that revenue restored to what it would have been under normal circumstances.

The article estimates that if the season can be played, that’s worth somewhere in the range of $40-60 million to Indiana.  That ain’t chump change, especially now.

Yeah, I think the conference made the mistake of thinking it was leading the charge to close down the season.  But once it saw that several of its peers weren’t following, the it wasn’t going to walk away from millions it badly needs.  The Big Ten isn’t a suicide pact.


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“I don’t want to come across as the champion complainer.”

Now why would anyone think that, Bill Moos?

Athletic Director Bill Moos received the Huskers’ eight-game Big Ten schedule Friday night and saw that all things he’d fought for with the slate hadn’t come to pass.

“I wasn’t toasting champagne,” Moos said.

Moos said Saturday the Big Ten staff — and not the scheduling committee put together by the league — made the scheduling decisions, and used the original nine-game conference model created by the league for the first iteration of the 2020 league schedule. That schedule included road games at Ohio State and Rutgers, and a home game against Penn State.

The Rutgers game was dropped. Ohio State and Penn State, arguably the Big Ten’s best teams, remained.

What’s more, the Huskers play the Buckeyes and Nittany Lions — plus Big Ten West favorite Wisconsin — in the opening month…

“For obvious reasons, I was hoping we could dissemble the schedule because of unique circumstances and rebuild it to be fair for each school in the conference,” Moos said. “I was outspoken on that, to the point where they heard it from me every day. The rationale was there, I didn’t think we needed to follow it. Nebraska is playing five AP preseason Top 25 teams. Ohio State’s playing two.

“I’m sure my friend (Ohio State Athletic Director) Gene Smith is smiling today. His friend Bill Moos is not. I’ve got a good football team with a great football coach that deserves a break here or there to start getting back on track to being a contender in the Big Ten West.”

Nebraska football, can’t live without it, can’t live with it.


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