Now that’s a shame.

Care to guess which quarterback voiced this complaint?

“During the heat of the moment, I felt as if he finished the hit and I had already thrown the ball. I felt like after I threw it, he still finished and drove me into the ground. With the referee right there, I questioned his decision not to throw the flag on him.”

This one.  Aaron Murray knows just how he feels.  He handled it better, though.



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16 responses to “Now that’s a shame.

  1. Matt

    Busted link. Sure would like to know the answer though.


  2. What fresh hell is this?

    I wonder if Scam thought Fairley’s hit on AM was dirty?


  3. Lrgk9

    Understanding but no sympathy…


  4. One of these QB’s brings it on himself. Guess which one?


  5. heyberto

    Cam’s a crybaby. He can’t handle losing. I live in Charlotte, I’m a Panthers fan. It’s hard to pull for a team when you don’t like the QB. I’ve tried to like Cam, and no doubt it’s partially a holdover from his college career, but he’s not a good leader for a team. Too many individual celebrations (I know it’s ok in the pros, but he’s the QB, which I feel a different standard applies), too many times going over to the bench and putting a towel over his head. The kid has a lot of growing up to do, and bitching at the ref like he did doesn’t show he is. He needs to stay calm under pressure and set an example. That’s not the kind of fire that inspires. I didn’t think it was that late a hit anyway, but I can’t dispute contesting the call, just how he did it.. by yelling at the ref.


  6. Trbodawg

    Link works, but story has been pulled as of 2:58pst


  7. xdawg1000

    $cam Newton, the smarmiest player ever. He’s should be looking at a lifetime of coal stocking stuffers.


  8. if you dont like the heat, dont be in the kitchen


  9. Cojones

    Don’t they fine your ass big in the Pros if you threaten the ref who is trying to protect you? In fact, doesn’t the ref have the discretion to eject him from the game?

    I see. Too much money put at risk so as to make the ref’s life worthless in this football idolatrous world. Message received.


  10. Hobnail_Boot

    ..the same guy who kicked a DL after he was tackled? Nah…