Michael Adams, leading from behind

Shorter King of the Universe:  Aggressive drug testing is both morally correct and necessary, but, like me, you should blame the coaches for implementing it.


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  1. Dog in Fla

    “I’ll sort of be inclined to” wonder why we can’t trade him back to Centre College.

  2. HahiraDawg

    sounds like any potus candidate or office holder I’ve ever heard, don’t like any of ’em (‘cept RR, can’t forget bout him)

    • Dog in Fla

      Then you’ll need to be in Tampa this Summer because I hear he’s coming back for a return engagement

  3. HahiraDawg

    change you’re header Senator, “…from behind, out of his behind, as is expected”

  4. HahiraDawg

    I was having a good and productive day Senator, why’d you have to go and post this $#@% from this $#@%head?

  5. mykiec4444

    Looks like that boy is inclined to have a big ol’ likker drank on occassion.

    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      Yeah. I’d love to see what the results would be if Adams were tested on a Sunday morning about 6 am. Randomly, of course.

  6. Tommy

    Glad to see marijuana usage is deemed a moral issue. Kyle’s right, we just ditch the SEC — and join a church league.

    • hodgie

      is breaking the law a moral issue?

      • No. It’s a legal issue.

        • hodgie

          hmmmm… kinda like when Bill Clinton asked what the definition of “is” is? I don’t understand why if you do something wrong or illegal, it is not immoral. It is. Also, I’m not pretending to be the moral police or cast stones at anyone. I make poor immoral decisions all the time. Smoking weed is against the law and is immoral.Not to mention all of the collateral damage that occurs in the market of drug dealers.

          • Hogbody Spradlin

            Hodgie, how you gonna convince some of these players weed is a clear cut issue when they’ve grown up with it everywhere?

            • Or are surrounded by legal alcohol causing for more detriment to health, families, communities, etc.

              • hodgie

                I’m surrounded by white collar crime… can I participateanand it be ok? No, it’s wrong and immoral…also, maybe we should ban fried chicken and cupcakes they kill people too…; )

                • Those are different arguments completely.

                  • hodgie


                  • hodgie


                  • Hodgie

                    Sorry, I’m trying my best to argue with you. My phone is goofy. What I was trying to say is that it sounds like you’re making stuff up as you go along. Wrong is wrong. Illegal is immoral. White collar crime is immoral just like selling drugs is immoral. I guess I’m just old fashioned.

                    • DawgPhan

                      Legal and moral are not the same thing. In Colorado is smoking weed moral? It is legal.

                    • Not old fashioned, just don’t understand what words mean. See Phan’s comment. Does the morality of smoking weed change once you cross a state line?

                    • Dawgfan Will

                      Was I being immoral as a college student when I parked with my rear bumper hanging over into the no parking zone and got a ticket for being illegally parked?

                    • hodgie

                      If crossing that state line makes it illegal, them yes? We can nitpick this to death. My stance is to follow the rules and obey laws. If you don’t do those things, then I think you’re morally wrong don’t misunderstand that. I know moral and legal mean different things. I’m not stupid.

                    • The big problem you’ve got with that stance is that you make civil disobedience an immoral act.

                    • hodgie

                      Senator, this is a pretty good point and as I said earlier, we can nitpick this to death. Without having a specific example of civil disobedience i wouldnt know whether or not i agree. In human rights cases such as slavery or discrimination, i certainly think civil disobedience is ok. But, if you just want to smoke pot in the streets, i cant tget down with that. I also never said earlier that just because a law was on the books meant it was morally right (Sanchez). Once again, in the state of Georgia it is against the law to smoke pot. If you’re smoking pot, you’re willfully breaking the law. Also, I believe its pretty apparent that smoking weed on the uga football team is against the rules. I don’t give a shit if they like it, morally accept it or anything else. It is against the rules. If you don’t like it, or want to smoke weed you’re in the wrong spot.

                    • So were Jim Crow laws morally right until it became illegal? How about slavery when it was legal? Was it moral then, but not moral now because of the illegality of it?

                    • And to take it a step further, was it immoral to do what MLK did in the 60s with his bus boycott, with sit-ins at white only establishments, because that was illegal? Committing crimes are not always immoral, nor is following the law a moral act (as said, see the civil rights movement, or JoePa’s “I did what I was legally obligated to do” in the Sandusky crap, one was acting illegaly, but morally correct. The other legal, but immoral).

