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Jay Jacobs, feelin’ it

If you’re wanting a little taste of what Greg McGarity might sound like should the day come when Kirby Smart gets things rolling a little, Auburn’s athletic director is here to smugly tell one and all he knew things were good all along.

Auburn athletic director Jay Jacobs told USA TODAY Sports the 1-2 start “was an odd time,” while noting both Clemson and Texas A&M were highly ranked. Jacobs said he heard the noise from frustrated fans — but doesn’t hear much anymore.

“It’s gotten deathly quiet,” Jacobs said Sunday afternoon. “In my role and in Gus’ role, you don’t listen to that. You take care of what’s inside the house. And inside the house, everybody’s been marching to the beat of the same drummer. I’m just glad to know that Gus and these coaches have helped these players find their identity.

“It took us two or three games to find out exactly what it was. Now we know it’s downhill, old-fashioned, run-the-ball and playing Southeastern Conference, Auburn defense…”

Well, and maybe one other little thing.


UPDATE:  Big Jay may not have been listening to criticism, but it’s hard to believe he was ignoring that Auburn sold out a home game for just the second time this season.


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Is there something in the water at Toomer’s Corner?

Seriously, what is it with some people and those trees?


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“He’s our coach and he’ll be our coach for a long, long time.”

A heady mix for Jay Jacobs:  another subpar year for Auburn football, Jimmy Sexton and a possible $13,795,000 in payments the school’s athletics department would be responsible for if the Gus Bus is shitcanned after this season.

And that’s before you get to what Jacobs will have to shell out to sign the next savior.


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Thursday morning buffet

Come, you must be hungry.


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Have towel; will travel.

Shit, I can’t believe I forgot there’s a special reunion on the Plains this week.

Like I said, special.


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The Gus Bus needs a new owner’s manual.

Malzahn acknowledges that his three-quarterback rotation was a flop against Clemson.

My only question is whether he had to review the game tape first before reaching that conclusion.


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Thursday morning buffet

Rounding things up to fill the breakfast bar…


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