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Thursday morning buffet

The chafing dishes are set out and ready to go.

  • Here’s a lawsuit I’ve been waiting to see drop.  Adding the NCAA is a nice touch.
  • The AFCA wants the targeting rules changed to allow for two levels of penalties.  On its face, it sounds sensible, but you can just see that next can of worms waiting to be opened.
  • Malzahn’s “right hand man” jumps off the Gus Bus for… Georgia Tech.
  • Les Miles asks for a change to the recruiting rules after he sees the Kansas roster he inherited.
  • This really seems like the least they could do.
  • And this continues to be the name I hear most frequently as the candidate to be Mel Tucker’s successor, although it has to be said that Kirby seems to be in no hurry on that front.
  • Now they tell us.
  • “If a shoe company wanted to pay one of University of Washington’s running backs $50,000 to appear in a television commercial, House Bill 1084 would permit that.”


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“Come on. Get it right!”

Gus Malzahn is calling plays for Auburn now and that means everything is better.

“It’s different,” Martin said. “Yeah, he’s about business, man. That’s what it’s all about. That’s how I feel like we’re going to be a good offense.”

If that’s all it took, makes you wonder why a guy making all that money didn’t bother to fix things before the season.


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They’re in a weird place, man.

Is Auburn’s AD talking about program management or couples therapy with this?

“I want to be engaged but not involved” sounds like a kinky relationship.  Of course, we’re talking about Auburn here, so, yeah.

Seriously, you’re paying a head coach close to $7 million a year and he needs help managing his program?

Things are shaping up for another banner year on the Plains, it seems.


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“I love Auburn. I love being here.”

Gus wants you to know that while Auburn’s season may have sucked, his $32 million buyout contract still rocks.

Priorities, bitchez.


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What if Gus is out of f***s to give?

… Throughout the season, Coach Malzahn and I had discussions focused on placing our student-athletes in the best competitive position for the future. To confirm, Coach Malzahn is dedicated to this program and he has my support as we work together to move forward. Our discussions are ongoing, and we will focus on evolving in all facets of the program to achieve better and more consistent results. Rest assured, my commitment to overseeing and managing the effort to put Auburn football back at the level we expect and you deserve will be unrelenting.

We have the most passionate fan base in the country, who love Auburn and all it represents. You, the fans, are the driving force in our effort to make you proud. Of course, it stings when we fall short of our lofty expectations, but in true Auburn fashion, we will dust ourselves off and recommit to our goals.

To reiterate, my responsibility is to serve Auburn, and more specifically, our coaches, staff and student-athletes. Among other things, successfully navigating this endeavor requires collaboration, trust, passion and resilience…

Auburn athletics director Allen Greene

Has anyone considered the possibility that Gus (and Jimmy Sexton, don’t forget) is playing three-dimensional chess with the Auburn hierarchy — okay, right, this is Auburn, so let’s just say the possibility he’s playing chess while they’re playing checkers — by saying, guys, if you think you can engineer me walking away from a $32 million buyout, watch me double down on everything you’re unhappy with, like the playcalling, so that you’ll wind up thinking the buyout is a bargain?


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The Gus Bus gets a new (pseudo) driver.

Sounds like Mahzahn had to dig deep for this one.

Auburn has hired Memphis offensive coordinator Kenny Dillingham to the same position, the team announced Sunday night.

Dillingham, 29, replaces Chip Lindsey, who recently left Auburn to become offensive coordinator at Kansas under new coach Les Miles. Auburn head coach Gus Malzahn will be the team’s primary offensive playcaller in 2019, according to a news release, although both Dillingham and co-offensive coordinator Kodi Burns will be involved.  [Emphasis added.]

Gus had to turn to a 29-year old when Hugh Freeze decided the Liberty job was more attractive and when South Carolina’s running backs coach (!) turned down Auburn’s generous offer to carry Malzahn’s water.

Between this and Stidham’s early departure for the NFL, it’s already shaping up to be a banner year on the Plains.


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Meanwhile, at Auburn

Math iz hard.

When Asa Martin came in for one kick return and one carry in the Mississippi State game, his chance to redshirt the 2018 season was officially burned.

It was the fifth game Martin, a freshman, played in — though members of the Auburn coaching staff were unaware of that when Martin was sent into the game, according to Martin’s mother, Sharay Harris, in an interview with

She said Auburn coaches talked to her and Martin’s father, Rakesk Martin, about redshirting their son, after the Mississippi State game — even though she’d made it known to Auburn’s offensive coordinator before that game that another appearance would use up his freshman eligibility.

The NCAA’s new redshirt policy allows student-athletes to compete in up to four football games in a given season without losing a year of eligibility. Once they’ve entered a fifth game, that year of eligibility has been used.

Auburn coaches seemingly thought the Mississippi State game was Martin’s fourth appearance, thus preserving his option to redshirt this season and preserve his eligibility. The fact was they were wrong.

“I had already reached out to the coaching staff to question about his redshirt before he played in the Mississippi State game, because I knew he had already played four games,” Harris said.

…  After Martin’s play was limited in that MSU game, Harris said she had another conversation with a member of Auburn’s coaching staff.

“After the Mississippi State game is when another assistant coach said that he wanted to redshirt Asa,” Harris said. “At this point, he had played five games.”

“… I’m just blown away, because Asa and I and his dad already knew that Asa’s redshirt had already been burned in the Mississippi State game.”

Harris wouldn’t say which assistant coach spoke to her about that. She did say that an Auburn offensive assistant coach spoke to Rakesk Martin after the Tennessee game one week later, and Rakesk made that coach realize the redshirt was burned.

“We, his parents, made them see after they burned it that they had already burned it,” Harris said. “They still wasn’t like — they didn’t acknowledge the fact that they had burned it. It was like they didn’t know. Like what do you mean you don’t know?”

I had no idea Reggie Ball was working at Auburn.

And here’s the part you can expect to be revisited on the recruiting trail.

There are questions that Harris still wants to have answered. She said she has received responses to her correspondences with coaches, but nothing that answers her how this mistake happened.

“That made me realize that they didn’t have his best interest at heart,” Harris said. “That’s what it made me realize because there’s no way, again, at a D1 college that every stat, every play for play, every time you even take a snap that it’s not recorded.”

She said Martin, her son, has been “frustrated throughout this whole season” with how this has been handled. She’s concerned about other kids — especially ones without a strong support system — who could have this situation repeated with them.

“I don’t know if this could hurt Asa or help him,” Harris said. “But I feel some type of way because Asa has a support system. What about the kids that doesn’t have a support system? And you, like, to mislead these kids, I feel like it’s so wrong and somebody has to take a stand and speak up for them. I don’t wanna hurt my son in any type of way, but at the same time, it’s not OK to mislead these kids.”

If mama ain’t happy…

Martin isn’t looking to transfer despite the mishap, according to his mother.

“That’s not the conversation,” Harris said about transferring. “The conversation is, I just wanna know the basic question about this whole redshirt situation, and how they’re going forward with not just Asa but with other players.”

This is why she decided to put her complaint on the record, for everyone to know about.

“Nobody is acknowledging it,” Harris said. “Nobody is taking the blame for it. And nobody is acting like it ever existed.”

You know the punchline already, right?  Martin got off the Gus Bus at the next stop.


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