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I’m Auburn. Fly me.

You know – I mean, you just know – when the guy at Auburn responsible for calculating the school’s cost of attendance says something like this…

“This is a financial aid budget,” he said. “This isn’t an athletic scholarship budget.”

… hilarity is bound to ensue, and this article (h/t) lives up to the promise of that.  In spades.

You can start with the chutzpah of him questioning how other schools can justify their numbers if you like, but for me, the money shot (see what I did there?) has to be his defense of the $2,858 allotment for transportation costs.

As for transportation, Reynolds attempts to encompass those who live on and near campus in Auburn as well as commuters from Montgomery and Columbus (roughly 100-mile round trips) and Birmingham (over 200 miles round trip), and has to account for some trips home for a school with roughly 40 percent of students coming from out of state, predominantly Georgia.

While a student at Auburn would have to drive over 2,100 miles per month at a rate of 20 miles per gallon with gas being $3 per gallon to account for the $317.56 budgeted for transportation each month by Reynolds, that doesn’t factor in any flying, which would quickly eat into that figure and factor into the average annual cost.  [Emphasis added.]

For its size, this must be the busiest goddamned airport in the Southeast.  What a lucky coincidence for Auburn’s coaches.

With Auburn’s cost of attendance figure ranking so comparatively high it will naturally be a factor in recruiting, though not as much as of yet.

“We’re not talking about it enough, to be honest with you,” Auburn wide receivers coach Dameyune Craig said in early May. “But it will focused on from me (during the May evaluation period) and that can be used as an advantage. It is what it is.”

Multiple members of Malzahn’s staff said cost of attendance hasn’t come up much on the recruiting trail so far, even during in-home visits last January, but now that it’s set to start they’ll be emphasizing it moving forward.

“It has not been a big issue – yet – but it’s something that over the course of time we will it a big issue because it’s a good issue for Auburn,” running backs coach Tim Horton said. “It’s good for us. That plays well into our hands.”

Greg Sankey, these people aren’t trolling you.  They’re daring you.


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With a little bit of luck

I know the immediate reaction to this post at Team Speed Kills about underachieving and overachieving teams in the SEC West will be “ooh, Arkansas”, but I can’t help but chuckle over Auburn’s eight wins zeroing out as a Pythagorean differential.  After all, isn’t that pretty much what we all said about the Tigers if Gus lost that ginormous rabbit’s foot of his?


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Rodney Garner gets technical on us.

And the results are about what you’d expect.

And the Tigers’ defensive linemen have plenty to learn as well, with Rodney Garner describing it in precise football terms.

“Just getting them to understand that, hey, yesterday we were back to the one-gap. We’re four down (linemen),” he said. “Now going forward … we want to be able to comingle, so they’ve got to understand, are we two-gapping it or are we single-gapping it? But I think as they get more comfortable with the system and understanding how to apply the technique and the fundamentals to what the calls are, I think they’re going to get better.”

But what is the biggest advantage the 3-4 holds over the 4-3 from a lineman’s perspective?

“You can disguise your pressure. That’s the one thing when I was at Georgia working with (then-defensive coordinator Todd) Grantham, we could disguise so many different ways to bring pressure and to do different things,” Garner said. “And it changes an offense’s blocking schemes, especially if you can comingle; you’re giving them a three-down look, a four-down look and they’ve got to block that thing differently, whether it be in their run game or their pass (protection). How are they going to set their pass (protection)? So it definitely gives you a lot of flexibility.”

Comingle is the new black, I guess.


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Now this is all in.

Not dismayed in the slightest by running close to a $13 million deficit in the last fiscal year, Auburn’s athletic department has infrastructure plans on the table that look like they’ll exceed $200 million in costs.


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Thursday morning buffet

Another day to indulge, campers.

  • I’m always amused when Will Muschamp talks about offense.
  • You will be shocked, shocked to learn that the SEC has come out against an early signing proposal for football.
  • Nick Saban clarifies his comment about bowl games.  Naturally, media misunderstanding is involved.
  • There will be no SEC-enforced cap on COA“We are constrained by the law,” SEC Commissioner Mike Slive said.
  • Here’s another hungry football player story.
  • Auburn’s not in on claiming more national championships.  Per Jay Jacobs, “Those players on those teams, like me in 1983, it doesn’t matter if you hang a banner or not. I know what we did.”  So why even explore the possibility in the first place?
  • If you’re looking for some well-crafted Gator snark, this should do.
  • Matt Hinton has an excellent piece here on the art of building an offensive line.


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“Just the genuine feel I got from them.”

Can’t wait to find out what graduate studies Blake Countess intends to pursue at Auburn.

I have to admit I hope this gives Jim Delany heartburn, though.


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Throw, Forrest, throw!

Boom is running defensive backs off like lepers.

While the Tigers didn’t lose any starters, the secondary can’t sustain many more losses. That unit has lost five players since December, and only nine scholarship players are on the roster at present. One of those nine is a true freshman signee, and four more true freshman are on the way (three 4-stars and one 3-star). Auburn is looking at opening fall camp with 13 players in the backfield, which isn’t a lot.

Thirteen is more than Pruitt had to work with last season.  And Georgia wound up second in the conference in pass rating defense.  We’ll soon see if Muschamp earns his money as a defensive genius.

By the way, note that the generosity of Second Chance U only extends so far.

Auburn safety Derrick Moncrief has been granted his release, hours after telling the Advertiser he hoped to leave the program Friday morning.

Moncrief said the only restrictions Auburn put on his release are for other SEC teams and anyone on the schedule in the next two years. Auburn plays Louisville to open the upcoming season and hosts Clemson in 2016.

Sorry about that, Todd.


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