Penn Wagers, all is forgiven.

Arizona State uses its famous “twelve-man stand” defense to keep Moreno out of the end zone in the fourth quarter:

I still bet Georgia scores with a healthy Brannan Southerland on the field for that play.

Seriously, I laid off complaining about the officiating because in the vast scheme of things it wound up having no effect on the way the game played out, but that’s just embarrassing.  Counting guys on the field before a goal line play is run is straight out of Refereeing 101.  Evidently that crew took a correspondence course from Joe’s School of Truck Driving, Bartending and Officiating.

I hope Georgia gets to insist on SEC officials in next year’s game in Athens.  If those Pac-10 clowns show up and do that poor a job again, it’ll get very ugly, very quickly.


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17 responses to “Penn Wagers, all is forgiven.

  1. Rusi

    Wow. I mean, I usually refrain from making fun of the refs….because it is all about perspective….but that on top of the “tripping” and “jumping” penalties……just……WOW.


  2. NebraskaDawg

    It’s the Pac-1 what did we expect. With all the hand wringing last year about the refs in the Pac-1 it looks like the did absolutely nothing about it. What is even worse is the Pac-1 wants to act like it’s an elite conference like the SEC. HA! HA!



  3. NebraskaDawg

    Note: I refuse to call it the PAC-10. The other 9 schools can’t even handle the Mountain West (0-5).
    I’m fired up this morning for the Bama game.


  4. dean

    I usually don’t berate the officials either because they are seeing the game in real time and have to make quick decision on whether or not to call a penalty. However in this case I’ll have to make an exception. This is absolutely ridiculous. Earlier in the game we were called for having 12 men on the field because a player didn’t make to the sideline fast enough. But they don’t call 12 men on the field in this situation even with a damn ref right in the middle of the 12 players. F’in pathetic.


  5. Rusi

    What’s even better is they reviewed the play….and I doubt that aspect was reviewable…..but it’s an interesting sidenote nonetheless…..


  6. Christian

    Unbelievable. I’ll add that the helmet to helmet by J. Wynn was atrocious and the tripping call was so beyond words, it was almost pitiful.

    Go Dawgs!


  7. JasonC

    Is it possible to send this to the Pac-10 HQ?


  8. ArchDawg

    This is absolutely atrocious. Indefensible.


  9. Cuzfuzz

    You gotta think Ariz. State did that on purpose. If they’re caught, the penalty is a few inches, if they’re not caught, they save a TD. Hilariously absurd officiating.


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  11. This is by far the worst group of Pac-10 referees. Note that I knew from the *sound* of the head ref’s voice that we were going to be in for a long day. Whoever that head referee is (I forget his name), he leads by far the worst group of the Pac-1’s referees, which is really saying something.


  12. Julie

    This has already been discussed. Several people think he might be the grown up Ernie Douglas from “My Three Sons.”


  13. Brian

    Whats just as embarassing is ESPN showing the ‘Dancing with the Stars’ premiere on the bottom line. Since when was that sports????


  14. Brian

    Actually, I’d say PAC-10 officials are excellent at what they do. They probably shaved at least 14 points off of the final score and gave ASU numerous opportunities.


  15. ben tillman

    It was that guy? He is seriously crooked — I’ll never forget the Texas Tech-Arizona State game he did.


  16. Robert

    I knew they weren’t that good on defense.

    He was in too, IMO. But, it was too close to overturn.

    Were there 12 on the last play, too?

    Now I’ll have to go back and watch it…

    Slack-10 refs. Jeez.


  17. Scott

    I think Penn read your post. They’re taking care of UGA against UT.