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If it were that easy, anyone could do it.

A reminder that winning consistently isn’t exactly a common thing in college football.

Richt had his flaws and Georgia has certainly upped its game with the changeover, but to act like winning 8-10 games a season on a regular basis was no big deal ignores reality.  It’s no sin to acknowledge that.



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Hard road

Just another data point…

And, yes, I know, in and of itself, that’s not a complete indication of schedule strength, but here’s Sagarin’s SOS rankings on that:

  • Georgia 6
  • Clemson 48
  • Alabama 44
  • Oklahoma 31
  • Notre Dame 42
  • Ohio State 40
  • UCF 90

One of those numbers really isn’t like the others.  (Well, okay, two, but I digress.)

The point here, again, isn’t to re-litigate whether Georgia belongs in the CFP field this year — that ship’s already done sailed.  Rather, it’s to say that the debate about whether the Dawgs, two losses and all, deserved to be part of the discussion was certainly a valid one.


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One of life’s little mysteries

I can’t say I’m gonna lose a minute of sleep over this, but can someone explain how the conference coaches selected Drew Lock over Jake Fromm for this year’s All-SEC second team?

I mean, look at the stats:  Fromm’s ypa is a yard-and-a-half better, he’s thrown more touchdowns and fewer interceptions and his passer rating (which is third nationally) is thirty points higher than Lock’s.

Seriously, what am I missing here, coaches?


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And now, a word about Jake Fromm

I have a love-hate relationship with Gary Danielson.  He’s as good as it gets as an in-game analyst, but, damn, he can drive me crazy when he goes off on a non-game tangent.

Yesterday, he was harping on the perception of Jake Fromm as a game manager instead of an elite quarterback.  While on its face, that’s a strange dichotomy — why can’t a quarterback be good at managing the game while being an elite talent? — I do think there’s an underlying truth to the point he was clumsily making.

In a year of brilliance from Kyler Murray (205.72 passer rating) and Tua Tagovailoa (202.30 passer rating), it is easy to overlook Jake Fromm, who, by the way, is third-ranked nationally in passer rating behind those two.  That is for a couple of reasons.  One, Fromm isn’t the runner those two are.  Two, he’s generally not called on to carry the team with his arm.  (He’s 84th nationally in pass attempts.)

But that doesn’t mean he’s not an elite talent.  Consider this:

If that’s not elite, then I guess Watson was just a game manager, too.

By the way, Jake finished yesterday’s game with a passer rating of 154.31.  Tua’s was 92.30.


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Saturday morning buffet

Today, the chafing dishes are chock full of nothing but SECCG goodness.

  • Matt Hinton’s deep dive into the game is definitely worth a read, albeit a somewhat depressing one if you’re a Dawg fan.  He went into it looking for another close game like the national championship, but came out in the end with this:  Alabama wins, 36–24.
  • Marcus Spears thinks Georgia can run the ball, which would be big, but wants you to know he’s not saying that to blow smoke up our asses: “Look, I’m not trying to build this up. I think Alabama is the better team, but with that being said, when scheme, coaching, and all that comes into play, you’re looking at two staffs who really have it figured out.”
  • This preview spends a good deal of time elaborating why Alabama outclasses Georgia, but winds up predicting a narrow 36-30 win for the Tide.
  • FOTB Mr. McCart had a flash and sees a Georgia win.
  • Macondawg ain’t waxing too optimistic in this Q&A at Roll ‘Bama Roll.
  • On the flip side, it shouldn’t be much of a surprise that the reciprocal Q&A is brimming with confidence.  (Though I’m now admittedly curious about the state of Quinnen Williams’ health.  Also, FWIW, Saban said Terrell Lewis won’t play today.)
  • Last but not least, if you’re looking for a long read on the game from a Georgia perspective, here you go.


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A sobering thought

For anyone who’s tried to comfort themselves with the thought that last year’s Rose Bowl is proof that Georgia can handle a high-powered offensive attack when the chips are down, this tweet is definitely not for you:

Also, unlike that Oklahoma team, ‘Bama actually has some guys who can play defense.


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There’s more than one way to impose your will.

This is pretty impressive.

To date, against Georgia’s defense, opposing FBS quarterbacks have managed to convert only 3.24% of their pass attempts into touchdowns.

Something’s gotta give.


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