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Just how good has the defense looked?

The offense may be a black hole, but the defense is doing its level best to compensate for that.

2015 UGA Defensive Stats Through 11 games

Total team points given up- 196 (Ranks 13th in the NCAA)
Defensive points given up- 168 (Would rank UGA 8th in the NCAA)
Total Defense- 4.7 yards per play (9th in the NCAA)
Passing Defense-151.9 yards per game (2nd in the NCAA)
Red Zone Defense- 65% (3rd in the NCAA)
3rd Down Conversion- 30.7% (11th in the NCAA)
First Downs Allowed- 156 (3rd in NCAA)
Rushing Defense- 148.1 yards per game(46th in the NCAA)

All that while breaking in youngsters at every level of the defense, starting a transfer at ILB, not to mention having to carry a heavier load as the season wears on as a result of the offense being retooled in a more conservative fashion.

Pretty decent showing, if you ask me.


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Richt tried to tell us, part deux.

Good advanced stats catch by David Wunderlich – Georgia is only one spot ahead of Georgia Southern in Football Outsiders’ S&P+ ratings.


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“Your goal ought to be to hire the coach who can win the most games who will say yes.”

Interesting piece from Andy Staples on how some – okay, a few – ADs are using analytics to aid in hiring a new head coach.

Read it and see if it sounds like the Georgia Way to you.


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There’s run-oriented and then there’s run-oriented.

The de-evolution of Georgia’s passing game, in three bites:

  • Passing yards per game, August/September:  233.5
  • Passing yards per game, October:  179.3
  • Passing yards per game, November:  93.5

Yards per attempt have declined by more than half over that time, but November’s passing rating is actually higher than October’s (although no great shakes at 113.91), mainly because there are no interceptions this month.  When you get down to it, that’s probably the way the coaches are judging success throwing the ball right now.


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Throwback Saturday

Georgia doesn’t do tribute jerseys. It does tribute games.

Some of Saturday’s offensive stats are just appalling.

Georgia’s 243 yards was its second lowest output of the season. The Bulldogs had 223 against Florida.

“We actually have tried to realize that who are right now is a team that’s got to grind it out,” Richt said. “Part of it is field position, part of it is chewing up the clock and helping the defense on that end as well.”

Nobody on Georgia had more than 20 yards receiving. Receiver Malcolm Mitchell had two catches for 20 yards and fullback Christian Payne one for 20. Jeb Blazevich led with three catches for 19 yards.

These, too.

It was the second-lowest offensive output of the season for Georgia and fourth of under 300 yards this season. Greyson Lambert started and went the whole game at quarterback, finishing with 97 yards on 12-of-17 passing. Sony Michel logged 77 hard-earned yards on 26 carries.

This against the SEC’s lowest ranked team in total defense.

But the Dawgs came away with the win, and they did so for two reasons.  Going +3 in turnover margin can make up for a lot of offensive anemia, for one thing.  And for another, they were lucky enough to play a conference opponent with a worse quarterback situation than theirs.

I’ll take it.  Happily.


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Today’s head scratcher of a stat

There’s no way I would have expected this to be the case:

Under Richt, Georgia is a perfect 4-0 in games in which they did not reach the century mark through the air and two of those opponents were ranked.

Here are those games.

2009 at #7 Georgia Tech: 76 yards passing

2015 vs. Kentucky: 90 yards passing
2001 at Ole Miss: 93 yards passing
2007 vs. #22 Kentucky: 99 yards passing

Run the damned ball, Schotty!


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How the East wasn’t won.

Here’s a way to make your defense look better.

That’s impressive.  Damned impressive.

Basically it’s the product of good field position management (the Gators are first in Brian Fremeau’s FEI Field Position rankings) and favorable turnover margin (the Gators lead the SEC, at +9).  You know, the kind of things Georgia was hoping to do, but has fallen woefully short of accomplishing (81st in FEI Field Position; minus-5 in turnover margin).

That’s also how Georgia can be more effective than Florida on keeping opponents from scoring on longer drives, while having less to show for it.


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