The hangover

If motivation is a big key to a bowl game (and I think it is), how much will it matter how Georgia’s last game finished?  That’s the question Christian Robinson tries to answer for the AJ-C:

“We all realize we came up a little short and that’s really disappointing,” the senior inside linebacker said of the SEC Championship game loss. “It was kind of sad around here for a little bit, but getting back out there and practicing we realize that we have a lot to show. We can still go down as one of the best teams in Georgia history. Just because you’re not playing for the national championship doesn’t mean you can’t be a special team. We have those types of players here and that type of leadership that hopefully we’ll show up and not give the (bowl) game away like we did last year.”

Robinson acknowledged the gap the Bulldogs have to fill between their last game and the next could derail some teams. However, he was confident the leaders on this year’s edition of the Bulldogs will make sure they give their best effort in Orlando.

He goes on to say there will be a clear indicator of whether the Dawgs decide to show up or not.

Just see how many big plays the Bulldogs give up.

“That’s usually what shows up when you have a long break — hustle plays,” he said. “Plays you normally didn’t have. You might have people loafing a little bit more, but coaches have done a great job conditioning us and honing in on those things more than X’s and O’s, because those are what win (games), especially with the type of talent we have. If we show up and do what we’re supposed to do and play physically, (we’ll) make plays.”

In case you’re wondering, Nebraska is ninth nationally in plays from scrimmage of 20+ yards.



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9 responses to “The hangover

  1. As part of motivation, I absolutely think about how many of the guys on defense are going to be protecting their draft status in this game. I just hope this defense comes out with similar focus as we saw in Jacksonville. If that happens, we will blow Nebraska out of the building. If not, who knows?


  2. Cojones

    Talked to a Neb fan yesterday and he plus other fans (he says) go right along with the fact that Georgia CAN blow them out, but they are waiting to see who shows up on both sides ready to give their all. He also said that Neb always denigrates better teams to level the playing field in their minds and that the 70pts put on’em by Wis continues to have it’s shock value to the team and the fans. He further stated that they flat out couldn’t beat the team he saw against Bama in the SECCG..

    With Bama ranked 18 in these stats, would that make Neb twice as good, stat-wise? Don’t think these stats mean diddly when trying to get a peek at what is headed for Orlando. With the 40+ yds-gained category, we should trounce them, eh? Meh.

    Indeed, the game is in the hands and the mind-manipulative minds of the motivators. WAKE UP! WAKE UP! SIC’EM! (on the first play, please). Morgan! Start kicking a medicine ball!


    • Cojones

      Add injury to the hangover and the surprise grade disqualification of more than one player. The fans haven’t glimpsed the end of the tunnel yet. The green jersey report from Orlando will help, but methinks that Richt will hold back on ID of those ineligible until game time and that means to me that someone important will not play. He will make Neb prepare for ineligible players in their practices.


      • SouthGaDawg

        I have been curious too as to who didn’t make the grades this fall. There has been no press about that. Plus, have ya’ll seen all the “dumb jock” suspensions from other bowl teams so far this December? I haven’ t heard of any UGA players. You would think we would hear from both fronts when they depart to Orlando for the pregame practices and festivities. I’m sure the AJC will be digging hard this week.


  3. Bright Idea

    Between the rain and frolic practices in Athens did not sound like much.


  4. W Cobb Dawg

    Considering the results of the last two bowl games, the coaching staff better have the players jacked up, or they’re all going to get a giant load of guff dumped on them by the press.


  5. timmy

    Almost done with Christian Robinson.

    Hopefully the next player who likes the microphone that much will actually know how to play football too.

    C Rob is a charter member of the Joe Cox allstars. Sound great, play like they belong at Wofford.