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Tight quarters

Fromm is under the league average, at 8.02.  And that’s the bread and butter staple of Georgia’s passing game!  It’s a good illustration of how compacted an area Coley is having his offense operate within.

I’m not sure I’d necessarily chalk that up to manball, but it seems really conservative.  It’s also an indication they’re not really fooling defenses much.



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If you want a clue why Fromm was off against South Carolina…

Maybe this will help.

I definitely thought he was sensitive to the pressure in the second half last week.  It didn’t bring out his best.


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About those explosive plays…

When you run your offense inside a 20-yard box and direct the bulk of your passing attack to the sideline, that’s what you get from one of the best quarterbacks in college football.


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Sometimes, it really isn’t rocket science.

Bill’s infuriated and he’s a Mizzou fan, so imagine how I feel.

Along the same lines, care to guess how many second half touchdowns the Dawgs have scored in the four games against P5 opponents?  That would be three.

Isn’t keeping your foot on the gas imposing your will?


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Not bad. Just bad enough.

I have this sinking feeling that folks are going to be poking and prodding at that inexplicable South Carolina loss for a while.  Sigh.


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A little Georgia-South Carolina talk

I get that South Carolina has a couple of wins, including one over a conference opponent, but damned if it doesn’t look a lot like the Tennessee matchup from Georgia’s perspective.

Here’s Jake Rowe’s assessment of the two teams’ position groups:  seven in favor of Georgia and two pushes.  As he puts it, “(t)here’s a reason that one team is 5-0 and the other is 2-3.”

Some of the raw stats compiled against FBS teams are eye opening.  (Conference rank in parenthesis.)

The ‘Cocks red zone record is particularly putrid.  They’ve only been in the red zone 11 times in four games, have whiffed on three of those entirely and have only managed four touchdowns.

That’s pretty lopsided.  And based on stats to date, Boom can’t expect much out of Mr. Turnover Margin.  Georgia is +4 against FBS competition, good for second in the SEC, while South Carolina is minus-3 and thirteenth.

Even with all that, I’m not sure Georgia covers Saturday, simply because I don’t think Kirby takes any great pleasure in embarrassing his ol’ buddy.  Score aside, though, it’s hard to see how the Dawgs don’t control this game.


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Not too shabby, Jake.

Pro Football Focus has come around.

If you were to look at the statistical leaders at the quarterback position through six weeks of the 2019 college football season, you wouldn’t be shocked to see Oklahoma’s Jalen Hurts (No. 1 in yards per attempt and second in QB rushing yards), LSU’s Joe Burrow (No. 1 in completion percentage and second in passing yards), Ohio State’s Justin Fields (No. 1 in total touchdowns), or Alabama’s Tua Tagovailoa (No. 1 in passing touchdowns). And while all these players have impressed in their own individual way, none of them currently hold the distinction of being college football’s highest-graded quarterback. That title, in fact, belongs to a signal-caller whose traditional statistics might not wow you or put him in the Heisman discussion. Through six weeks of the season, the highest-graded quarterback in college football is none other than Georgia’s Jake Fromm.  [Emphasis added.]


Plenty more there if you’re interested (which I assume you are).


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