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Who’s a national power: Son of Montana Project final tally

Without any further ado

(The percentage is based on the total number of votes cast, 3849.)


  • Honestly, overall this came out almost exactly where I thought it would for the top teams.  You can draw a line where you see fit separating the kings from the rest of Mandel’s feudal classes, but to me, it’s certainly fewer than the eleven he came up with.
  • So, having said that, where would you draw the line in defining a national power?  After the top three?  After the four with more than 10% of the votes cast?  After seven, which would include every team that got at least 100 votes?  I’m thinking six, max.
  • Are you surprised by any team’s finish?
  • I’m not sure which amuses me more, that Georgia received more votes than Alabama (you homers know who you are) or that Georgia Tech received any votes at all.  With regard to the latter, don’t assume those three votes were simply the result of mistaken votes for Georgia.  The first ballot I saw that had a GT vote also had a Georgia vote.
  • Looking at that list, which team would you be most strongly convinced will be in a much higher spot five years from now?  Which team would you expect to see drop in five years?  (And why is it USC and Oklahoma, respectively?)  Or do you think little will change over the next half decade?

Thanks to all of you who took the time to participate.  And, as always, thanks to my approval voting partner in crime, Peyton, without whom this never gets off the ground.


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Last call for SOMP

We’re closing in on 700 ballots cast on which programs should be considered national powers, so there’s a pretty good picture already being painted, but there’s still one more day to vote and add your voice to the mix.  The link to the ballot is here.  You have until midnight tonight to make your picks.  Git ‘er done!


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My SOMP ballot

It’s been interesting to read the rationales you guys have employed to come up with your choices for the teams you’d expect to populate the CFP semi-finals field.

Me, I’ve looked at this as having a friendly debate with some buddies at a sports bar over a few beers.  My first instinct was to limit my vote to three — Alabama, Georgia and Ohio State — but four teams make it and the usual suspects list in that context really isn’t that long.

  • Alabama
  • Clemson
  • Georgia
  • Notre Dame
  • Ohio State
  • Oklahoma

Will my list read differently five years from now?  Quite possibly, but at present, that’s where my head is at.

By the way, if you haven’t cast a ballot yet, there’s still time.  The link to the poll is here.


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Pete Fiutak’s SOMP picks

Okay, not exactly, but here are his selections for this year’s CFP field, and all I’ve got to say about them is that I don’t think I want to live in a world where Georgia doesn’t make the semis and Lincoln Riley does.

All of which is my not-so clever way of reminding those who haven’t participated in this week’s poll that here is the link to do so.


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Son of Montana Project

One last take from Stewart Mandel’s Kings/Barons Version 4.0 ($$):

One undeniable consequence of the now eight-year-old College Football Playoff is the consolidation of power among a small handful of programs. With only a few exceptions, a program’s national profile these days seems to go hand in hand with regular CFP contention.

Therefore, this year’s edition sees the Kings undergo their most significant contraction to date.

That echoes the third point I made in my email to him:

I really like the theme [i.e., exclusivity] for this edition of your list, but I don’t think your kings are exclusive enough. I’ve thought about this a little, and I think I’d propose a new version of your perception test: ask 100 college football fans to list the four teams most likely to make the CFP field in a generic season. I suspect after tallying the vote, your current list of 11 emperor/kings would shrink to about seven. In fact, after you post this year’s list, I think I’ll post an approval voting poll on the subject, just to see what turns up as a result.

(Before you ask, no, I hadn’t seen his column before I wrote that.)

Let’s skip helmets, coaches’ pictures and Song Girls, okay?  While we’re at it, let’s skip Mandel’s “only a few exceptions”, too.  If you’re a true national power, it’s ludicrous to suggest you’re not a program at least in the conversation for being a national playoff contender.

So, Peyton and I have devised another poll.  The link is here.  The topic is simple:  in a random, generic season, name the teams you would currently expect to make the CFP semi-finals.  The ballot contains the top fifty winning P5 teams this century, as Mandel doesn’t include G5 teams in his list and nobody’s casting a ballot for Vanderbilt.

It’s pure approval voting, so don’t feel that you’re obligated to pick four teams.  If you only feel confident with three choices, that’s fine.  If you’re feeling five, go for it.

We’re not under time constraints, so we’ll leave the voting open until midnight Thursday and post the results on Friday.  Have at it!


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Another GTP offseason project

The last time friend of the blog Travis Fain asked me an innocent question about Georgia football, it led to this, so let’s just say I pay attention when he emails me with a question.

Like this one:

This got me thinking:
What if you used your approval voting system to name an all time team, or a top 25, or maybe go by decade, etc?

That sounds like a brilliant idea.  I’ve already spoken with Peyton, my partner in crime at the Mumme Poll, about it and it’s doable.

The tricky part isn’t the approval voting.  It’s going to be setting up the parameters.  How to decide who makes the ballot?  How do we deal with recency bias?  Do we look at this by position?  By decade?

That’s where we need your help.  Lay your suggestions on me in the comments.  What I’d like to do after hearing from y’all is post a follow up discussing the framework.  From there, it’s all about putting ballots and votes together to come up with what should be a very fun Dawg fan poll.

Let me know what you think.


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Today, in another episode of getting old sucks…

I’ve got surgery scheduled today to remove a small piece of me.  In fact, as you read this, I’ll be under the knife.  Between that and the anticipated medication to alleviate the subsequent pain, I expect I’ll be out of action, blogging-wise, for a day or two.

Not to worry, though.  I’ve got a few posts lined up for your reading pleasure, including this year’s big offseason project, which I will post about tomorrow, seeking your input about how to proceed.

Otherwise, as always, behave, you scamps.


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Housekeeping note

I’ve added a new entry to the Lexicon.  You’ll find it in the “M”s.


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Hey, it’s time for another reader bleg!

This is a pretty good one from mg4life0331:

Could you possibly get some people to post man cave ideas? Buying a new house and I’d like to see what some of the community has come up with.

Help a broth’a out in the comments.


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Today’s reader poll #3

Okay, here’s the last one.

Once again, feel free to dazzle us with your insights in the comments.


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