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When you take your foot off the gas pedal of the Gus Bus…

… shit happens, like blowing at 20-point lead to a team that lost to Troy two weeks before.

I’m really looking forward to seeing the revised rankings of the SEC coaches after the season from all the geniuses in the punditocracy who were singing the praises of Dan Mullen (who, admittedly, ain’t bad) and Malzahn.



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The Gus Bus is on cruise control.

While Malzahn shrugged off blowing a 20-point lead to Ed Orgeron’s team, he’s got a former Auburn player lobbying for his job on Facebook and his current starting quarterback letting the world know that he doesn’t have the power to audible out a given called play.

In other words, things couldn’t be better on the Plains.  War Eagle!


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“Frustrated, but it’s not the end of the world.”

For a guy making more than $4 million a year to, you know, win games and play for big titles, Gus Malzahn sounds remarkably sanguine about blowing a 20-point lead to a team that lost to Troy a couple of weeks ago.


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Fake news? War Eagle!

So, in the wake of another potential academic scandal, Auburn’s hired an outside law firm to investigate.

Jay Jacobs is on quite the roll lately.

The tutoring investigation is the latest in a series of probes within the Auburn athletic department, which is facing alleged misconduct in men’s basketball and women’s softball, as well as defending a federal civil lawsuit filed against athletic director Jay Jacobs and the school’s board of trustees by a former baseball coach.

It’s impressive that the man is still on the job.  I’d ask the rhetorical question about whether Jacobs is in possession of incriminating photographs, but after reading this quote…

Outside the Lines brought the allegation to the attention of President Steven Leath this week. In a statement issued Wednesday, he said: “I take the allegation very seriously. While the independent investigation has found no evidence to date to support the claims, I’m actively engaged as the investigation continues.”

… maybe the simpler answer is that nobody there really gives a damn.  At least as long as the money’s good.


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This is good, right?

If you didn’t know that Auburn was the only remaining team in the country that hadn’t yielded [more than — ed.] 14 points in a game yet, congratulations for staying off the Intertubes, because after Saturday’s games, it seemed like it was plastered everywhere.  Never mind that Auburn’s played Sagarin’s #74 strength of schedule compared to Alabama’s #29 or Georgia’s #18… fourteen points, bitches.

I guess for now we’ll just have to settle for Georgia’s defense giving up the fewest touchdowns in the country.


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Today, in pay to play

It’s basketball, but it’s also Auburn, so follow the bouncing tweets.

And in the understatement of the day…

Finally, Ole Miss finds somebody to hold its beer.  You sure are running a clean conference these days, Commissioner Sankey.


UPDATE:  You want somebody to draw you a road map?  Okay.


UPDATE #2:  Auburn is “angry”.


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Today, in one thing leads to another

The news that the Gusmeister thinks his punting game needs a little retooling reminded me of this development from June:

Head coach Kirby Smart has hired former Auburn assistant Scott Fountain to join his staff with the Bulldogs.

Fountain’s wife posted the news on Facebook and Fountain’s Twitter handle was changed to show he has joined the Bulldog program.

Although it’s unclear what position Fountain will hold with Georgia, he brings a wealth of experience coaching having served as the Tigers’ special teams coordinator and tight ends coach from 2013-2016 after spending the previous four seasons (2009-2012) as Auburn’s player personnel director.

He left the Auburn program on February 7 after his contract was not renewed. He was earning $325,000 in a contract that expired today.

Fountain came to Auburn with former Tigers head coach Gene Chizik in 2009.

At Auburn, Fountain coached some of the finest specialists in Auburn history, including three-time Ray Guy Award semifinalist punter Steven Clark, placekicker Cody Parkey, who ranked second in the SEC in PATs made (66), and kicker/punter Daniel Carlson, a Lou Groza Award finalist as a sophomore who has already set five AU records.

Per the NCAA, here are the current rankings of the two programs in net punting:

  • Georgia:  10th
  • Auburn:  71st

Last season, Auburn was 21st and Georgia was 112th.  Probably a coincidence, though.


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