                    • “If you’re smoking pot, you’re willfully breaking the law. Also, I believe its pretty apparent that smoking weed on the uga football team is against the rules. I don’t give a shit if they like it, morally accept it or anything else. It is against the rules. If you don’t like it, or want to smoke weed you’re in the wrong spot.”

                      We agree there. But none of that has anything to do with morality.

                    • hodgie

                      I think if you willfully accept a scholarship and willfully violate the terms of it you are not doing what is right. That is immoral to me. Not doing the right thing on purpose is immoral to me.

                    • 81Dog

                      look up “malum in se” and “malum prohibitum.” Some things are illegal because they’re wrong. Some things are wrong because they’re illegal. I agree that our players, or anyone else, should obey the law, whatever it is at the moment, and they shouldnt be surprised if they get punished for breaking it when they get caught doing so. On the other hand, drinking a beer at 20 years old (which was legal in, say, 1983) is not inherently evil, unlike murder, or theft, or beating people up and tearing up frat houses that dont belong to you.

                      Just sayin’….

                    • hodgie

                      Nah, I think you’re taking it too far. However, think about what our society would be like without the limits of laws.

            • AthensHomerDawg

              We’ve had our share of Section 8 multifamily apartment rehabs in our portfolio. I’ve seen if up close and personal. This group of individuals who have experienced pot and “grown up with it everywhere”. More than likely have seen teen prostitution, crack use and distribution, guns, violence, children born out of wedlock, absentee fathers, welfare baby mommas …. it ‘s pretty ugly. Always is… but do you ignore it? Just because they are familiar with it. I’m with Mr. Sanchez. Alcohol has robbed more than a few of a future. You can buy it at the GP when you gas up.

            • DB

              Remind them that the world they are fortunate enough to be in now is different than the one they left behind.

          • Oh, so drinking = moral, cause it’s legal. But weed = immoral because it’s not legal? How is speeding immoral again, since that is a legal issue. This has nothing to do with Clinton’s definition of “is”. What is illegal is not necessarily immoral, and what is immoral is not always illegal (see Paterno’s excuse in the pedophilia and his excuse of “I did all I was legally obligated to do” defense).

          • Raleigh St. Clair

            Maybe you’re confused because you clearly don’t know the definition of “moral.”

      • Tommy

        Do you think drinking is immoral? Used to be illegal and now it’s not. Is it still moral, or is morality up to Congress (shudder)?

    • Dog in Fla

      Good point. We could be the Church of Christ team – “To support himself during the OSU years, he [MFA] served as minister at the Indian Springs Church of Christ in Columbus.”


      How much longer will management be able to keep them on the plantation and violate their religious freedom(s) contained in their constitutional rights by arbitrary and capricious dope testing after Spring Break without putting them on the payroll?


      • hodgie

        Is having morals always a religious or Christian issue? Is it bad to have morals? I’m so confused. I would blame Bobo.

        • hodgie

          But I have morals and I am a Christian… I’m probably to blame also.

        • Dog in Fla

          “Is having morals always a religious or Christian issue?” I do not think the sets are mutually exclusive.

          “Is it bad to have morals?” I heard somewhere that it is not bad to have morals.

          “I’m so confused.” Me too.

          “I would blame Bobo.” Me too. Of course.

          • Hoddgie, Many if not most people who follow this blog are lawyers and most of us learned during a Socratic dressing down that if you equated the law and morality that your professor had you on the primrose path that eventually led to,”Son maybe you should quit law school and go to the seminary”. Did smoking “Spice” suddenly go from a personal choice issue to immoral because our idiot legislature passed a new law.I think not. Morality is what you do because your momma says so, legal prohibitions are about control by the State.(or the NCAA)

            • hodgie

              Jdrip, I’m not a lawyer. I’m not as smart as you are. I haven’t had a Socratic dripdown or whatever you said but I do know my mama taught me right from wrong those are morals. She also taught me to obey the laws. Just because it isn’t against the law doesn’t mean it is against my morals. I wouldn’t get a legal hooker because morally I couldn’t do it. I agree laws don’t determine morals. However, if it is against the law and I do it, I think I am morally wrong. Also, just because some lawyer teacher says it, that doesn’t make it right and if you were being a jerk and talking down to me…well, once again you win. I’m not really in to that.

            • hodgie

              I don’t think you were being a jerk. Tone is hard to judge on here. What did you say about my mama?

  7. fuelk2

    It’s amazing that someone so clearly devoid of leadership skills has risen to this level. There’s no way his subordinates respect him given his propensity to throw them under the bus at every opportunity.

