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Thursday morning buffet

A few morsels to start your day…


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Don’t get even. Get mad.

Pat Dye says Auburn’s coaches didn’t like each other last year.  But that’s all in the past now.

Meanwhile, Kirk Herbstreit says the key to Auburn’s success this season will be that the defense is pissed off.

I’m really looking forward to the coming soap opera on the Plains.



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When the rabbit’s foot deserts you

This is harsh.

There’s a real chance that Gus Malzahn, who enters the season on the hot seat, doesn’t make it out of September with his job. That’s because there’s a real chance that the Tigers, who open the season with four home games, start 0-4 on the year against Clemson, Arkansas State, Texas A&M, and LSU. Yes, Arkansas State, a team that is exponentially better than the Jacksonville State team that almost beat Auburn on the Plains last year. What issues appear solved heading into the season? The defense, outside of Carl Lawson, isn’t noticeably improved, and the quarterback situation is anything but settled — they’ll either roll with Sean White again or go with John Franklin III instead of Jeremy Johnson. Franklin, a junior college transfer, left Florida State because he wasn’t deemed good enough to be the fourth-string QB. They also have only one running back with collegiate experience and lost their two leading receivers from 2015. The makings of a bounce back do not appear to be in place — there’s a real chance Auburn finishes in last place in the SEC West again in 2016.

Dayum.  Even I’m not that down on Auburn’s chances this season — although I reserve the right to change my mind if Lawson goes down again.


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False bravado is false.

Hoo boy, Auburn.

… But that presentation does help explain what Auburn athletic director Jay Jacobs meant when he said this to myself and Chris Carlin last week in an interview for a SiriusXM show: “There are 12 other programs [in the SEC] that would love to be in our position.”


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Monday morning buffet

More for the chafing dishes…


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By any means necessary

That may be the greatest “it’s not you, it’s me” breakup line I’ve ever seen.


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At Auburn, what if that’s all there is?

Helluva lede in Pro Football Focus’ preseason preview of the Tigers:

Auburn has won more than eight games in a season just once since 2011, going 12-2 in 2013.


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