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The Gus Bus is a finely tuned machine.

So much for being an offensive genius.

65 More yards for Arkansas than for Auburn — 290 to 225 — in their game on Saturday, yet the Tigers still routed the Razorbacks 34-3. Auburn had scoring series of 27, 1, 9 and minus-10 yards.

You gotta love those negative yardage scoring drives.  Against the worst team in the SEC, to boot.



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Today, in Heisman Watch

Reading this, it suddenly dawns on me that Tua Tagovailoa is the quarterback whom Auburn fans mistakenly think Gus Malzahn has going into every season.


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The greatest trick Jimmy Sexton ever played…

… was convincing Auburn it needed to give Gus a 7-year, $49 million contract extension.


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Darlin’, they’re playing our song.

TFW you’re an LSU blogger getting ready for this week’s game against Auburn.


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Roller coaster ride on the Plains

That pundit who said this might be Auburn’s year meant to say that it might not be Auburn’s year.

I remember the days not too long ago when some of the gloomier commenters here used to see Auburn’s ups and downs as a superior ride to the steadier course Georgia had under Richt.  Good times, eh?

And when I say downs, this is what I’m referring to.

Can you call it a throwaway year when you’re not trying to throw the year away?


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It wasn’t you. It was us.

One of the most delightful consequences of last season was the redirection of the Denial River.  For years, it was Georgia who talked the great “woulda, coulda, shoulda” game, but now that proverbial shoe is on other feet.  We heard from Florida players at SEC Media Days about how the Cocktail Party was a much closer affair than the ultimate five-touchdown spread indicated to rational humans.

Auburn linebacker Deshaun Davis has thought about the SECCG and wants you to know that wasn’t about Georgia.

“I don’t think we played our best the second game, and I don’t know if it was because they made us not play our best, or if we weren’t locked in or focused,” said Davis. The Auburn linebacker told reporters at the College Football Hall of Fame on Thursday that “If you watch the tape from the first game to the second game, it was two different teams, and not just because we won the first time.”

“You pop in any other time we actually played Auburn football, and you match it with the SEC Championship Game, it simply wasn’t us,” he continued.

He’s got a teammate who agrees.

Auburn defensive lineman Dontavious Russell, once a 2013 Georgia commit from Carrollton who then flipped to Auburn, mentioned the adversity his team was facing, referencing star running back Kerryon Johnson’s rib injury suffered against Alabama.

“Toward the end of the Georgia game, we faced adverse situations, being that Kerryon was out, it was something we didn’t respond as well to.”

Hunh.  Funny, I thought the adverse situation you faced was a Georgia team that got after it.

Here’s to another great season of deflection.


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“It’s a man’s schedule.”

Good to see that Gus has already got the excuse machine“Once again, I feel like we have the toughest schedule in college football” — cued up.

By the way, not returning to Atlanta would be a different result, amirite?


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