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The football gods still love me.

Those idiots on the Plains just can’t help themselves.

They’re buying him because he notched two wins over Nick Saban.  (One less than Malzahn, by the way.)  His recruiting advantage then — paying players when that was against the rules — has vanished in the NIL era.  His overall record in the SEC in his five years with Ole Miss was 19-18, with winning records in 2014 (5-3) and in 2015 (6-2) and 8-11 overall in conference action in the others.

It’s quite the consolation prize for not getting Junior, that’s for sure.  Not that I’m complaining.

What’s the over/under on the number of times Auburn folks will reassure themselves that it’s worth it?




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Of course they are.

The most Auburn thing Auburn could do isn’t to hire Junior as its next head football coach.

It’s this.

Really, it’s a match made in heaven, so to speak.

Blogging manna.  Make it happen, football gods.


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If not, please don’t slander the young men.

There is something creepy about Hugh Freeze.

Aside from the stalking-like response itself, referring to the guy who oversaw the crap that went down at Baylor without doing anything to address it as “the most Jesus like leader I have” is… well, yeah, creepy.


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Junior, embarrassed?


Okay, maybe not.

“I have no affiliation with the Ole Miss football Twitter site, even though it may sound strange, and I first learned about the tweets after my press conference when Keith Carter told me about them,” Kiffin told ESPN. “I’m completely embarrassed that anyone would put something out there like that making it look like it was a part of Ole Miss football. It was extremely disrespectful, bush league and classless, and I apologize, even though I had nothing to do with it, to Liberty and Hugh Freeze.”

Although I can’t help but wonder if deep down in places the Laner doesn’t talk about at parties, he gave a silent thumbs up.

By the way, it wasn’t that it was just making it look like it was a part of Ole Miss football, dude.  It came from Ole Miss football’s Twitter account.


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Smartass pundit take:  just compare Richt’s first five years to Smart’s — they’re no different!

Georgia fan’s take (h/t):

And that doesn’t even take into account the way the 2013 class disappeared.

For funsies, here are a couple more charts.

First a Georgia-Florida comparison:

Roughly is doing some heavy lifting there.  It’s pretty impressive to see how Boom drove Florida’s recruiting after Corch into a ditch.  He built the gap.

Second, if this graph isn’t damning…

Never forget.


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If you come at the king of the dipshits, you’d best not miss.



Leave the damned bottle on the bar.


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The most 2020 moment of 2020




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Alex, I’ll take “it’s only a matter of time” for $200.

Seems to me the real question here isn’t “when”, though.  It’s “where”.


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Phoning it in

Mark Richt’s football cuddle wasn’t the most surrealistic moment of the day yesterday.  Hands down that would have to go to Hugh Freeze, who chose to coach his Liberty team from a hospital bed.

That’s the look of a man whose afraid he’s gonna be wally pipped if he doesn’t show up for work.

This was… inspirational, I suppose.

Or maybe it was just a thank you for coaching his team to a shutout.


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I’ll take “Get a burner phone” for $200, Alex.

Over at The Athletic, Hugh Freeze is asked ($$) the musical question “Is there anything you wish you’d done differently at Ole Miss that you take into this job?“.

(No, that wasn’t part of his answer, sadly.)


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