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It looks like we might need a bigger bag of popcorn.

This sounds like it’s got the potential to be a fun story to watch.

Safety Deontay Anderson, the former four-star recruit who famously committed to Ole Miss in a skydiving video, submitted his request for a full transfer release on Sunday night and will petition to be eligible immediately next year at the school of his choice, including in the SEC.

The grounds for his request are notable because Anderson, via his attorney Tom Mars, says he was recruited to Ole Miss under false pretenses and that both former coach Hugh Freeze and athletics director Ross Bjork misrepresented the status of the school’s NCAA infractions case when he signed in February 2016.

Anderson played last season as a true freshman but voluntarily sat out this season as a redshirt while Ole Miss is under a self-imposed postseason ban. If Anderson isn’t granted a waiver by the NCAA and is forced to sit out next season at a new school, he’d only have two years of eligibility remaining.

What kicks things up a notch is that Anderson’s family has retained the Nuttster’s attorney… you know, the guy who got Hugh Freeze canned.  Given that, one would think granting the kid’s release to get him out of Dodge City before the shooting begins would be the smart thing to do, but this is Ole Miss we’re talking about.



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Peace in our time

As the final chapter to the tale of one of the most arrogantly stupid decisions in SEC history, Ole Miss swallows its institutional pride and apologizes to Houston Nutt.

You don’t have to be a moron to run an SEC athletic department.  It just seems that way.


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Selling out

On the other hand, when I saw this happen during the broadcast of the ‘Bama-Ole Miss game…

… I knew any semblance of a competitive season Ole Miss was hoping to have was toast.

Hope the hookers were worth it, Hugh.


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Great moments in broadcast planning

Did you know that Ole Miss and Baylor are scheduled to meet in the 2020 AdvoCare Texas Kickoff?  That has all the earmarks of a real classic, assuming there are enough scholarship players left at both schools to suit up.

Speaking of which, that could lead to a scenario where the Black Bear Rebels (or is it the Rebel Black Bears?) take a serious hit in the pocketbook.  Hey, just because schools aren’t proactive doesn’t mean Mickey ain’t.


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When Houston Nutt’s lawyer speaks, Ole Miss listens.

The significance of this Wall Street Journal story concerning the allegation that coaches were using burner phones to contact recruits in ways that may not have been exactly kosher isn’t the truth of the allegation itself — the AD didn’t uncover any evidence that it occurred.

It’s that the school quickly jumped through hoops to respond to Thomas Mars’ warning.

In August, University of Mississippi athletic director Ross Bjork assembled the football team’s coaching staff in a meeting room. He handed out a form that asked the coaches to disclose whether they had used personal phones, including “prepaid phones, pay as you go, burner, etc.” for recruiting or any other work-related purpose.

If the coaches had done so, the form said, those phones could be subject to records requests or “required to be furnished upon request of the University or NCAA to ensure compliance with University, SEC and NCAA rules.”

The unusual demand was in response to an accusation that coaches at Ole Miss—already under NCAA investigation for recruiting violations—had improperly used burner phones to contact football recruits, according to records reviewed by The Wall Street Journal.

The accusation came from a lawyer for Houston Nutt, a former Ole Miss coach who is suing the school over an alleged smear campaign by the school surrounding its ongoing NCAA investigation…

Then on July 25, five days after Freeze’s dismissal, Mars wrote a text message to the school’s lead lawyer alleging that Freeze and at least three other staff members used burner phones “on a regular basis” to hide communications with recruits that would violate NCAA rules. A later letter from Mars said he had a sworn affidavit testifying to Freeze’s use of burner phones, in violation of NCAA rules. The use of unreported burner phones would make it more difficult to monitor recruiting practices, which are strictly regulated by the NCAA.

Mars’s letter prompted Ole Miss to self-report the information to the NCAA and distribute the phone declaration form to the football staff. Of the 29 people who filled it out, the school says, none reported using a burner, prepaid or pay-as-you-go phone during their time at Ole Miss.

Of course, that does leave a few unanswered questions, starting with the fact that Ole Miss doesn’t appear to have forms filled out by its former coaches.  But it’s remarkable now to see any allegation made by the Nuttster’s attorney immediately put the school on DEFCON alert.


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Ole Miss has its own Pork Rind Jimmy.

Citizen journalism, for the win:

Clant Seay is a 71-year-old attorney interested in animal welfare. He moonlights as a citizen journalist with his website, and he also regularly posts on the message boards under the handle “jhvaught.”

Mostly, Seay said, he’s an Ole Miss Rebel.

That’s what led him roughly 300 miles this week to this Cincinnati suburb, where he spent many hours Monday and Tuesday sitting in the corner of the lobby of the Embassy Suites, right outside the doors of the ballroom where the NCAA’s Committee on Infractions held Ole Miss’ hearing.

On each day,  there were two armed guards who secured the doors of the hearing room.

Mostly they protected the hearing room from four writers, a local Mississippi television station, and … Seay, who dressed in a button-up shirt with a red tie and black pants, a small flashlight attached to his hip. He worked on his Macbook, taking pictures of individuals as they entered the hearing room at the start of the day or as they exited.

“I think it’s one of those deals where this entire saga is borderline insane and it’s just the latest chapter,” said RebelGrove publisher Neal McCready. “If it were on anything else, it would have more value, but we’re so numb to chaos at this point that it’s almost semi-normal that he’s over there covering the story for”

The best part is that he wants you to know it’s not what you think it is.

He was there to document and observe what he felt like was a historic event. He doesn’t consider himself a fan because it would mean he’s a fanatic, which he says isn’t the case, even though he spent roughly $1,250 to make this trip.

Sure, buddy.  Whatever you say.


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