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“We have to claim those championships. It’s the law.”

Don’t ever change, Auburn fans.


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“Bottom line: nobody is bigger than the team around here …”

I probably ought to start a pool to pick the day when Duke Williams gets reinstated to the first team at dear ol’ Second Chance U.


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“Miracles on the Plains”

I’m not surprised they’ve made a film about Gus’ 2013 rabbit’s foot to show on the SEC Network.  I’m not even surprised Richt and Saban agreed to appear in it.

It’s just a shame that Tray Matthews isn’t.  I mean, who’s got a better point of view?


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Gus Malzahn is all in on Agent Muschamp.

Boom may not have been the bestest head coach, but don’t let that stop the Gus Bus.

“The best defensive mind in all of football, not just college football,” Malzahn said of Muschamp, who was fired last November after serving four seasons as Florida’s head coach.

Hoo, boy.  SEC, you have been warned.


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Tuesday morning buffet

I’m not in Hoover.  You’re not in Hoover.  So, eat.

  • Speaking of Hoover, CFN’s Pete Fiutak has some pretty amusing observations about his first day there.  My favorite:  Because it’s 174 degrees outside with 139% humidity, and considering most media types get paid in buttons and some of those fans who actually did show up look like they’ve been wearing the same jersey for three straight weeks, every ten feet or so in this cramped, confided space there’s a waft of pure evil. This is one place where the term “smell you later” really does apply.  Ew.
  • Melvin Robinson, Georgia’s Assistant Athletic Director for Facility Operations, about the ongoing improvements at Sanford Stadium “The fan experience is so big and when they see the improvements we’re doing at the stadium, they’re going to be blown away…”  No offense, Mel, but we’ll believe when we see it… or don’t have to spend fifteen minutes in a concession line.
  • Bruce Feldman points out that, for all the preseason hype about Auburn, the Tigers return fewer starters on offense than any team in the SEC.
  • This looks pretty cool, if you ask me.
  • “Everybody is the media. Everybody with a camera phone is the media…”
  • Fiutak’s SEC team likely to disappoint?  Tennessee.
  • And here’s a detailed look at D-1 athletic spending, with an emphasis on bang (i.e., wins) for the buck.


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Birth of the cool

Jay Jacobs sounds like a fifteen-year old nerd trying too hard.

In fact, Auburn athletics director Jay Jacobs believes the teams’ styles have made the Tigers and Ducks the cool kids on the college football landscape.

“Auburn and Oregon are two of the cool teams right now,” Jacobs said Tuesday on The Paul Finebaum Show. “The kids want to play for us because we’re fun and we’re fast.”

That’s so cool, Auburn.  In an oxymoronic way, that is.


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Big ass screen

At least I’ll be able to see something from the crappy seat Auburn’ll sell me this year.


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