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Because we all need a laugh right now…

Really, this is perfect.

Although, maybe it’s just that May wants to get Brown off ESPN as much as I do.  Well, not that much.


UPDATE:  This is about as comical.


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Is there such a thing as reverse concern trolling?

Because if there is, this ESPN piece on Dan Mullen’s future nails it.

As Mullen prepares for his eighth offseason in Starkville, there might be no better time to go than right now.

If there was ever a year to look around at other jobs, this is it. We’re on pace for the largest pool of job openings in recent memory. Miami, USC, Virginia Tech, Missouri, South Carolina, and Maryland are already open. That’s not to mention rumored potential openings at Georgia and West Virginia.

Gee, thanks for your concern over the rumored potential opening in Athens, fellas.  Although I am a little surprised you didn’t ask Greg McGarity for a quote about Mullen.


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Say hello to our little friend.

I’m surprised this story hasn’t gotten more attention yet.

The San Diego Chargers’ and Oakland Raiders’ plan to become the teams that move to Los Angeles received a big boost Wednesday when Disney chairman and CEO Robert Iger agreed to oversee their bid to build a stadium.

CBS Sports’ Jason La Canfora and Sports Business Journal’s Daniel Kaplan reported the agreement early Wednesday morning, and it was confirmed later in the day.

Citing sources, La Canfora wrote that Iger will become chairman of the teams’ bid to build a stadium in Carson, Calif., and the move could propel the Chargers and Raiders to begin play in the Los Angeles market as early as the 2016 season.

Chargers and Raiders executives, along with execs from other NFL clubs, are in New York for a “significant” meeting with NFL officials on Wednesday.

Iger will remain as Disney’s chairman and CEO, but will also become the non-executive chairman of Carson Holdings, LLC, and oversee all major initiatives with the venture, including stadium design and naming rights as well as fan experience. Iger will also be responsible for guiding construction and operation of the stadium.

I mean, how sweet is that for the Chargers and Raiders?

And, no, I don’t expect a college to make a similar move… but I could sure see the CFP folks pulling a stunt like that down the road if they feel the need for some extra juice.


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Our Long national nightmare is just beginning.

The selection committee spewed forth its first set of rankings last night.  The nation yawned as the committee’s master gave itself a major woody fawning over a bunch of ultimately irrelevant information.  So, I guess you’d have to say from the perspective of those running college football, it was a huge success.

Man, it’s gonna be a long two months.


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Thursday morning buffet

Random off-week tidbits for your dining pleasure:

  • Nick Chubb’s surgery is scheduled for next week.  “Optimistic” seems to be the word of the day about that.
  • Anybody wanna bet that Carl Lawson is back in time for Auburn’s game with Georgia?
  • Both teams will be wearing the home jerseys in Jacksonville again.  Me likee.
  • Texas has reached a 15-year agreement with Nike expected to pay upwards of $200 million.  The Patterson rebranding pays off!
  • Any blog sporting the mantra “life’s too short to eat bad BBQ.” is going to get a nod from me.  Here’s a nice post that ought to be of interest to any Georgia fan planning on going to the Cocktail Party via St. Simons.
  • And here’s another young Georgia blogger getting started.
  • Brady Hoke second-guessing Jim Harbaugh is about as rich as it gets.
  • Florida has 216 people show up to try out for the walk-on kicker cast call.  “As long as they can flip it up there through the uprights, I’m good with it,” McElwain said Wednesday during the SEC coaches teleconference.
  • Here’s an update on some of Georgia’s walking wounded.
  • ESPN announces cuts of about 4% of its workforce; CEO says its “part of a broad strategy to ensure we’re in position to make the most of opportunities to build the future of ESPN.”   Uh huh.
  • Malcolm Mitchell loves him some Batman.  No, really.


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The OBC, with time on his hands

This comes as no surprise.

How long do you figure it took the WWL to get the man on the phone after his resignation?


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Herbie is all out on Tennessee.

Herbstreit takes back his preseason prediction of the Vols winning the East.


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