Musburger Drinking Game, first amendment

Changing circumstances call for changing rules:

  • Every time Aaron Murray overthrows a receiver and Musburger laments that Murray misses his big target, Michael Bennett, take a drink.
  • Every time a Georgia receiver drops a pass and Musburger mentions the sure-handed Michael Bennett, take a drink.

Back to you, Herbie.


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28 responses to “Musburger Drinking Game, first amendment

  1. Spike

    Or when he says “You are looking live at….”

  2. Rusty

    Got a feeling “Gurshall” will be a favorite in the commentator Lexicon…And did you know that they knew each other back home in NC?

  3. What libation do you all recommend for the Drinking Game?

  4. Saint Johns Dawg

    Hell, every time SC has 3rd and 3 and they hand it to Lattimore … I’m taking a drink. Dude will not be denied on 3rd and short and this is where he’s really killed us the past 2 years.

  5. Dawglicious

    “you’re looking live”: chug. Might be a good way to start

  6. ChicagoDawg

    I am thinking there should a provision that requires one to empty the bottle for any random and gratuitous ‘Honey Badger’ reference from Brent — we know it will happen at some point, it is just a matter of when.

    • Ben

      “Just looked really good in the first half of last year’s SECCG until they chose to kick it to the Honey Badger (cut to clip of Mathieu gashing us on a punt return, with a missed block in the back call), and they would go on to lose to Michigan State after a missed field goal. Man, Kirk, that honey badger was something else.”

      • Macallanlover

        Glad you mentioned missed blocks in the back (shouldn’t be a penalty anyway). How have we gone a whole week and not discussed the call/missed call on the Patterson TD run last week?

        I admit to not having seen a perfect angle on it but it sure looked like a block that gets called 95% of the time. And what caused them to pick it up? My take was the official who called it late did so because he was covering for the official closest to the block thinking he didn’t see it. Then the official who was closest must have overruled him and said he was right there and it was a legal block. That is the only way I see them picking that flag up. It was a very big play, controversial, but I don’t recall a discussion of it. Definitely thought it was coming back, although the lousy tackling and angles should have been punished.

        • Ahh…There’s my Man. Suppose you will be indulging in Scotch for the Drinking game??

          • Macallanlover

            I will, but not a drinking game guy, and never earlier than 6:00 PM or so. I don’t drink a lot of single malt in the summer, just too hot for brown water, but now is the perfect weather for a fire, a great CFB matchup involving my Dawgs, and some Macallan to celebrate a win. In anticipation of our guys showing up tonight, I will begin celebrating before the end of the game. I will also have some Woodford Reserve for the Senator if he wants to drop by, I will put a few extra logs on the fore since I will also be up for the Oregon/Washington game to see if we might jump them in the polls!

            • Will there be any Ladies in attendance?

              • Macallanlover

                I am not very good company during UGA games, or almost any CFB games. My wife is just outstanding about it, she can go anywhere on Fridays or Sundays but we don’t ever go out on fall Saturdays, and rarely allow anyone over. Not a time to be gracious or attentive to guests so I just hunker down with her.

  7. Then I hope to be completely sober until the game is over.😉

  8. Brandon

    Any reference to the ollllllllle baaaaallllllllll coach (with dramatic inflection) , is also worth 2 shots.

  9. HiAltDawg

    Wow! Senator, my liver is on “upset alert”!