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Your 9.16.20 Playpen

Thoughts from a DGD…

And with that in mind, the comments are yours.


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Fabris Pool results, Week 2

Things are starting to feel normal again, as this week saw a four-way tiebreaker at the top.

Screenshot_2020-09-14 Fun Office Pools

Congrats, pdxdawg.

Leading the seasonal race at this early juncture is Gen. Stoopnagle (congrats on the promotion, by the way).

Screenshot_2020-09-14 Fun Office Pools(1)

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Your 9.9.20 Playpen

Inspired by a comment someone posted today in the Gift Guide, I thought I would use today’s Playpen to solicit suggestions to add to the list there.

What have you come across lately that you would suggest would make a great gift for that Dawg fan in someone’s life?  Share in the comments.


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Fabris Pool reminder

If you’ve signed up, don’t forget the first two picks are for games tonight.

And if you haven’t signed up, click here to do so.


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Your 9.2.20 Playpen

It’s a rare Playpen that sticks to football as its topic, but this seems like a good subject for discussion:

Sadly, as a Georgia fan, there are too many “what ifs”, but if I had to choose one, it would be:  what if Chris Conley had the presence of mind to drop the pass than ended the 2012 SECCG?


“What if” to your heart’s content in the comments.


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Doin’ that Fabris thing again

Okay, maybe I’m crazy, but I’ve gone ahead and set up the 2020 edition of the Fabris pick ’em.  Email invites have been sent to those who have participated before; if you haven’t but want to now, click here to get in on the fun.

Obviously, this year isn’t going to be much like year’s past.  For example, the first pool only has nine games to pick, and that includes two on Thursday night.  None are games involving P5 teams, either.

Once the SEC season rolls around, things will start to look more normal, but in the meantime, you can sign up and play with what we’ve got.


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Your 8.26.20 Playpen

I don’t normally do requests, but it turned out I had already found the perfect fodder for this week’s post.  And I do mean perfect.

Screenshot_2020-08-26 luka the GOAT on Twitter could never delete this app https t co bKJm0lq8EU Twitter

I’m still laughing.

Your time in the comments starts now.


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Your 8.19.20 Playpen



Carville is a devout LSU fan who wants to see the SEC play. But he’s also realistic. “Most people who know something don’t seem to be terribly optimistic,” he said.

He also acknowledges that there’s “a lot of green” between now and when the SEC is scheduled to open on Sept. 26. He recalled a recent event he attended in Dallas when he was told that “people are going to blame the Democrats” if there’s no football.

He chuckled. “Everything gets politicized. I guess this is, too. Sadly, it’s become a cultural touchstone. I hope they play.”

Two questions:  (1) do you think they’re right and that the decision to play or not will be (or already is) politicized?  (2)  if so, whom do you think will bear the brunt of the blame?

Have at it in the comments, but keep it from getting personal, please.


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“When weird stuff happens, like all of this, you can’t plan for it.”

Funny timing yesterday — I got a notice from the folks that host the Fabris Pool that it will be open for business next week and no more than five minutes later saw this:

Sportsbooks around the United States have halted betting on college football, as bookmakers try to determine the best approach to a season in flux.

All of which is to say I guess we’ll be playing this by ear.


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Your 8.12.20 Playpen

I promised a kindler, gentler Playpen today, so check out this news(h/t Ben)

In 2014 Creature Comforts Brewing Company poured its first pint out of a converted warehouse in downtown Athens, Georgia. The craft beer scene was already dense at the time but the upstart found separation by focusing on a set of quality-driven, true-to-style flagships. It was a recipe for success fervently embraced by the local community. And so it grew—substantially. Over the six years since, sales have skyrocketed some 2675%. That’s enough to distinguish it as one of the fastest-growing breweries in the US. To satisfy swelling demand, Creature Comforts today announces its first ever expansion: the opening of a taproom and production facility in Downtown Los Angeles, expected by summer of 2021. Here’s an exclusive look at how it all came together.

“We grew a love for the city through visiting multiple times for collaborations with local breweries, festivals, and conferences,” recalls CEO and co-owner Chris Herron. “After running some statistical models for potential new markets we were thrilled when LA emerged at the top of that list.”

Way to go, guys.  I’m sure you’ll convert plenty of West Coasters to your product.

So, let’s talk about beer today.  What have you tried lately that’s tickled your fancy?  If you’re in the Atlanta area and you enjoy Belgian-styled beers, let me recommend Bold Monk Brewing Co.  I really like their Tripel and White Oak White, in particular.  (If you’re really into recreating the Belgian dining experience, they partner well with mussels and frites.)

Anyways, share in the comments.  Bottoms up!


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