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It’s almost poetic.



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“You can lift the world, but if you can’t get from point A to point B before your opponent gets there it doesn’t matter.”

For a man who has been famously silent with the media since being put in charge of Georgia’s strength and conditioning program, Joe Tereshinski sure had a lot to say today.

There’s much to unpack, but this is the part I found most interesting:

On Armstrong:

–An “outside the box” hire, according to Tereshinski, who called Armstrong a person “who understands speed, quickness, agility, who can teach it.” Armstrong was founder and head performance specialist at VAST Sports Performance in Tampa,Fla.

Armstrong said his hire is unusual that Georgia players will have days set aside for him to work with players on speed.

“If we have success and we’re able to do what I hope we can do,” Tereshinski said, “I think they’ll be a lot of questions `What did we do?’ You may see something like this go on elsewhere. That’s pretty much how we are in this business.”

You read that right.  Georgia’s S&C man thinks he’s gone cutting edge and made a move that may be copied elsewhere.  I don’t know enough about his business to question his analysis, but I’m certainly intrigued.


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Should we blame Bobo for this, too?

From Chris Brown’s “The Future of the NFL: More Up-tempo No-huddle” post today:

It’s only a slight exaggeration to say that huddling is an archaism destined for the dustbin. I say it’s a slight exaggeration because there is a value to huddling, primarily when you have a great leader at quarterback as a huddle is an opportunity for him to show his leadership skills. But otherwise, it’s inherently inferior to going no-huddle. It’s slower, which is a problem both in games but also in practice where your offense gets fewer reps, and, maybe most importantly, the safety net of a huddle leads coaches to transform plays that can be communicated in just one or two words into multi-syllabic monstrosities.

The NFL has been slow to adapt, but he thinks that may not continue.

But things may be changing, led by an influx of college quarterbacks comfortable in the movements of the no-huddle. As Tom Brady shows every week, there’s an art to manipulating the defense in the no-huddle. As Tom Brady shows every week, there’s an art to manipulating the defense in the no-huddle. And there’s an incredible value to this, as NFL defenses become more and more complex…

… I’m somewhat more confident about seeing more no-huddle in the NFL both because there was more of it last season, but also because of those young quarterbacks…

A couple of things to consider here:  first, if the NFL is in fact trending in that direction, will that blur the value to the pros between college quarterbacks coming out of pro-style systems like Georgia’s and those coming out of spread attacks?  And second, if that’s the case, is it possible that was on the mind of Bobo when he pushed Georgia’s offense in more of a no-huddle direction last season?

Don’t laugh.  Georgia takes pride in preparing quarterbacks for the next level (remember the bragging about how Detroit’s coaches loved Stafford’s readiness coming out of college?).  It’s something to sell on the recruiting trail.  And I don’t think it’s a sales point they want to lose.  Has Bobo seen enough from Brady and Manning and the systems their teams run to have drawn a conclusion similar to Brown’s?

I may be reading too much into this – hell, I probably am.  But I will be curious to hear what scouts have to say about Aaron Murray and Murray’s coaching as he gets closer to the NFL draft one day soon.


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Change of heart

According to his dad, Deas’ request to stay has been accepted.


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Coach Richt, this aggression will not stand, man.

How long is Nick Saban going to tolerate Georgia offering in state kids before Alabama?

That’s shit he’s got time for.


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Tater Tot sets a low bar for himself.

Terry Bowden’s got big plans for this season.

“Our goal this year is to win one more game than last year,” Coach Bowden said. “We just have to work to get that win and then build from that.”

Akron went 1-11 in 2011.

If the Zips win three games this year, do you think he asks to renegotiate his contract?


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“We’re not condoning what he did morally.”

There were only about 200 people at the “Team Save Coach Petrino” rally last night, but what the crowd lacked in numbers it made up for in religious fervor…

(Image by Ryan Miller)


the command of grammar we’ve come to associate with Petrino’s supporters in the Arkansas fan base…

and a certain delusional detachment that’s comedy gold, Jerry.

“… I wouldn’t ask him for marriage counseling, but at the same time we’re supportive of him and we want him to do well.”

For now, I think Petrino’s a lock to keep his job, but, man, at the first sign of adversity (translation: a seven-win season) these people are going to turn on him in a heartbeat.


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