  8. Heathbar09

    I don’t like Michael Adams.

  9. doofusdawg

    Looks like adams just threw cmr under the bus.

    • Mayor of Dawgtown


      • shane#1

        What? You expect Adams to throw himself under the bus? Self-sacrifice does not seem to suit the good Doctor. Throw himself to the beach in Costa Rica maybe.

        • AthensHomerDawg

          Ahhh Costa Rica. The beaches have changed a lot my friend, Quepos, Costa Rica is now an official “Sister City” to Ft. Lauderdamndale, Florida. A yacht basin around Manuel Antonio ….. who would have thought. Lot of Georgia grads with their finger print on that and some of Athens own rock stars as well. Golf course is nice and the clubhouse is very well built!!

  10. shane#1

    PS, I blame Bobo for the drug testing policy.

  11. Cojones

    The reasoning behind the drug testing strikedown is based upon suspicion. It was a suspicionless group as well as the upcoming state workers group. No evidence to suspicion drug usage, no drug test.
    Works for me.

    Now, about testing our athletes- shoot, they were suspicious the day they walked on campus. Judging most as a group ,we all were aware that they talked and walked different, enjoyed different music, dressed differently, had different sexual and societal mores. Right off, they didn’t pass any eye test for suspicioness. They may not even pass the ACLU smell test.

    But they pass my Jake Scott and Bill Stanfield test as good ole’ fun-lovin’ athletes who are just here to study and play football as Georgia Dawgs. We pretty much had the same public laws and private opinions of that football group back then. No reason now to start stickin’ needles in their arms or make’um pee in a cup.

  12. hodgie

    I am getting tired of keeping up with the replies and comments. It has been very fun to hear the different sides to this. I do agree that doing something illegal (parking violation) isn’t immoral…come on man, that’s just silly. I also said that civil disobedience in the matter of human rights and other issues isn’t immoral. Lets not be silly. However, I think by signing scholarship papers you are also committing yourself to living inside of the law. If you WILLINGLY break the law and in turn violate your scholarship, you’re lying and that is immoral, illegal, whatever. You know what is right. Smoking weed ain’t right in the state of Georgia no matter how you cut it. Its illegal and immoral.

    • collegeparkdawg

      true but its the size of the penalty- four games for a brownie- especially when the first offense was riding in a car with someone who had a blunt (aka not in your possession) is too harsh.

    • Cojones

      Hell, I’ll smoke to that ….and enjoy it. Your legals and morals are a long shot from my legal and morals.

      Is it legal or moral for our President to send troops into harms way? We agree that it’s “OK” in this country, yet only Congress can declare war. Is it morally OK to teach men that it’s OK legally and morally to kill people because we are at war? Appears so. While not getting caught up in the whole argument, I think we have enough examples of legality and morality that are of a much higher order than football players (or anyone else) smoking pot.

      AHD, I took local underprivileged kids to Cultural Affairs programs while at UGA(late 60s). Noting that the status of a group of citizens still appears to not have progressed an inch in Athens, really hurts. Having racially divided people not to make any more effort than that over nearly 50 years shows a failure of the advantaged people to progress, not the disadvantaged.

  13. hodgie

    Sometimes it takes lessons like these to teach young men and women. The whole it was just a brownie and the blunt not I his possession isn’t flying with me by the way. Don’t piss down my back and tell me its raining.

    • Cojones

      No one would piss down your back on here. After cultivating your friendship and getting to know you well, someone on here is bound to piss down your front.

      How did you know that Rambo’s girlfriend had a blunt? Thought it was a dubby rolled and in her purse. It wasn’t partially smoked or in any way indicative that it was passed to her for hiding. Women smoke joints. I know several (maybe 10-12) women that include professionals and others over the age of 55 that smoke on a regular basis at parties that I infrequently attend that are held every 1-2 weeks. Median age in the 60s. It’s all private, you don’t know crap about it and I daresay, you could find them where you live. They can be racially profiled since they are all older white women. Some with Caddies. A few with Beamers. Most married.

      hodgie, you don’t know crap about pot, so don’t be knocking it. Nor the people who smoke it or eat it.

      • hodgie

        OK, wasn’t knocking pot smokers. Just don’t believe he keeps having that bad of luck. I think he smokes. Doesn’t mean he’s a bad person. Neither am I. I’m just a guy…who thinks smoking pot isn’t a good thing.