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Aaron Murray drinking game?

I happened to notice, reading this CBS piece about the SEC’s TV schedule on September 21st, that Aaron Murray is part of the broadcast crew for the Auburn-Texas A&M game.

Hmmm… I wonder what the over/under is on how many times he’ll be asked about Nick Fairley and the 2013 debacle.



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One shining moment

Here’s how you make Greg Sankey proud.

Apparently, neither could Gus’ lucky rabbit’s foot.


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Heaven sent

Between that and Gus’ lucky rabbit’s foot, Auburn is truly blessed.


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TFW you really don’t want to pay that coach’s buyout

Gotta love Auburn.

Money well spent, as far as Gus is concerned.


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Friday morning buffet

One day ’til college football, and counting.


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Wednesday morning buffet

Mornin’, campers.


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Tradition on the Plains

How many other schools could have a line written about them like, “And only Auburn, with its long and storied tradition of athletic dysfunction…” and have it ring true?

Well, to start with, it helps to hire the right kind of people.

Only Pearl, with his florid history of failing to adhere to recruiting parameters, could end up involved in this one. He was fired at Tennessee in 2011 after lying about having two recruits at his house for a cookout when the recruiting calendar did not permit it. Fifteen years ago, when he was at Milwaukee, the school turned in a secondary violation for an impermissible contact with a recruit that was cut from the same cloth — attending a function at Pearl’s house.

It seemingly never hurts to be brazen about it — brazenness being a useful tool to deploy on occasion that certain schools, which shall remain nameless, have never appeared to grasp in their dealings with the NCAA.  Of course, the risk you run with brazenness is you never know when you hit your limits, but then again, if you don’t care that much, that’s not really much of a risk, amirite?


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