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Thursday morning buffet

Enjoy part of the culture at GTP with this morning’s servings.

  • Gus visits Art Briles.  Maybe he’s just a big fan of Baylor basketball.
  • The NCAA’s gonna NCAA.
  • A few tips from a team’s new coordinator on installing a new offense.
  • Georgia Tech’s recruiting is even more Chantastic than you thought.
  • With each passing day, the genius of Pac-12 commissioner Larry Scott becomes ever more genius-ier.
  • Kirby really wants to hear from you about G-Day QBR, folks:  “Y’all email my secretary. She’ll send them to me. I’m sure there’s a lot in here smarter than me with quarterback play.”  Based on message boards and comment threads, I can vouch for that.
  • Those of you who think you’ve shared enough life experience to know how every twenty-year old college athlete should behave ought to see this.  (You really don’t, in other words.)  Not to mention it makes for a pretty jarring juxtaposition with this.


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He thinks they’re all bozos on that bus.

When a position coach says he’s leaving Auburn for the same job with a head coach who came within a bloated buyout of being canned a couple of months ago because “it starts with the leadership”, I think it’s safe to say that you can take that as a backhanded slap at the future viability of the Gus Bus.


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Gettin’ off the Gus Bus

This is quite the chart.


If you prefer it in words, here you go.

Two years ago, Gus Malzahn was in the national championship game. Now, he’s seen five assistants leave this offseason, three for comparable jobs.

Co-offensive coordinator / wide receivers coach Dameyune Craig, who is a former Auburn player, left for the LSU wide receivers job on Sunday. Malzahn moved quickly, reportedly hiring Kodi Burns, but there’s been an exodus of assistants over the past two seasons at Auburn.

Good thing Rodney Garner’s stuck around.


UPDATE:  Remain calm, Auburn fans.  All is well.


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What’s another $200 million between friends?

With a lede like “The facilities race in college athletics shows no sign of slowing, and athletics director Jay Jacobs proposes that Auburn pick up the pace in a major way”, do you really need to read any more to know what’s coming?


UPDATE:  Arkansas is prepared to spend $160 million on stadium renovation.


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E.J. Price has a tough decision.

On the one hand, he’s got a lot of respect for Sam Pittman.

On the other, it appears he’s got a lot of respect for Auburn’s program, too.


Like I said, tough call.  (Tweet’s been taken down, but not before the world noticed.)


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There’s excess. Then there’s wretched excess.

Take this as one of those “when life throws you a fastball down the middle, you’ve got to turn on it” moments:  Auburn lets recruits play Madden on its $14 million dollar scoreboard.

Robin Williams’ comment about cocaine comes to mind about now.


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If the good times are all gone, then I’m bound for moving on.

Rodney Garner demands to know from an Auburn commit why he wore a Georgia shirt after a visit from Kirby Smart.


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