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Friday morning buffet

There’s always something.


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Thursday morning buffet

A few morsels to start your day…


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The ordinary Mr. Lambert

In this case, I mean it as something of a compliment, albeit a back-handed one.  Check out this chart Ian Boyd compiled, ranking last season’s SEC starting quarterbacks by yards per attempt:


You have to admit Lambert fits right in.  I will grant you those stats say a lot more about the state of quarterbacking in the SEC than about Lambert, but still, it’s hard to look at that and insist he was awful, or the worst quarterback Richt ever started, or some of the other astute analysis I’ve seen from some of you here.

And maybe that explains a little about why he’s still in the mix for 2016.


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Monday morning buffet

More for the chafing dishes…


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Remain calm. All is well at ILB.

The good folks at Pro Football Focus tell us not to sweat Tim Kimbrough’s departure.

Georgia can overcome recent LB transfer: There is more transfer news around the SEC, as senior linebacker Tim Kimbrough has left the program. He’s been a quality player for the Bulldogs, particularly the last two seasons, during which he has played 606 snaps with strong work against the run. Last season he was one of Georgia’s best run-stopping linebackers, so they’ll need to replace that production on early downs. It hasn’t been as smooth for Kimbrough in coverage, where he has graded below-average and has missed 13 of 100 tackle attempts the last two seasons.

Georgia does have potential reinforcements at inside linebacker, particularly a pair of true sophomores in Natrez Patrick and Roquan Smith. Patrick posted an excellent run-stopping grade with most of his work coming against Georgia Tech and then Penn State in the bowl game. It was an encouraging 160-snap showing for Patrick and a similar small sample of work for Smith, who posted a strong run grade on his 78 snaps. While losing Kimbrough does hurt the inside linebacker depth, the future is bright at the position for the Bulldogs and it sounds like Kimbrough and the coaching staff simply didn’t mesh.

Georgia LBs

Personally speaking, I’m really looking forward to what Roquan Smith can do this season.  Notice that pass coverage grade in limited time.  I’m not sure I can get used to an inside linebacker who isn’t a liability in coverage.  But I’m willing to give that a try.


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Wednesday brunch buffet

Brunch is served.


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“Georgia fired Richt for only winning 10 games per year, so Smart better win 11 pretty soon.”

In today’s Georgia preview, Bill Connelly demonstrates that he knows us better than we’re willing to admit we know ourselves.

Ambition is fine. Aiming high can pay off. But if you aim high and miss, it can set your program back years.

The idea of Glen Mason Territory is based around that idea. Minnesota won more consistently under Mason than under any coach since the 1940s, but he struggled to clear the bar he’d set. He went 18-8 in 2002-03 but followed with 20 wins in the next three years; good for Minnesota, but not good enough. After a 6-7 2006, capped with a huge blown lead in the Insight Bowl, the Gophers dumped Mason in favor of Tim Brewster … and went 17-33 over the next four seasons. Minnesota didn’t win more than seven games until the eighth season after his ouster.

GMT™ is established when fans get frustrated with merely being successful. Once you raise the bar, you have to keep raising it. Perhaps it should be called Mark Richt Territory.

In 15 years, Richt engineered seven top-10 finishes; the Dawgs had only pulled that off 10 times in the 51 years before him. Georgia won 50 games in his final five years, complete with four S&P+ top-15 rankings and two AP top-10 finishes. The Dawgs came within an eyelash of the BCS Championship in 2012.

After the next hint of a true (and brief) drop-off — UGA won 10 games in 2015 but fell to 32nd in S&P+ — the school sent Richt packing…

Saban’s impossible consistency has driven fanbases and administrations throughout the SEC insane. Richt was fired for not being as successful as him, and LSU’s Les Miles nearly suffered the same fate.

Following this line of thinking, it makes sense that Georgia would replace Richt with what they hope is the Next Saban: longtime Alabama defensive coordinator (and UGA grad) Smart.

The 40-year-old product of Bainbridge has an impeccable résumé. He was a defensive coordinator at Valdosta State at age 25, spent two years under Bobby Bowden at Florida State, briefly worked in the NFL, and spent the last nine seasons with Saban. He knows how Saban works, breathes, eats, and operates. He will operate in one of the most fertile recruiting areas of the country, and he will get complete, desperate support from the athletic department and the state government.

And he better win. Immediately.

Pretty much.  The good news is that Bill is fairly bullish on Georgia’s chances this season, particularly if Chubb is healthy.


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