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Have towel; will travel.

Gus Malzahn cleans house on the Plains.  That was fast.  So is this.


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Will no one rid me of this troublesome ex-Gator?

Ah, geez, WWL, was it really necessary to burden us with the stylistic, non-stop sounds of Jesse Palmer for the bowl game broadcast?

Over/under on the number of times I yell “just shut up!” at my TV:  6.


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Fabris Invitational bowl pick ’em news

You should have received an e-mail from me yesterday letting you know that the bowl pick ’em is up.  As of this morning, all of the spreads are listed with the exception of the Navy-ASU game.  You can make picks by kickoff for each game until December 26, when the board locks down.

The first two games on the slate are a week from Saturday, so don’t miss those.


UPDATE:  To those who have asked if they can join despite not playing in the regular season pool, the answer is yes, since they’re being run separately.  Here’s the link to sign up.


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“It’s a phenomenon driven by people complaining.”

I think what amuses me the most about the cut blocking debate is that it’s all about the three service academies and Georgia Tech.  I get that Air Force, Army and Navy have to scrap and do what they can to get by, since they’re not going to get the kind of athletes that power conference schools are attracting.  But what’s Tech’s excuse?


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“… but if he goes out and throws a touchdown pass on that play then it’s different.”

Thomas Davis, you’ll always be a DGD and I’ll always love you, but the clock ran out because a pass was tipped and caught in bounds, not because Richt elected to forego spiking the ball.


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Wag the Dawg.

Not that I think for a second that Mark Richt is debased enough to consider doing something this stupid, but for the record I’d just like to say if there’s a single event that would cause me to shut this blog down in protest, the hiring of Trooper Taylor would qualify.  In spades.


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