Rub a little dirt on it, Percy.

The only thing more impressive than Florida’s speed is the Gators’ medical knowledge.

Drs. Meyer and Tebow weigh in on Percy Harvin’s recovery.

“They actually took off a good chunk of bone, which is a pretty difficult surgery,” Meyer said. “But he’s looking good out there.”

… Florida quarterback Tim Tebow said Harvin showed no signs of discomfort during practice Monday.

“He looked full speed and absolutely ready to go,” Tebow said. “He was flying.”

As long as no bones are sticking out, I guess he’s OK.

(h/t Dr. Saturday)


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3 responses to “Rub a little dirt on it, Percy.

  1. dean

    I hope for Harvin’s sake he is ready to go and not feeling any pressure to come back prematurely. I seem to get the sense that there’s some urgency in Myer’s tone about PH returning. I really don’t think they need him against Miami, though I would take Miami and the points if I were a betting man. Anyway they have a bye next week before UT so there shouldn’t be a rush. I would be more focused on having him 100% healthy for the conference opener against one of our rivals than against a down OOC opponent.


  2. 69Dawg

    PH has had so many roids to get his foot healed he now looks like a stud. I guess it’s okay for him to play with them in his system but I bet his girl friend is mad.


  3. NebraskaDawg

    The ball ain’t heavy, so he should be fine.