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I went to the LSU-Alabama game and all I got was this lousy sweatshirt.

Give Carville credit — he ain’t backin’ down, which is more than you can say for Mickey.

The truly hilarious thing about this whole kerfuffle is that it’s a perfect, real world example of the “it just means more” blather the SEC peddles about itself.  And obviously doesn’t mean.  Then again, that’s what marketing’s all about, ain’t it?



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Coming to your cit-ay

So, the circus is coming to Jacksonville…

Along with the fan equivalent of Jehovah’s Witnesses

ESPN is likely going to get a heavy dose of UCF fans when it brings College GameDay to Jacksonville Saturday for the annual Florida-Georgia rivalry matchup.

While lots of Gators and Bulldogs flock to Jacksonville for the rivalry game known as the World’s Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party thanks to the ability to consume more alcohol than typically allowed on a college campus, Knights fans are sure to visit ESPN’s GameDay set.

Oy.  Get a life, people.


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ESPN’s one-track mind

Jesus H. Christ on a bicycle, Mickey, couldn’t you at least wait until the first weekend was completely in the books before hammering that nail?


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ESPN’s biggest wish for the 2018 season

Sure, Mickey, there may be 14 teams with a chance to make the CFP, but that’s not what the betting public believes.

The top-ranked Crimson Tide enter the season as the consensus favorites for a third consecutive year. Alabama is +175 to win the national championship at the Westgate SuperBook in Las Vegas. According to, those are the best odds for a preseason favorite since USC was listed at +160 before the the 2005 season.

Alabama has won two of the past three national championships and has been favored in 110 of its past 111 games.

Yeah, Clemson’s getting its share of early love.

No. 2 Clemson, at 4-1, is the clear-cut second favorite and has attracted significant interest from bettors in Las Vegas and New Jersey. More money has been bet on the Tigers to win the national title than has been wagered on any other team, including Alabama, at several sportsbooks.

At William Hill’s books in Nevada and New Jersey, 22 percent of the money bet on the national championship odds is on Clemson, substantially more than how much has been wagered on Alabama (14 percent) and three times more than has been bet on any other team.

But, ‘Bama.

More than half of the money bet on the national championship odds at DraftKings’ new sportsbook in New Jersey is on the Tigers and Tide, with 30 percent of it on Clemson, the company said.

Just think what one regular season upset would do for the talking heads at the WWL.


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Herbie is bored.

Kirk Herbstreit has bracket fever.  As we all know, there’s only one way to cure that malady.

“If you asked collectively around the nation to people who follow the sport and told them to put their biases aside, then almost everybody is going to have Alabama and Clemson in the championship game,” Herbstreit said. “It’s a done deal, and I don’t know if that’s healthy for the sport. I just think it would be great to get a couple teams that would be a little bit different each year. I think with six, you could create that.”

And when you get tired of six (which, eventually, you will), you can always add more!

It would be a real shame to have jaded talking heads on GameDay.  That should be reason enough to load up the postseason, amirite?


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The resurrection of Hugh Freeze

Look who’s back, ladies and gentlemen.

That may not seem like much to you, but it sure beats coaching football in Italy.

I wonder what Greg Sankey will do if they start to use Hugh on the SEC Network for analysis.


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Man, Nick Saban’s got his work cut out for him.

You’ve got to respect the serious cognitive dissonance of an ESPN piece that lays out the proposition that Alabama is the SEC team with the most to prove right next to a chart showing six ‘Bama players on their preseason All-SEC team.  (No other school has more than two.)

One can only hope Nick’s up to the challenge.


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