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Fabris Pool results, bowl edition

No tiebreaker this year, peeps.

Congrats to IronDawg!

And with that, the Fabris Pool goes into hibernation for eight+ months.  See y’all next season.


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Tuesday ticket exchange

One more exchange than I was expecting, to be honest, but I’ve had a couple of requests for a post to allow for ticket swapping for the championship celebration ceremony Saturday.  So, if you have and can’t go, or you want but don’t have a ticket, speak up in the comments.  And don’t forget the specifics.


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On my way to see the Dawgs play…

By the time this post pops up on the blog, I’ll have been on the road for a couple of hours, heading towards Louisville, Kentucky to spend the night before going on to Indianapolis.

Believe it or not, my mood is pretty nondescript, neither anxious nor confident.  It’s a game Georgia can win, but they’re gonna have to prove themselves.

Posting will be sparse between now and kickoff, but not nonexistent.  In the meantime, behave, you scamps.


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Monday ticket exchange

Okay, it’s on to Indy.  Got tickets to sell?  Ready to make the trip and need a ticket to get into the game?  Whatever it is, lay it out in the comments and, as always, please be specific about it.


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Tuesday ticket exchange

Okay, Friday is the day — the CFP semifinals.  Georgia.  Michigan.  Miami.

Got tickets to move?  Need tickets to go?  Head to the comments section and make your needs known.  As always, please be specific.


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Feelin’ it… or nah?

Thought it might be a good time for a blog poll to gauge your collective temperature.

Feel free to elaborate in the comments.


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Fabris Bowl Pick ’em announcement

I just sent the email announcements out to y’all.

In case you don’t get one, here’s the link to sign up.  Same drill as the rest.  43 games total, starting on the 17th.

Good luck to everyone.


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Monday ticket exchange

Are you a Magill Society member looking to spread a little SECCG wealth?  Are you a longtime season ticket holder who got screwed on the SECCG ticket cutoff looking for something?

Buddy, have we got the place for you here!

Share what you’ve got/need in the comments and, please, be specific.


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Fabris Pool results, Week 13

I’m sorry, but I can’t help but laugh about this week’s results.  I’ve had my worst season ever in the pick ’em.  I’ve had no feel for point spreads all year.  I’ve gotten pounded, in other words.

So naturally, come the final week of chaos, I win the weekly pool for the first time ever.  In a four-way tiebreaker.  By one point.

Blind pig, meet acorn.  Honestly, I feel too sheepish to pound my chest.

The seasonal race was as close as it gets, as well.

Congrats to jayelbee24!  A 62.6% winning percentage could have won you some real money this year.

That’s it for the regular season.  Stay tuned for the bowl season edition of the Fabris Pool.


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It’s Thanksgiving at GTP.

If you follow the blog much, you know what that means.

And if you follow the blog much and can’t find anything to be thankful for today, you’re not doing it right.  Enjoy the day, be grateful for friends and loved ones, savor an undefeated Georgia team going into the Tech game to wreak havoc and settle down for what (I hope) should be a fun Egg Bowl at 7:30 tonight.

Life ain’t bad, all things considered.


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